Bastyn va Tivil


Stamina: 6 (tempered by whip)
Will: 7 (could hide everything and everywhere, reads people minds)
Lore: 7 (guardian of true legends) + 1 (dealing with demons)

Past: 7 (long-living merchant, visitor of magic places)

Burden: paranoia (exaggerated concern for self safety)


Tattoo of Yapvdanyasa- protection from bad eyes.
Eye shaped scar or Varttamatravabodhana – well of knowledge. Executed by Raksa.
Unknown name – silverspace guide


Bastyn Va Tivil or Yazid Abhakem – thief of Alamed’s immortality.

Probably every child has heard the legend of the pasha Almed and his immortality thief – servant Yazid. An elapsed time only embellished the legend, where all the rich people are wise, and the intercession of the fabulously wealthy, and servants – dirty and soiled. The truth is that all through the centuries have forgotten that Almeda was a tyrant in capital letters: victims moans had taken pasha to the sweet sleep. At that time, endure not only the common people, but the rich man and disappointing relatives… Then Yazid has not yet been Bastyn and his body suffered lashes, many of them. The servants walked completely shaved, and the top of the head were tattooed property distinguishing characters.

Thousands of days have passed from the theft and Bastyn traveled a great part of the world known to man: from The Moon Island to the The Cost of Fair Illiusion and last few centuries is located in theTheus Ver and it’s surroundings.

For most of his time spent as a merchant. A number of resources spent on the collection of the edge of the magical locations of objects and their meanings – founded a secret order The Blue Eye, though.


  • Bastyn does not remember his real name. The real name is Kursican.
  • Some scars on Bastyn’s back are shaped as an eye. Maybe it’s another demon bonded to his body, but merchant does now this. Any attempt to find out the truth ends with loops in his memory. This demon was executed by Raksa.
  • Sometimes Yapvdanyasa shows magic places to Bastyn
  • The Blue Eye order was destroyed by cloud worms (demon beasts) during The Thunder nights period
  • All Bastyn’s notes are written as songs.
  • His mother is the Roots of the world
  • He has visited the Mad One and Wild One realms and found the way out

Bastyn va Tivil

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