Shattered Moon

A savior emerges

Rakshavyada went to the Moon Isle’s emissary to say that he and his servant (Bastyn) accept the invitation to visit the inner city. The messenger tried his best to politely refuse the entrance for Bastyn because of the law. Rakshavyada was persistent and refused to enter without his servant.
After a while another messenger found him, apologized and invited him again using much nicer and polite words. Rakshavyada told him that he want to wait for a while.
Bastyn was also busy: he was trying to get grip on some precious tools and opening the box. He co-operated with a ‘local’ smuggler. After a successful operation he agreed to meet him a month later in a particular place and time.
Rakshavyada found himself in a district surrounded by many sick people. They looked like they were suffering from a kind of plague. One man shouted: ‘Oh great deva! Please touch me and heal me!’. Rakshavyada touched him and the man started shouting again: ‘I am healed! All praise the deva!’, and added ‘If we worship him he will heal one more person on the morrow!’. And people started praising him and thanking. Rakshavyada was puzzled but then he recognized the newly ‘healed man’ and asked him: ‘Why did you do this?’. The answer was that it will be good for him and no one would find out the truth: probably all those people will die in 2 weeks.
Zalyanitha got a message that a manor is ready for her and Padme. They went to check it out. It was fabulous: very spacious and elegant. It had basement room for receiving guests, a garden and a staff of servants. Zalyanitha requested a language teacher and she was assured that it would be arranged.
Zalyanitha asked if there are any deeds expected of her and Padme. The guide was relieved to hear this and said that there certainly is and representatives would arrive shortly.
Padme attended to the her duties with a representative of her field of interest.
Meanwhile Zalyanitha was asked to look into a certain legal matters and to help sort some complicated issues out. She was surprised to find out that Island’s legal system is very advanced although very complex and that sorting things out would take some time and asked for a break.
Zalyanitha arranged that her eagle would be accommodated at the manor garden. She found out that it was feed on human flesh.



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