Shattered Moon

New attempts and special delivery

Zalyanitha dremt of her room in Moongate. Although it felt different, it felt a bit like Moon Island. She heard laughing and found Chandrakridalu. Zalyanitha asked him, if like liked it here. He obviously did. She raised a concern that a certain elder deva is “sleeping” on this island. Chandrakridalu told her that they could be happy and be together in real world, but elder is a threat and she should do something about it.
When she woke up she was given a note which said that Padme is looking for her. Zalyanitha said that she will be back in time for the town tour. The hostess asked to invite Padme to jain them.
On her way up Zalyanitha inspected an interesting loom-like artifact with silvery threads. Padme was cuddling with two bed-warmers whenZalyanitha woke them. Together they tried using the artifact, but did not succeed. An elderly women approached and commented that the loom is broken. Devas followed her and she showed them her research: some mysetrious black dust. The old lady said that she extracted it from moonsilver, although at first she dared devas to guess what that is. Padme touched it and the beaker containing them fell on the ground, shattered and dust spread int the room. Zalyanitha felt abnormal freezing on her arms and legs and left the room. Padme poured some moonsilver on to neutralise it.
Zalyanitha said that Rakshavyada convinced her, that silver web is decaying and she suspects that it is related to this black dust. The elderly woman said that she would like to talk to him very much. Devas told her that maybe it is possible to arrange, but they have to find Rakshavyada.
Meanwhile in the harbour Rakshavyada inspected the body of his attacker. It looked human, although it had abnormaly heavy head. He wraped it into a carpet and brought it to the fiends to the ship. They looked a bit frightened by it. On his way back he noticed a sarcophagus which was a special delivery to the city from Port of Will-o-wisp. He decided to warn devas and wrote a note.
Bastyn was still hiding in a warehouse and talked to a smith. He wanted to make a deal with him. It sounded fair, but the man felt deceived: Bastyn took his body to host a demon. The poor man cursed and screamed at Bastyn that he will burn in hell.
When Padme and Zalyanitha came for for the tour the hostess gave them a “note” from Rakshavyada. They asked her is she knew anything about a special delivery from Port of Will-o-wisp. After a while a hostess came back and told them that it is at the elder pallace but she cannot get them in. Devas told her not to worry and hurried to the top. There they demanded to see that casket and asked for a minute alone with it. They openned it.



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