Shattered Moon

Return of Zalyanitha

While Bastyn and Rakshavyada are unconscious (still travelling in the silverspace), Padme and her fleet wonders around the heart of moonisland. Deva have decided to look at the ruins of the tower near the capital city. Over the years the building has deteriorated even more. Few camps of refugees have hided in the ruins and it took a while to soothe the folks not to run. Deva told them that she promised to the lord of island to save as much refugees as she could. It seems that these arguments helped to convince people not to run. Padme had organized food. Padme had gave the orders to her army to collect all valuables of camp to the ship and help to transfer folks to the ship as temporal shelter for them. The senseless army does not bothered to distinguish stuff from flesh… And the procedure was not very pleasant for the folks. Among the refugees was one brave enough woman to talk with Padme eye to the eye. Her name was Omisha. She questioned deva about the current situation: what is she, about the army and devas… Padme does not wanted to reveal more details. And most of the answers resulted in one more enigma.

Meanwhile. Bastyn and Rakshavyada are on the track to sorcerer’s warren. The great hunter have tried to remember his own warren, but it seems that such place does not exists any more. The main rule is still valid in such place and you could bend the silverspace to your will to build the new ways to the reality – Bastyn have suggested deva and it worked like a charm. The immortal man returned to his warren to go back to the reality, but the silver thread clone have invited him cross him to reach the reality, but the black fog has stopped Bastyn from the suicide. The sorcerer returned to the living place…

At last the majority of group is the same spot again. The sense of reality in Bastyn’s mind is till so weak and he decided to take some raw meet to gather his senses back. In the process the immortal man told the Zalyanitha was saved from the nothingness and transported to the Unmandin. The strange moonsilver drops started to gather on the shipboard. The mass of drops grew up to the shape of the man. The shape introduced himself as a Balhurn – one of the generals of the Red empire. Rakshavyada have noticed that general’s features are in common with Saturn or Aturn. The conversation was not pleasant – full of threats and demands. It ended in the declaration of war between devas and the red empire. During conversation Bastyn have remembered the pattern of the moosliver droplets in order to find the demon in the silver space. Padme, Rakshavyada and Bastyn have started to prepare for the future battles. They started to scavenge the city for the food, water and things useful in the battle until the night have fall on the island. The great hunter settled in the safe place to make some meditation, Padme returned to her room to take a rest and Bastyn started to observe Omisha’s actions.

The black star have fallen from the sky and Rakshavyada was the only one person aware of that. He quickly left his safe place and he ran toward the fallen star. He captured the obsidian black stone from the crater center. The material was cold and slick. Deva once more attached the stone to his third eye, and once more he felt how relaxed his body and his conciseness was transported near the black star. The snake reflexes and sharp mind have helped deva to pass throw the glyph monsters to the place of her mother. The conversation has begun…

The Madone and Zalyanitha are walking in the streets of Undmandin and talking until the elder gently declares that he need some rest and make some preparation before fall of Unmandin. The elder presents his last gift to the deva: the weapon, the armor, the army’s banner, the general, the steed and the army. The deva of justice gladly take every gift. Zalyanitha have bonded the raven demon in her service with the price of 49 eyes per week. Then everything was settled, the deva says goodbyes to The Madone and have left the Unmandin…



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