Shattered Moon

Have you seen a lost deva?

Rakshavyada luckily was saved from over-feminized villa and was accompanied to some place further. First of all they were swimming with a boat for at least 4 hours through canals till Rakshavyada noticed a hill behind trees. The buildings of the city was far left behind. Rakshavyada’s host informed the deva that this would be a perfect place for great hunter to have a little hunting if he pleases and gave him a spear. It looked rather strange by no doubt the shaft was part of the artifact with all the patterns and it felt like shimmer on touching, yet the head of the spear was quite useless stylized thunder of simple metal. After inspecting the object Rakshavyada realized that this is just incomplete artifact. As soon as the Hunter left the boat he spotted a bear covered in patterns. Actually some trees of the forest was also covered in patterns giving the idea that the whole forest was kind of complex system of shimmers or at least descendants of some sort of artifact flora. Taking the spear Rakshavyada ran for hunt. It was not really hard task as the prey seemed to leave very clear trace that you had to be absolutely amateur not to be able to follow them. After some time Rakshavyada approached a swamp. There he was suddenly attacked by the pattern covered big wild cat-like creature. As soon as he launched the spear towards the creature the spear dropped right next to him. With little of effort the hunter killed the beast, yet as soon as he approached his prize he was attacked by crocodile. This one was more challenging hence the deva of hunting was able to defeat it without any scratch. So he took the cat like creature as both of the hunt would not be easy to drag even for such strong deva as Rakshavyada was. Soon he reached the edge of meadow that had the huge tree in the middle all covered in patterns. There was the same bear right next to the tree. And so the fight between deva and the beast began. It was very close combat yet Rakshavyada once again managed to win unscratched. He inspected the bear and the tree and failed to completely decipher the pattern and was interrupted by the same cat he dragged up till here. Surprisingly it was up and alive, trying to show the way for the hunter somewhere. Rakshavyada follwed the cat to the camp where he was already expected by the same host and tent ready to accept the deva. And so deva of the hunting relaxed in this wonderful place surrounded by slaves ready to make any of his wishes for having the a child from pure deva.

Meanwhile in the port of Moonisland, Bastyn was making his trading business. After few hours of doing this and that, meeting some possible new and old business partners he decided to once more to visit Atis in his ship. The crew was lazily bidding their time and did not object a lot permitting Bastyn to see the owner of the ship. He showed the demon his recently acquired treasures a tongue and ear and asked if Atis knows something of anatomy or any other ways to make the tongue talk and ear to listen. Naturally Atis either knew nothing or just plainly refused to help, yet he suggested that they could sew those organs to some slaves and maybe get results Bastyn was expecting. With no sightliest suspicion Bastyn seen that as a good idea. Atis tried to pull more out of a deal offering to take two slaves in case the first would end up in failure. Bastyn was once again positive. That seemed put Atis in such a good mood that he even offered money buy those slaves. And Bastyn as good servant of demon as he is went to buy those. Naturally the merchant chose only those slaves that seemed to already lost their will to live. After that he once again went to the artist to draw his vision. This time they were even more intrigued where Bastyn got his fantasies. The merchant told them nothing that would be significant, to put it short he lied as professional he is.

Back in the city of Heart Zalyanitha was very worried on disappearance of her companion Padme. She was not back from her silver mining for quite long time now. Zalyanitha had already checked her farm and had some legal consultation with cities administrator of justice who presented Zalyanitha with one of the flying pyramids. Still no sign of deva of caring. So she went to find whereabouts of missing Padme in her working place. First people there were defensive asking not to disturb the serious work they are doing however Zalyanitha stood her ground to get the confession that Padme still haven’t return for the last gathering. Zalyanitha immediately asked if search was already organized to find her body. Naturally the answer was affirmative so Zalyanitha offered her help as deva to find missing deva. She optimized the search so it was executed more efficiently. First she had her pyramid flying to help search and then she thought to have one more possible pair of eyes keen to help on this cause. With her flying pyramid she flew to the forest not very far from the city to find Rakshavyada. He immediately after hearing the goal of the mission left his tent of earthly pleasures and joined Zalyanitha in her pyramid not really bothering to explain anything to his subjects. And this is how the hunt of missing deva has started.



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