Shattered Moon

Reading Untold Secrets

Mahormimat volunteers to go to the library, after Aturn points out that men can get more out of library. He is led by the unfriendly lucking soldier to the private apartments of the Overseer of the Library of Untold Secrets who introduces herself as Dyin. The price she asks for right to enter the library is a child from the Deva. Deal that Mahormimat accepts and is treated by exotic and intoxicated drinks to help him in his task.

Meanwhile in the ship of Aturn party is discussing the history of the world with Vestur, and the Red Prince seems to be more interested in Esteva. Padme and Zalyanitha learns some bits of history and geography. And learns that according to Vestur they spent 10 136 years in brass sarcophagi. Also they learn that most of the dynasties ruling the world today have deva’s blood in their veins.

Zalyanitha again feels the hunger, and tries to get some from the Hungry Dogs, and loughs at her offer to impregnate wife of the captain with deva’s child. After that she goes to Danaal and offers him the possibility to infuse the deva’s blood in any family for some moonsilver. Danaal says that he does not have any more Moonsilver, but seems to be interested and offers Zalyanitha to stay in his ship till he gets some Moonsilver. Zalyanitha accepts the offer and spends the night in his ship.

Padme eventually gets rid of Vestur, who is milking knowledge about Devas out of her, and goes to sleep, but is woken up by the sound of moaning, that she soon find out to be moans coming from the prince’s room, and the moans belong to the Aturn himself, Esteva and her two bodyguards.

Early in the morning Mahorimat wakes up and is led to the library, where Dyin turns on some time-keeping machine and leaves Mahormimat to do his research. He is guided by the strange, human-like beings to the old book with the pages written in silver. The texts he reads draws him so much that he looses himself in the studies, jumping from one text to the another, writing new pages himself. Suddenly he is waken up out of the trance-like state by the Dyin. She tells him that his time is over and it is better to leave now. Mahormimat is escorted out of the library, where he is meet by the crowd hungry for the knowledge that Mahormimat got. But Mahormimat does not remember much, except the fact that he had probably had left more knowledge in the library than he had learned.

The same morning Zalyanitha wakes up in the Danaal’s ship and realizes that ship is sailing.

Arriving at the Gray Rock

Party is woken up in the morning by the noises outside. Hrsumatra let out Evyavan out of the sarcophagus and took Danaal as hostage. After a short struggle characters frees Danaal and knocks out Evyavan. Hrsumatra jumps out of the ship and swims away.

Dannal thanks for the rescue, but says that Devas are trouble and must leave his ship as soon as possible.

After few days ship reaches the Gray Rock. Here party sees many ships and a lot of learned men waiting at it’s shore to be accepted inside, to the Library of Untold Secrets. Folk here speaks vulgar form of Devani

Rakshavyada here meets Esteva the Blind Pilgrim and her two bodyguards. She recognizes Rakshavyada as a Deva and claims that this meeting was predestined.

Zalyanitha, Mahormimat and Padme mingles with the people waiting at the entrance and overhear a lot of discussions about artifacts, devas, Mad God, Wild God and place called Unmandin.

Rakshavyada is invited by Esteva to the ship with red sails, rest of the party joins them and here they meet Athur the Red Prince from the Crimson Harbor and a sage named Vestur who is accompaning him. Vestur seems to be very interested in knowledgeable about the Devas. Zalyanitha tries to test him and he manages to guess her name when told what artifacts she used to use.

Session ends with messenger coming to the ship and announcing that the Overseer of the Library will accept one of the Devas.

Ship in the Mist

PCs left Isle of the Black Tooth on Danaal’s ship. Slav that had found them, was left on the island bound to the pole.

Zalyanitha dreams about her child dying. Rakshavyada sees strange light coming from her at night.

Hrsumatra appears, he was hiding in a cargo deck. He suggests to kill the Danaal and to take over the ship. PCs are reluctant to do that.

PCs sees some strange falling stars, that leave long lasting strings in the sky. Mahormimat, sees the constellations, and they are recognizable but different, he deduces that a lot of time must pass for this to happen.

PCs tries to speak with the Elder, who introduces himself as Evyavan. He refuses to answer any questions unless they let him out of sarcophagus, an in the end was left there. At one point he commanded Zalyanitha to open the lid, and for a moment her body tried to execute his command.

Ships stops in a thick mist. Strange blossoms are flying in the air. Suddenly ship is attacked by almost invisible tentacles that spew acid when cut. Danaal is seen making some kind of ritual, pouring Moonsilver in to the sea, Zalyanitha feels strange hunger by seeing the Moonsilver. Tentacles grabs several sailors and drags them to the sea. One tentacle grabs Zalyanitha, but Mahormimat pins it to the floor with balsita’s spear. Tentacles retreats back to the sea. Zalianitha is sprayed with acid, but for some reason is not affected by it.

Using the opportunity, Zalyanitha and Padme sneaks in to the Danaal’s room and steals bags with the Moonsilver. Zalyanitha drinks part of it, but then is cough in the process, but fakes that they were hiding from the sea monster.

Rakshavyadha speaks about taking over the ship with Hrsumatra again. They agree to meet all five of them and discuss the possibility, but on the way there PCs decide that it is safer to just put Hrsumatra in to sarcophagus and keep him from making any trouble.

When they come back to his hiding place Hrsumatra is nowhere to be found. They get back to the upper deck, but there they meet Danaal and his bodyguards. Danaal expresses his anger about the stolen silver and orders PCs to stay in their apartment, where he locks them.

Evening on the Ocher Shore
The moon is hollow

The Zalyanitha dreams of her last moment with Chandrakridalu.

PC’s are found freed from the imprisonment by slave miners. As were Hrsumatra. Elder, who was left in the sarcophagus on the purpose (and whose name is still unknown) got about of brass sarcophagi.

Characters meet Danaal, leader of the diging expedition, who speaks trader’s langue, distantly connected to Deva’s language. He tells some legends about ancient time when Devas came to the Lower World and taught humans how to write, trade and make crafts. And then coming of Wild God and Mad God that ended age of Devas.

Hrsumatra disappears.

Danaal promises to bring PCs to the Gray Rock on his ship, where the Library of Untold Secrets is. Place where according to Danaal, PCs can find all answers they want.

The PCs greet the Moon rising from the Ocher Sea. Instead of the silver disk they see just half of the empty ring. Moon followed by unknown star.

First few sesions
Intro scenario

Few sessions for players to used to their characters and for me to get used to the system. Three characters were introduced at the start, one in the very end of this scenario.

Concepts of Devas, Moongate and Artifacts were introduced here.

Arc ended in imprisonment of PC characters in brass sarcophagi by the Cult of the Star, “for enslaving the humanity”.


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