Heavenly Aegis (Deva of Caring)


Om mani padme hum…

Stamina: 6 Dance with the Wind
Will: 8 Bound by Volition
Lore: 6 Feline curiosity
Burden: Hot Blood (Prone to lose patience and nerve quickly)

Silver: 4

Gifts of MadOne:
Power 1: Understand all languages and use them
Power 2: Stun of force simple command with shout and stomp
Power 3: Foresee chain of events and consequences of actions

Sword and dagger of Irina Majari – Kalikari (flaming lilly).

Pattern recovered and reused – Bells of Silence – Ankle bracelets with moonsilver bells, gives power to silence everyone and everything
Lost – Spear of Thirst – Spear can produce fountain of water from object/ground it was driven into
Lost – Horn of Summoning – Musical horn, used to summon various animals and beasts on demand.


Padme the wise and the beautiful, caregiver of nations, comforter of inconsolable ones. She never was shy to enforce her care and help on those she thought are in need and deemed worthy of her blessings. The lack of patience was her only imperfection, or I may say – advantage as she saw it.

Caregiver deva always took pride in herself as saw herself the most divine being – tall, graceful and light skinned, with barely perceptible blue tint – like kissed by moonlight, hair raven black and deep green eyes, wise beyond comprehension of any mortal being (or even deva). Full of shit and pride.

Padme went to Lower World 300 years ago, with only desire to lead the nations into prosperity, peace and serenity. No matter they want that or not. She settled in Desert oasis (took life of local chieftain by surprise), forced locals into submission and so the great city began…


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