Shattered Moon

Darkness and deep deep cold

Bastyn accompanied by the artist went to the ship’s master cabin to make a deal. The vessel is not too big, but ornaments carved on it are very remarkable. After all, not everyone will allow themselves to go so far away from shores of the Will-O’-Wisps. The owner is a very good merchant or at least lesser noble man. Olden is the name of the master, but this name does not say anything to Bastyn. A story about the trip with devas is the price that must be paid for painting. Immortal tried to name another price, but seeing the master’s frustration began the story. The braided story of great deeds and emotions. He artfully concealed his identity and purpose of the travel. Portrayed himself as a simple man seeking his vision. The audience was very very pleased with his long story. The artist Toride took the immortal man to her’s private cabin to start drawing the image of vision. The smell of incense, sex… Bastyn leaves the ship only in the early morning, but agreed to meet with the woman in the evening.

The immortal merchant hastily headed back to the headquarters. He came to the Rakshavyada’ room, but did not find him there. He left Malika in deva’s room. Few more moments and magician finally alone in his room. His peace was disturbed by knock to the doors. He carefully opened his door… He saw the face of Esteva. She had been uncovering ligament from her face. Bastyn fled out the room forcing her to the ground. The alarm was false. It turns out that there was a joke by Atis. Malika was unable to explain where Rakshavyada and Zalyanitha went. To vent his anger, demon called Bastyn for a drink. They were caught by Saturn. The Red Dragon openly threatened them and suggested to go to The Red Emperor without any resistance. Bastyn offered to prince to delay his hunting for few more days – deva will leave this city in short term. Atis and merchant left the prince alone. Demon told him that he will wait for three days and leaves his master. He will wait for his master on board. Bastyn one more time headed back to to the headquarters.

Merchant went into the room of Aturn. Unfortunately the room was empty, the only remaining objects litter all around. Esteva and prince left the room in hurry. He caught up with them just before the port. Esteva asks the prince to go back to a place of safety, but it goes straight to the ship and threaten to leave. Merchant argues that death is always awaits those who behave recklessly. Aturn gave him another three days term. Bastyn one more time headed back to to the headquarters. The guard reported that he was being sought by Padme. Also the solder announced that she will appear in the next morning. The immortal quickly wrote a letter to deva about the situation in the port.

Meanvile in the capital. Padme comes back to the „workplace“. She carefully examined the armor: what principle makes them fly, what type of the fuel is required and so on. Padme goes to heaven to collect moonsilver. Out of curiosity, she had fly near the crashed moon. She notes a large black object that crashed into the moon. The armor try to resists when she was flying to closer, but fails. She sees a ship stucked inside the black sphere. She turns back to the earth worrying about her safety.

The library is brought into the Zalyanitha‘s villa. The contents of books related to legal issues of the Moonisland. City lawyer also came to deva’s villa to resolve some questions regarding mighty eagle. The man offered her to turn bird into the slave with the silver eyes. The animal becomes more controllable and food supply problems will perish too. Zalyanitha choose not to embrace her eagle with such present. She rather ordered to establish small farm near her country-house. Padme appears in a villa. She took Zalyanitha to anonymous room to tell what wonderful things she experienced in da cosmos. Padme revealed too that she is not satisfied with her position as the working horse. Deva does not feel that she is the main person in this city. Zalyanitha is convinced that this city is the safest and best place they are visited in long term. Padme mentions that it is not worth staying here since the end of the world is getting closer. She suggested to a friend to try to fly itself. Both of them are attracted towards flying platform.

People working there refused to put armor on Zalyanitha‘s body, because they don’t know how the artefact will affect the baby. Few more attempts to overpersuade technical people and Padme easily dismissed compromise on a failed agreement. She murmurs that Rakshavyada will be very pleased to fly with her to the sky.

Zalyanitha comes back to villa. She finds that the eagle is the masculine. She goes to sleep after the small experiment with female sheep. The dream returns her to the Unmandin. Candrakridalu suckle her breast, although his age has not really childish at all. She asks if he is ready to be born and became independent. Child confirms that he can choose the time and place where to born. Conversation about end of the world brings them to the dance of love. Deva wakes up in a sweat…

Padme one more time fly to the cosmos. She took courage to assign closer to the space ship and touch the nearby free-floating bodies. And yet the feeling that something that hides behind her and hiders her actions. She pulls back to earth after a few moments later. Deep cold hits her body… She does not feel hands or feet, and the darkness begins to grow in the eyes. Padme begins to regain consciousness… She hears how people behind her in discussing what happened to her. It seems that they know more than telling to devas.

- What to do with those?



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