Shattered Moon

The end of Moon Island

And so again devas’ separated once more in this magnificent campaign through the Moon Island. While Rakshavyada gathers all but Zalyanitha on gathering all remaining forces presented by Mad One for him and Padme, Zalyanitha took different direction with her flying army in turning all the remains of red army to her followers. The turning actually was not of the giving a choice it was rather join or die. However joining was made by shining brightly figure of deva on impressive flying bull with the booming voice of Zalyanitha. No surprise there was quite a lot of people that took or at least pretended to take the word of truth from the deva of justice. Meanwhile the rest of the party flew to gather their forces. In their way they saw light of the fires that based on the master’s of the island word refugees should be camping there. As they approached there they spot the many-hands living statue of the master of Moon Island. It delivered heart breaking speech to not afraid of this flying ship with deva’s and they have to carry culture and science of this land. Rakshavyada organized some kind of guards of honor to let them board the ship. Then they flew to the shores of the island where they found the ships from the Mad Lands. Rakshavyada asked Haros to summon a demon to deliver a message to their forces to return to the place they were waiting with ships while they gathered provisions.
During all this last travel over the island Bastyn was drawing some kind of the painting which weirdness had raised the jealousy for Rakshavyada of being mad. It was a picture of the tree with entangled ring guarded by the snake. When Rakshavyada was talking on the content and meaning of the painting Bastyn suddenly felt a terrible pain in the hand. The skin of the hand just peeled of and he found the black bean in it. As he looked into it the bean formed the eye and it opened. It was quite scary and he immediately showed that to Rakshavyada. As Rakshavyada took the bean he felt this familiar cold from it but it was not painful. The bean suddenly spoke to Rakshavyada: “we are waiting for you”. Rakshavyada took the bean into some empty bottle and hid it somewhere between his other stuff. He explained others that this is glyph-creature.
While Padme, Rakshavyada and Bastyn were waiting for returning army of the Mad Land, Zalyanitha reached the silver harbor. As with the land people she tried to turn as many ships as she managed to her as a new ruler. As soon as she got all the ships that were in docks she flew around the sea to recruit those who got crew enough to try to escape. There was a lot more success with ships than with land troops. And so Zalyanitha had the pretty big fleet under her rule. But then the earthquake started. The time to get out the island was already out and the island began to sink. Unfortunately Zalyanitha could not save all of the ships so she decided to save at least the one that had the statue of Mahormimat. She tried also to save as many as she could that were trapped in the land.
After this unique view of seeing the whole island disappearing into the bottom of the sea both parties rejoined and with this huge fleet of various ships they began the journey to main land and form there to the heart of the red empire. It took quite of the time till they reached the shore of the main land. None other than purple harbor. There again Zalyanitha began to turn people under the religion of deva of the justice. The newly found captain from there was with a lot of help. During their voyage to the harbor however the fleet had to surrender some of the slower ships. Some other ships of the mercenaries that were not from those parts were also released of their task to serve and were allowed to return home. Nonetheless the fleet still looked pretty magnificent. After finishing the revolution in purple harbor and gathering all the provisions for the campaign they have left not really waiting for left out ships. Since requirements for the supplies needed to reach the capital of Red Empire was more than the city could provide there had to be promise left that there will be a ship with golden statue of Mahormimat that would help to all of the people not to starve.
And so the sail to empire began. On every harbor they visit Bastyn was extensively seeking bodily pleasures. He was constantly drunk high or seeking the company of women. Zalyanitha was spreading her religion. And both other devas left were just bidding their time until they have reached the mouth of the river that goes through the capital of Empire. Soon they will the great battle will start.



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