Shattered Moon


While party was arguing about leaving, Mad and Wild One were towering above the city, but suddenly Mad One backed down, shifted to an transparent form, and like a liquid felt onto the city. That convinced party to pack and leave, at least for now, but no one had an idea how to handle the ship. So finally they decided to use a boat.

As they started to row, everyone realised that now there were four persons instead of four in the boat. Mad one was standing at the front, no one knew how and when he appeared there.

He explained that Wild One now has access to his city, and that his gift of hospitality now needs to be shared. But he still was able to provide with other gifts if devas so desire. He made the boat to go to a park of fountains, spraying not only moonsilver but honey, perfumes and maybe blood.

Here Mad one explained that he can reweave the patterns of devas. Bastyn asked if he can do this to his demon, but the ruler of the city explained that this would be a bad idea. So the immortal left, and devas started playing with patterns, more and more feeling as children, safe and careless, adding and removing from their patterns, carefully at first but with more and more courage while the play was going on.



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