Shattered Moon

Setting out for a quest

Rakshavyada and Padme are playing with Mad One. The process is very educational.


Bastyn is reading until he falls asleep. He is offered a deal of peace and tranquility and the solution to all the problems. Two gifts are offered to him, temporary ones. Bastyn does not rush to decision. The Mad One is asking him to follow and tries to demotivate him: “why are you reading? You will forget everything”. He is complaining that his idiotic savant brother was not clear enough to make sense and give Bastyn an explanation. Bastyn is trying to find out as much as he can about the Tree.


Padme wakes up after a good sleep. She sees a figure of a man geeting up: thick beard, Rakshavyada’s face, but the skin looks peeled off in fragments. Padme feels strong pain as Rakshavyada tries to communicate with her. Mad One tries to convince them to forget their attachment to human shape. Padme conceals her third eye.

They arrive at a fort which is heavily decorated in queer shapes and ornaments. They find a lof of weaponry inside. The Mad One is upset that the sight is not as beautiful as once have been: the time has left its marks. He gives gifts to devas – Raskhavyada picks a sword. They are leading an army into the battle. A few familiar shapes appear: a satyr, a shape with lots of candles, huge raven and a bull.

Padme asks how to find Zalyanitha. The Mad One says that she is not in Silver Space, therefore she must be serving a wizard in the realm of men.


Bastyn keeps reading and sees Rakshavyada and Padme. They ask him to join the Zalyanitha’s search party. Bastyn speaks of the end of the world and they argue about existance for a while. Then Bastyn gets up and Mad One is offering him gifts again. They are given a boat which should take them to Unmandin harbour. He mentions that mysterious identity of Zalyanithas baby should be found.


As Zalyanitha approaches Achnat the soldiers point their weapons at her. She lifts her hands up to indicate that she means no harm. The guards of Devaturn blame her for seducing Achnat to perform the murder of her master.

She enters a wagon and they are brought to the camp. She discusses the possible outcomes of this situation with Achnat, but he seems determined to confess and take his punishment with dignity. Zalyanitha is having hard time to coming up with a defence strategy that could set them free. They are both locked up in a cell until the trial next morning.



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