Shattered Moon

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Headquarters of the Moonisland port. Only Padme is passed her cool head in the storm of the action while the others decided to take a „rest“ in the they own way: Rakshavyada plunged into deep meditation, Zalyanitha is lying bed and smiling blissfully, but the most sadly picture in the room is stabbed and bleeding Bastyn‘s body. Deva arranges wounds of the Bastyn hoping that he will recover soon as possible and will help to remove the helmet. Padme tries to recover Zalyanitha too, but little more time is necessary for both patients to fully regain they strengths. The goddess sends a soldier inspect the ship of Aturn. She also invited Malika that she to take care about Rakshavyada, but the horrific image of the room takes girl’s breath away.

Zalyanitha ‘s warren. The wind chill awakens her in her bed of the great halls. Water leaking into the room through the holes in the roof, and cold is coming inside through the preserve windows. Deva attempts to close them, but fails. She observes the silhouette in the street. It seems the silhouette is the teacher of old times. The shadow motioned her to follow. Deva running to the street through the abandoned rooms and there are no any child shouts of joy any more. No one waits her in the street…
Deva attracted to the side, where went her’s teacher. Only echo seeks her then deva is walking through the empty streets. She wanders to the central square of the city. The black obsidian obelisk stoods in the middle of huge moonsnliver pool. Artefact sculptures of man (or decease) straight they hands into the obelisk. Deva goes around the swimming pool. Obelisk begins to resemble as a throne. Zalyanitha sees a figure seated on the throne. She is trying to get more details of the figure. Severe pain overtake her and she regains consciousness. The room…

Padme proves to Zalyanitha that she is in the armour. Conversation between two devas sprints up. The both goddesses slander latter events of the day. Zalyanitha plains to Padme, that Rakshavyada is dangerous and carries the seed of the Wildone and he cannot be persisted in any „close relations“. Padme plains that Bastyn damaged her’s armour. The deva of carring revels that she want’s to find Unmandin and that ancient knowledge will help her to fix wings of the armour. Zalyanitha suggests her to punish the Bastyn in the same way as he did it to her, but Padme rely on fact that merchant is more useful in one peace and the payment will be taken in future. The communication between two devas was so intense that goddess had not noticed how recovered Malika. The girl remained in the room in pure silence. Knock at the door spreads in all the room.

Padme had opened the doors. The elders of the city came to talk with devas. Wisemens wants to know what happened in heart of the city. Padme can not tell anything in more details, but she will do after when she restores the order in the headquarters. She asked that elders should bring people here who are able look after the armour. The wisemens asking about a the ring, but deva does not know anything about it. She mentions that the clean clothes and the food is mandatory things for recovery of the devas. Sages is removed from the premises of the headquarters.

Padme and Zalyanitha continues the conversation. The deava of justice revels that she will keep the ring at her side and she does not want to give it to the elders of the city. Padme one hundred percent convinced that the city does not want anything good for any deva. The city elders wants to keep crumbling city in one peace by any costs including slavery of the devas. She also believes that people are much more dangerous than many many years ago. She also remembered to Zalyanitha variuous events of they journey where humans hunted them down and tortured and this city is no exception. If the Undoing had been coming, it is better way to die of the death of her own choice. In this last sentence the conversations sleeps away. Padme clockwork clean clothes on the Bastyn. She took the opportunity to inspect the patterns on his body. Malika remains in silence… She attempts to speak with Rakshavyada, but he does not respond and she fails to sleep.

Scholar comes to the headquarters in the early morning. Padme tooks him to the next room. The bold man name is Kadesh. Man ispects her armour… He looks very worried. Deva asks him to remove the helmet of the armour. He explains that he does not have the necessary tools with him and strongly suggests her to go to the heart of the city. He also mentions that Rakshavyada must leave the city. Padme explains that she wants to send „feral“ deva out the island on her watch. Scholar insists deva to go back to the city, because it’s the only way. „I do not need any charity of…“ and Padme leaves the scholar alone in the room.

Padme attracted towards the port to visit the Aturn ship after Bastyn regains his consciousness. Both of them are moving slowly. So, they have time to talk about current events and take a picture from the guard post. Merchant describes what happened between Rakshavyada and Aturn. Immortal man inquires whether deva is be able revive the tongue and ear in any way to, although short period would be accepted too. Padme could put the tongue in merchant’s mouth, but Bastyn disagrees. Besides the sorcerer could not help to remove the helmet from the deva. Esteva meets them on the deck of the ship. Trey consults what measures to be taken that prince embrace them back to the ship. They also discussed the possibilities for the manner in which they escape from Saturn. Dummy asks that the devas must to return to the ship at any costs. Padme goes into the Prince’s cabin and Bastyn stays with Esteva. Merchant shows her a picture of the council of the Five and explains that the ring had born few hours ago. Dummy girl became very very worried and she leaves him alone. Immortal man burns the picture and reads the Toride’s letter. He smiles… Unutterable naivety are the people who do not know what is happening around. Padme agrees that the Prince will take them back to their ship with the exception of Rakshavyada. Unless deva of hunting apologize him. Afternoon the whole team with all things must already be on board and then they will leave the port.

Zalyanitha and Malika communicates about small matters until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. The bold man walks into the room without a call. His gaze trips over the ring on deva’s arm. Wiseman inquire whether she prefer to recover the island under adequate supervision. Zalyanitha agrees with bold man suggestion, but she wants to be in Padme care. Deva shall open a conversation about the situation happened to master Padme: why everything was concealed and so on. The elder explains that misunderstanding was a mistake. He ensures that the guilty will be punished. Zalyanitha also discovers that patters of Padme and the Artefact are matted in one. Deva of justice also wants the explanation why Malika was driven from the city. The wiseman can not explain in detail, but he is sure that it was a purely political decision. Unseen seers are not interfere in the management of the city. Man timidly asks whether the city can recover the ring. Zalyanitha inquire whether he asks a gift. The bold man answered positively to deva’s the question and adds that that the devas are indebted to deliver two gifts to the city. Zalyanitha pretends that she does not understood the hint. The conversation starts to go in bad direction, so, the deava asks the man to leave the room, because she needs some rest.



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