Hunter Bear


Stamina 9 Stealthy as Cat & Quick as Snake & talking in pain
Lore 7 Beast madness & Hermit Savant
Will 8 Cunning as Fox


Bear Claws, ( Gloves of bear’s strength )
Pazu the Great Hound, ( Horse-sized dog )
Lightning Fury, ( Spear of lightning )

The Great Hunter, used to be the horror of the wildness. Local people used to worship him as the deava of the hunt. He used to take the offerings of food and women out of the tribes of the worshipers. Rakshavyada seemed never had fancied the whole worshiping stuff, but on the other hand he never showed his modesty about this. And he said to deliver the punishments when not receiving the offerings. Other than not very common appearing to his worshipers, Rakshavyada never had been seen to communicate with the outer world.

Raksaviadha appearance seems to be like big brute with being not alien for wildness. Wild tangled hair, muscular tanned body yet swift and accurate moves. The life in the wildness left some deep traces in Raksaviadha’s presence, the one will firstly spot his never still eyes leaving the observer to guess is it from madness or never-ending awareness.


The future deva of Hunting said to leave the moon because of being tired of all the devas around. He never got well in the companies and therefore was happy in going to low world. However with the need to survive in the wildness and with the help of his artifacts, he soon has been acknowledged as the great hunter. Soon there was beginning of asking his help in hunt and first offerings. It seemed Raksaviadha began to like these offerings not necessary because he helped in the hunt. Raksaviadha seemed not to have any problems with his conscience. Soon the woods around have started to respect this chaotic deva. Sometimes he was the savior, sometimes he was just a disaster. Constant offerings of game and women seemed to turn the better side of the chaos.

Raksaviadha either perhaps to strengthen his chaotic seeming or just to be a bit different to each of all the tribes around used to wear a different mask in contact with mortals. While these were plain and simple masks. This gave Raksaviadha confidence, it was not what mortals thought it was more what Raksaviadha saw himself in mortals eyes. In the end you are is how you feel.

The life in solitary edged Raksaviadha’s features that he observed in wildness. While the features of the hunter such as stealthiness of cat or quickness of the snake seemed very logical for survival. The non-physical features turned to be a bit outside the common understanding. He grew a different view in all the lore of the Silver. And of cause if you saw how the grass grows of you understand what is the purpose of the bee you may as well understand the Moonsilver differently. Raksaviadha after many years of solitary just understood the things around deeper. Began to see the laws of universe from the other angle. Therefore in the eyes of half-blind he seemed to be as maybe mad however knowing a lot.


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