Shattered Moon

Moonsilver skies

Bastyn talks business with merchants at local tavern when prince comes and slaps the letter on his table. Merchants are amazed and Bastyn is unamused… later he goes to the safe place and unfolds the letter with iron rod, just in case.


In the morning locals tell Padme that she has work to do and takes her to the pyramid – here she is presented with intricate moonsilver winged suit and perspective to scrape moonsilver out of the sky. She expresses awe eagerness to help the people. After some hours of fitting and suit maintenance she soars into the sky and moves towards the moon. This suit and capability to fly gives her long lost sense of freedom and omnipotence. She toyed with blobs of moonsilver floating around in space and saw the dark object crashed into the moon – so deva had and idea to study it better next time she takes up into the sky.

After returning to the earth, assistants took of her suit and the moonsilver, so Padme retreated to rest – she was happy finally able to help someone, but in her mind holds bitter thoughts that she does not want to get caught in routine work, especially after the people nudged her to work some more. Padme decides to learn all she could about the suit maintenance and run away with it.


Meanwhile Rakshavyada talks to Malika and Malika tries to convince him that they must leave the island and blabbers lots of about stuff he is not interested in. He leaves Malika and tends to his own business while she tidies his room and does loads of unnecessary stuff that annoys Rakshavyada.

Bastyn breaks the news to his “locksmith” assistant that they’ll go to the sorcerers gate. The man is not amused, he thinks that he’ll not only die, but will lose his soul too…


Zalyanitha at the harbor thinks on the way to cater needs of her eagle without killing people, because she thinks on settling at this island. She finds some geese to breed and Prince Saturn. She didn’t know that the other prince was present (actually who knew nothing that there is other prince like that) at the harbor and is a little bit surprised. and like with other devas – prince tries to convince her on coming to the empire and she bluntly refuses. He tries to push her into the agreement to come, but she simply shrugs him away… prince is left with broken ego it looks.

After this Zalyanitha meets Malika who takes her to Rakshavyada. To her great delight Rakshavyada presents deva of Truth with her long lost mirror artifact. Allso Rakshavyada explains his current circumstances and show how The Seed of Life affected him – his blood has the power to make things grow. Here Aturn storms in and Zalyanitha tells him she’s bound to stay – this island satisfies her needs.


Bastyn tries to paint nativity scene of Zalyanitha and her baby, but fails miserably, event drifts to his visions of personifications of his demons, baby-boy under eternal plum tree, who in his dream gave Bastyn the plum. Bastyn shrugs off all this and decides to get professional help – so he finds in one of the ships girl capable of art and wooed her into helping him.


While Zalyanitha takes Rakshavyada into her girly frilly villa – Padme is taken back to the pyramid by boat for moonsilver mining… on the way she chats with her companion Writchik, wife of one of the wise men. They talk on children and other things until they come to some understanding between them. Waves gently rock the boat…



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