Shattered Moon

Dramatic reunion


Rakshavyada and Zalyanitha were following the elder deep into the maze when Zalyanitha felt that she is getting worse. Elder was saying a chant which had lines in it about asking for forgiveness for interruptions and failing to deal with problems. Rakshavyada was watching the wall unfurl when Zalyanitha started coughing blood and flower petals. She sat down to rest since the pain was getting stronger and stronger. Rakshavyada called for help when he saw the roots and stems growing from Zalyanitha’s belly. He cut her with his sword and Zalyanitha lost consciousness. Her final image was someone pulling a silvery ring from her belly.
In the meantime the wall openned and the mighty voice boomed „who disturbs my peace?“. Rakshanyada entered and told him (?) that he was looking for Padme. The voice answered that Padme’s essence is merged into him and that he should stop looking for her. Another thing: Rakshavyada brought the seed of the Wild One into the city and for that he is banished. He should never come back to this island that embodies all of deva legacy.
Zalyanitha saw her lover at the moon-gate. He was enfuriated and shouted: “What have you done! You have doomed us both!” Zalyanitha was angry too : “Was it YOU that caused me this pain?”
Bastyn lost his temper and jumped down to the ground. He was trying to blend in with the locals and follow Rakshavyada’s and Zalyanitha’s footsteps.
Rakshavyada left the hall with many sculptures and the sinister voice. He saw something fall down from the sky. The fallen figure got up and started talking. Turned out that this was Padme in full-body armour suit. Bastyn was also there although it was hard for them to find each other because of so many branches growing from Zalyanitha’s body. Rakshavyada said: “I’m going to help”, took a deadly amount of drugs and fell on the ground. Padme and Bastyn cut out Zalyanitha’s body from the branches and carried out into the light. They dragged Rakshavyada too. Padme carried them into the pyramid one by one. After that job was done she said: “I’m gonna catch up with you guys, I just have to get some moonsilver first”. Bastyn took a stick and hit Padme in the back so hard that it broke two wings. Padme fell. The crew inervened and soon Bastyn disembowelled himself to avoid combat.
The party soon arrived at harbour. Some of them even conscious. Padme was determined to get her wings fixed and went to see super-deva with sinister voice (The One Who Gives Meaning To The Silver). The conversation was full of sorrow because it turned out that the knowledge how to mend the wings is lost and there is nothing anyone can do. It was very hard to accept for Padme because there was nothing else worth doing except transporting the moonsilver.

The rest of the party was also confused about what the next step should be and were discussing what to do with Padme when she came back and suddenly stroke Bastyn with all her might and beat him bloody.



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