Shattered Moon

Setting sails


Padme quickly explains what happened to Zalyanitha, and hurries out. Zalyanitha gathers her things, takes the slave girl, grabs some food and goes to the shed to get eagles. On the way meeting Enya who tells to meet him one hour east from the Siltyshore. She finds one eagle feeding on a corpse, most likely a burglar. She saddles the other eagle, puts a barely conscious girl into a harness and rides to the harbor. They land on the sailboat of Enya. Zalyanitha leaves the girl and the eagle in the care of Padme, who is already onboard, and hurries to get her eagle. She jumps on to the dock, and it looks like she is being chased.


Meanwhile Bastyn and Rakshavyada are on a way to the harbour. They notice some commotion on the way. They find Enya’s sailboat already leaving. Rakshavyada leaps for a colossal jump, although not so lucky, and land with a big splash yards from the boat. Padme notices that and helps him to get in, leaving wounded Bastyn on the shore..


Bastyn is found by Enya’s cousin, and is dragged outside the town. On his way he tries to explain that he needs his belongings from the inn, but his wished were ignored since he was wounded badly.


Zalyanitha runs to her eagle and tries to be as quick as possible. She mounts the eagle, with no time to saddle it and escapes the pursuers. She flies to the place where she agreed to meet the nobleman, and rests for a whole.

Soon she hears someone approaching. It turns out that this is Bastyn and DinleroEnya’s cousin. Bastyn asks to get his armor from the inn. Zalyanihta doubts if this is a good idea, since it is very dark and risky to fly and on top of that, she is wanted in the town, since the pursuers were guards of the town.

Bastyn offers to give her a charm of nightvision and Zalyanitha agrees. To get the spell to work, she gives Bastyn a punch in the nose as the ritual demands for the spill of the blood in an act of violence, and hurries to get armor. The mission is completed with almost perfect score (although she did cause some noise, appeared very dirty in the inn, broke the lock and twisted her ankle).


The Chimera’s Delight meets with a ship of empire and salutes her captain to whom Enya leaves some kind of package, then maneuvers to look like they are going into the open sea, but turns east afterwards.

Next morning Bairage regains her consciousness and has a hysterical episode culminating in attempted suicide. Rakshavyada and Padme had hard time calming her, but finally she finds a little bit of comfort after threats from Rakshavyada and soothing by Padme.

After the accident Padme is invited for a poetry evening to the captain’s cabin, which ends in a passionate time and a sleepover at captain’s cabin which was very audible to everyone else onboard. Enya, who seemed very nerwous at the start, is blown away by the experience, and right after it ends, confesses that he was not completly honest with her. He tells that he brought them on this ship to meet with someone, that he only wishes them best and asks to trust him.


In the morning everyone meets on the deck to watch as the ship approaches an island, which Bastyn recognizes as an Owlreef. Chimera’s Delight casts the anchor, and party prepares to go ashore.

Prison break


Rakshavyada, Bastyn and Konval were departed to the district watchman’s post. At first captain heard Konval’s version of the story. Siltystone merchant was very angry at demon beasts and ridding witches. He declared that they will pay in blood for their malfeasance. Bastyn tried to convince captain that this filthy merchant by his actions insulted Theus Ver warrior and all their nation, but failed. As a result both companions were shut down in the cell. Enya appeared in the post after few minutes. Noble face was very troublesome after the talk with captain and merchant. He informed the friends that they have an hour to escape from the prison or they will not survive until morning.

Meanwhile Padme had been drawing the sword every time she heard a suspicious sound outside the room. Slave girl went so crazy for every draw of the sword that sat all in tears. Therefore, deva let her to drink wine until she passed out. Bayrage was still affected by the drug. Zalyanitha came back to check on Padme after the fight in the warehouse. She explained that Rakshavyada and Bastyn were captured by district guardsmen for the fray in the storage. It seems that merchant is hurt badly. Merchant Konval with his people were taken to the guardsman post too. Watch captain did not arrest Zalyanitha simply, because she was not a man and let her go. Padme decided to talk to Enya. Maybe he would help to pull out friends of the disaster. So, she left deva of justice to take care of the girls.

Deva of caring found Enya in the company of a pretty girl. But this did not prevent her to grab his attention. Some flirtatious phrases and gentle hugs and noble was under control of Padme. A scene of jelousy ensued that ended in Deva knocking her opponent out with one clear blow to the face. While the “Flying sea rat” visitors marveled at what happened, deva dragged Enya to the yard. She described the situation to the noble and asked him to help in liberating her companions. Worried look crawled on the noble face, Enya did not expect such actions against merchant of this city, but he promised to help. Noble offered to Padme to visit his ship “Chimera’s Delight” and at that time he will see how he can help. He escorted her to the docks and left Deva to the care of his cousin.

Man accompanied deva to the cabin. Coat of arms on the clothes gave him away as a noble person of Iss’Iss house. He introduced himself as Dinlero. The stranger has a scar that runs through the entire skull. This detail has captured the attention of Padme and she asked him to tell his life story. Trade language is not suited for heroic tales. So, Dinlero added gestures to his tale about how he became the first-class swordsman in all the Crimson Bay. Story did not impress Padme, but on the board came Enya and told that affair with his companions is in bad shape and they need to get out of town in an hour.

As soon as he left Rakshavyada initiated struggle in the cell with local fag. He defeated rival in few blows and the two guardsmans came behind the cell to find out the problem. One quick blow of the strongman and one opponent in other side of cell fell down as a leaf, but the other fled out for the help. Rakshavyada with guidance of Bastyn braked doors of the cell. The backup of the solders appeared in the post chamber. Rakshavyada and Bastyn used cracked doors as battering ram and knocked out solders who came as a backup.

As Padme hurriedly headed to the hotel. Fleeing through the guardsman’s post she saw the epic fight between watchmen and captured companions. Padme did not stop and fled to the “Flying sea rat”. At hotel she described situation to Zalyanitha. Both devas started packing, but black haired girl could not enter to the rooms of the savant and merchant. Tried to break in, but totally failed.

At that time Bastyn and Rakshavyada ran out of the guardsman post and headed to new tide of solders. They surrounded companions in a circle. Rakshavyada with quick blows killed one watchman, but the other two tried to engage Bastyn with killing blows of their swords. Long living merchant tried hold on the performance for the attackers. He tore the clothes from his body in order to scare guardsmans, but in action received a fatal blow in the back. The play succeeded and the remaining attackers fled out.

Rakshavyada demanded to find out the Konval living place. He wanted to finish this quarrel once and for all. Bastyn guided the strong man to the goal, but in the process he lost consciousness from the wound he received in the fight. So, and so deva, left without a guidance ended in a dead end street of the Crimson Docks.

Hunt for the black raven
Don't touch our stuff!


It is rude to go on the visit to the blacksmith and bring no presents… so devas and Bastyn decided to get something nice for him in order to obtain sky stone from him. As it was decided, the best present may be a good slave. Sadly, the slave market was due to begin only after few days and departure date of Enya ship was set for tomorrow. So after some hesitation party decided to obtain a virgin girl as a slave and tune her a little with makeup and lavish garments. Padme and Bastyn had almost half a day until the managed to get a girl, named Dani and tune her afterwards. The girl cried and cried, asking to let her go…


While Rakshavyada engaged in himself and read glyphs at his room, Zalyanitha went to check on the eagles. The eagles were ok, but they looked if they were not fed in a while… this was very suspicious, because she to assigned to handle the eagles and eagle riders do neglect their eagles, so Zalyanitha went to look for Bayrage.

First of all Truthful One went to the seaside, where food for eagles may be obtained in the fisheries. There was no sign of Bayrage, she even checked local inn with booze and whores… and there she learned that eagle rider was last seen in the company of one ill reputed merchant – Konval, who is famous for snatching women and selling them. His sigil is black raven on the red field.

Deva rushed to the Konvals warehouse, but found out only that the ship with his wares has already left for other insignificant port-town. Zalyanitha momentarily decided to pursue the kidnapers and quickly found other companions. Padme happily agreed to help, because she was bored with naive slave girl and her cries, so devas took one eagle and flew in the direction of the port.
As it was expected they caught up with the red sailed ship. Airborne devas managed to land on the deck, scaring the crap out of the sailors and in angry tone demanded for their friend. Guardsman of the ship, decided to cooperate and brought up some women from the hold, but they were not Bayrage. After devas shouted more angrily, the catatonic naked girl was dragged to them – this actually was the eagle rider – she was abused and fed white poppy. Devas took her and quickly flew back, only later some of them regretted not torching the ship.
On the way back eagle almost crashed into the water, so Padme holding Bayrage jumped off and with help of Zalyanitha reached the shore swimming – this started a rumor of beautiful mermaid fished out from the sea by Zalyanitha and Padme. Later Padme took Bajarhe to her room and took care of her wounds and possible outcomes of the rape.


At the “Flying sea rat” there was already time for a meal, Enya was present – it was going to be a good evening, unless something would happen. And something did happen – guard from the warehouse where eagles were stationed rushed in screaming that men came to butcher the eagles. At an instant Padme took slavegirl Dani to her room where eagle rider rested and prepared to defend herself and the girls. Others went to save the eagles.


At the warehouse party (Rakshavyada, Zalyanitha and Bastyn) found broken gate, one dead warehouse guard and seven unknown people, one of whom they could guess was Konval. Because the offenders had no intention to stop – party advanced: Rakshavyada broke ones neck with his bare hands, Zalyanitha stabbed the other… Bastyn at that time got somewhat distracted and got the sword between his ribs.
Shortly city guards came and demanded to lay down the weapons, at that time Rakshavyada has already punched Konval to neutralize him… so only party could talk clearly and accuse the merchant of offense and stealing their slave. City guards took everyone to the headquarters in order to sort this mess out.

Arriving at harbor


The deal was made in the tent of white poppy merchants. Bastyn and Padme were quick to leave merchant’s tent. While Rakshavyada was just happy. He was happy to go with them or stay. On their way out of the tent the master merchant ran to them with proposition. He asked this strange company to rob the caravan. They would do that themselves but they got quite a lot of causalities in fighting the adventurers. While Rakshavyada was enjoying the butterflies Bastyn and Padme were doing their best to ignore the merchant. Eventually he left them alone. And devas decided to make their project of common harness of two griffins to transport Rakshavyada. Suddenly they received another visitor in their camp. It was none other than the champion of the tribe Faridun. He asked if the party was his ancestors bringing him a message or test of some sort. Poor misled Faridun got no confirmation of being tested by his ancestors. While he got some tasks from devas. So he brought various materials for devas to build harness. And every time Faridun went back to his village, he brought some more people believing that the party are the actual ancestors. Only when one of the newcomers annoyed Padme, she demonstrated her thunder power leaving everyone stunned. So everyone from Faridun tribe now strongly believed that this group of 3 devas, one merchant and one eagle rider are indeed their ancestors. The group itself quickly took the flight out leaving Faridun and his tribesmen far far behind.

And so two eagles carrying the net in between full of Rakshavyada flew to town near the sea Syltystone. The party immediately spot the ship belonging to the red empire. When they have landed and found the place to stay for themselves as well as for eagles in a rich district ot the town, called Crimson Docks, at the Flying Sea-Rat Inn. Everyone went to their business. Ladies were happy to enjoy some rest and comfort. Rakshavyada and Bastyn went to the market to search for some ingredients for restoring Adi. They successfully found golden oak, but when they searched for the sky stone with silver needles, no one could help here. Finally one merchant said that there is a wise man maybe having that in an island not far from the harbor. After these news Bastyn and Rakshavyada got back to the ladies.

In the hotel they were staying they found this interesting nobleman Enia. He belonged to the true noble family rather than those new nobles coming from merchants. Padme was the one having the most of the attention from this new friend. This person was very friendly all the evening buying devas drinks and various exotic food. He seemed to be just a bored noble searching for adventures and experience. And somehow he suggested to Bastyn, eagle rider and devas to sail with him to the island of wise man, the very same where they could find this rare component to restore Adhi.

Shadow of the Last Dreamer


Adventurers at last could draw a breath after the fight, but things were far from over. Bastyn noticed that Rakshavyada was carved in peculiar way on his behind and pieces of his muscles all over the body were missing. After examination he deduced that patter on Rakshavyada behind not only said “thief”, but also had demonic tracker attached too. Merchant noticed, that to carve that on the neither regions is a little bit silly – none of the simple people would notice it at the first glance.

At this point, the action plan was decided – the tracker must be neutralized ASAP. So Bastyn and Padme knocked Rakshavyada out with some serious shit of a drugs, carved out affected neither regions and then Bastyn, with the help of same drugs, went into the dreamscape to solve the demonic trackers problem. He found the pattern and quite easily rearranged it from patter of a living being into pattern of a dead thing. In the process man noticed, that he’s not in his usual safe place, but in some strange labyrinth of mirrors and that Rakshavyada stood nearby. So it must be Rakshavyada safe place, – sage decided, and while he’s in there it must be ok to explore a little. Rakshavyada was puzzled to see his friend in here, but tried his best not to scare him and keep this man out of danger from preying patterns – but finally he lost him after Bastyn turned around the corner. So Rakshavyada left to meditate on his own problems – he tried to invoke the name of the First Wanderer – Last Dreamer, but there was no such effect as the first time..
After all this Bastyn woke up a little bit confused but contend that he was able to solve the problem. Knowing this party decided to wait a bit, for Rakshavyada to wake up and heal a little and to move to the nearest village for eagle harness repair and get something needed to mend Rakshavyada magic sword – the white poppy.


Meanwhile Zalyanitha had her own troubles – she inspected scrolls left by the deceased mage – extended study on fireflies and some pieces of parchment – on of them was the complicated pattern of Gatanjanmanisvaphadarhakaagrapapathika and fragments of Rakshavyada pattern.

Later that night she dreamt of her child Chandrakridalu, she confronted him, when he will finally be born, but he did not answer. After Truthful one pressed a little – child confessed that he’s very afraid to get born and that Dreamer-Wonderer was one of the causes of this fear. After this, they talked about the meaning of freedom for the deva and shimmers after the cataclysm, about Sakhet and elders. Chandrakridalu tried to read the name of the Wonderer in the ancient devani, but stuttered and did not manage to do it – after this Zalyanitha read the whole name and saw one wall of her moon villa crumble into the black void. Although the void was inviting and there was no sense of danger, rather opposite warm and calming feeling – Zalyanitha and her child panicked – they ran until deva woke up at the camp.


Next few days group rested after that they decided to start moving towards one of the petty kingdoms of north for the repairs and poppies. On the way party stopped to rest several time and at one stop Zalyanitha noticed someone in the plain who warned of the peculiar snowstorm. Devas barely escaped the encounter – the snowstorm was really strange as it looked like swarm of mist worms, Padme remembered the day devas were in the mist with white fish and dragon then they traveled from Marble temple of Devas. Later on travelers learned that this was swarm of Neghakrim – blood seeker daemons from the menagerie of Pazruja.


Company landed on rocks at the poppy field in order not to get into the conflict for crop damage, but the women they encountered got scared and ran. After some time the men of the same village appeared. There were some simple soldiers and three men, which looked like in charge. They were lavishly decorated and insolent bastards, so even thou Bastyn did his best to avoid the conflict there men were determined to make ruckus. Chieftain proposed a duel between Bastyn and Faridun (the huge man – one of the trio, even his name was “the one with the power of three men), but everything went not as expected by locals – ”/wikis/bastyn" class=“wiki-page-link”>Bastyn won. After that, soldiers charged and were neutralized by Zalyanitha and the eagle rider. For the great disappointment of Padme, she was looking forward for some blood on her hands. This was somewhat a revelation for the chieftain and he at last invited party to do business.

At the village, only three of the party went to the tent for a fest: Padme, Bastyn and Rakshavyada, other girls left circling the sky above – adventurers did not trust the tribe and it was a good choice on their behalf. After trio bought poppy powder they needed and had a dinner, they were offered white poppy drink that was to potent for anyone (Padme even chuckled to herself that the chieftain won’t wait for the second date to have his way). Party were cautious… oh except Rakshavyada – he drank till the bottom. After this, Bastyn and Padme took half-conscious Rakshavyada and tried to leave…

Search party


Rakshavyada was phasing in and out of his consciousness. At one point he was waken up by the mage showing him strange pattern, asking if he can read it. Rakshavyada just shaked his head, but he actually could recognize that this probably was a anicient name writen in devanagari – Gatanjanmanisvaphadarhakaagrapapathika.

His state mixed with the ambient of the room, who was covered with patterns and glyphs, brought him to the world of visions, where he saw a name-pattern vibrating to it’s sound until the sky, where the star following moon is, opened like an eye surrounded by silver patterns, as if inviting him to come. And as Rakshavyada was ready to ansver the call, he heard a voice calling him from behind. He turned back and saw himself standing in forest like a ruller of the wilds, and he knew that this is indeed a master of Unmandin, to whom he swore his loyalty in the Dead Barony. He told to Rakshavyada the he should not go there as the price for this will be to great. He promissed to explain everything when they finally meet in Unmandin, and to reward Rakshavyadha for his loyalty. After short consideration, Rakshavyada decided to listen to the master of Unmandin, the hole in the sky closed, and he returned to the world of pain.

While Rakshavyada is tortured by the cultist mage (he obviously belogs to the imperial cult of the Saint Parivarita. Zalyanitha decides to return for Rakshavyada with more help and leaves the cave. She flies back to the rendezvous with other eagle-rider. Upon meeting she explains that she saw bodies of Kakekuri (eagle-rider leader) and her eagle. Bairage gets very upset.

Zalyanitha delivers details of the cave and possibilities to find Rakshavyada with Bastyn. They come up with strategy how to do it and prepare for the mission. They also invite Bairage to join them and she agrees since her will is set upon revenge.
They leave at night, and Padme stays to rest.

They land on a rock and go inside the cave. They find two cultists in a room with a wounded man (not Rakshavyada). It looks like a sickbay. Since Bairage is very impatient it was very difficult to convince her that the group would get back to those cultists later, and they must find Rakshavyada first.

They pass some niches which look like they are prepared for burial. Soon they reach a room whose entrance is covered with drapes. Zalyanitha hears familiar moaning and charges. Bairage follows. Moments later the cultist mage falls dead with 2 arrows and Bairage’s spear in his chest, cought in a total surprise. Rakshavyada looks horrifying – parts of his skin are missing, his teeth are shattered, his rib-cage is collapsed, hardly breathing. The group gathers mage’s possessions (some moonsilver, books, scrolls, jewelry, and an artifact pan flute) and severs his head from the body. Bastyn takes Rakshavyada who is unconscious at this moment, and heads for the exit. On the way back Bairage murders a teenager tribesman girl who happened to make too much noise. They come to Padme and leave Rakshavyada in her care. Bastyn buries wizard’s head and starts reading (a bit sparkly), and Zalyanitha accompanies Bairage to Karekuri’s funeral rites.

Bairage cannot find the whistle of Karekuri’s. This is of huge importance. Zalyanitha tries explaining that the tribesmen probably took it, and Bairage sets off to a “crusade”. Zalyanitha follows and tries stopping her, but not speaking the same language complicates convincing. Zalyanitha tries communicating with local tribesmen, but it looks hopeless. Bairage starts slaughtering one man after another.

Unexpectedly, Zalyanitha finds a tribe leader and succeeds communicating the message to one man that Bairage is looking for the whistle. Minutes later, he gives her the whistle and other accessories of deceased. Zalyanitha leaves the village and Bairage follows. They finish the burial rites.



In the prestige hotel at the city of Wind Comb a door of the dark room that used to belong to local celebrity and the owner of the hotel Blue Lips suddenly opens and a figure comes in. The figure is none else as Zalyanitha. Just recently the owner of the room has been killed by giant eagle that belongs to Zalyanitha that is why she decided to check the room of the mistress because there was something suspicious about her death. Blue Lips had no reason to go at the eagle and Zalyanitha thought to check the personal stuff belonging to the deceased. She quickly scanned through mistresses belongings and took a chest that Zalyanitha couldn’t open while not making any noise. Then she quickly got out of the hotel and joined the rest of the group to get out of here before the body of Blue Lips is found.

Meanwhile Rakshavyada‘s meditation was interrupted by returning of eagle riders. There was a grim mood among them as they were carrying the dead body of their companion Karetekuri. They asked Content Not Found: Rakshavyada to help them prepare for burial. First of all they fed remains of Karetekuri to her eagle. After the eagle finished his “meal” eagle riders put the sack on the head of eagle and cut its throat. The body of the eagle was immediately buried. Eagle riders thanked Rakshavyada and moved a bit further not disturbing Rakshavyada until Zalyanitha came with the chest from Blue Lips room. She was second to ask Rakshavyada’s help. This time to open the box. He successfully opened the box, but scattered everything around in the process. Both devas quickly tried to catch all the things around. Among the various documents, letters and clothes Zalyanitha found a smaller box. While she was struggling to open it Rakshavyada continued to collect the things. He also found another small round ivory box with carvings of poppies. And among the papers they found a lot of love letters addressed to Dena Asanuk – the true name of Blue Lips

A bit further in the steppes while Bastyn was chanting to his demon Padme guarding him and at the same time satisfying her curiosity about the new companion. She was worried that this chanting goes so long so Padme decided to wake him up. Unfortunately it backfires really badly to her when she tried to jump inside the circle of black mist surrounding Bastyn, despite his previous warning not to get to close. She got a strong strange shock that totally paralyzed her. Luckily Bastyn woke up as well. While he was a bit annoyed being interrupted but still was kind enough to carry helpless body of the deva to the place of rendezvous.

After a while Padme and Bastyn returned. It seems Padme has been terribly hurt. Pretty much she was barely alive. Eagle riders were very eager to leave this place but the rest of the group had expressed the doubt as they have left Hatler in the hotel. He would have so much trouble when townfolk will find the remains of Blue Lips. Rakshavyada volunteered to go fetch Hatler as he was the only one that is not known in the Wind Comb. So it was done as suggested and Rakshavyada went to the city. He found the hotel and Hatler‘s room. It was some trouble to explain the soldier that Rakshavyada is not for taking him for flying to Crimson Harbor. When he finally realized that Rakshavyada is trying to tell about some troubles, Hatler suddenly became much more agreeable and agreed to follow Rakshavyada without any questions. In asking no questions Hutler was really good. He said nothing when someone saw mutilated body in front of the hotel, he even didn’t asked anything when by the gates of the city alarm was risen. And so they reached the rest of the group in silence.

Bastyn explained situation to Hatler. The soldier was honestly sad.It seemed that he took real liking towards her. However he still wanted nothing in common with flying. He just explained that it will be better better if he stays behind and was confident to be safe in the city as there was a Imperial post with carriers pidgeons. So they said final farewell to the bodyguard of the Prince and prepared for the journey.

The flight to the Crimson Harbor was extremely cold. Kokekaki once again was carrying Rakshavyada, Bayrage was carrying Bastyn and Zalyanitha was responsible for Padme‘s helpless body. Suddenly Kokekaki’s eagle became uncontrollable and flew somewhere in unexpected direction. Zalyanitha tried to catch them but unfortunately uncontrollable eagle soon have been lost in the clouds.

Kokekaki and Rakshavyada dangerously approached the cliff and crashed on the plateau that Rakshavyada was able to recognize as a Breasts of Godess, place that he saw on the map in the Rough Shelter. While Kokekaki and Rakshavyada did not hurt badly eagle was injured and was unable to fly anymore. When Rakshavyada recovered he spotted some man on another plateau. He was holding a torch in his hands and watching them. A bit later Rakshavyada saw some procession approaching. It seemed it was the followers of Adhinavari. From the far they inquired to give back the sword that was stolen. Rakshavyada immediately draw the sword they expressed the wish to give what they asked but not in the way they wanted. Four of the cultists went to greet Rakshavyada. While some strange shadow following them was preparing something. At first Rakshavyada was quite successful but soon the luck ran out, as a man whose body was pierced by dosens of large needles joined the fight. The shadow released kind of music that blurred all the view for the deva of hunt. Rakshavyada saw no chances to win the fight so the only decision he thought was to jump off the cliff. That was over-bravery or over-stupidity.

After a while Zalyanitha was scouting and searching for the lost companions. She was successful to find some trails of the fight on plateau. A lot of blood has been spilled on the cliff and a lot more at the base of it, where she found an dead Eagle an Kokekaki. She also noticed that the bodies were looted, probably by the local tribe, who lived near the Breasts of Godess. She finally found the entrance to the caves on the top of one of the plateaus, but decided not to go inside alone. So she went to tell about the find to Bastyn

Later Rakshavyada woke up in pain. He was in some dark room the something was there. Rakshavyada tried to ask where he is. It gave a lot fear for the person there. It seemed it was unexpected that Rakshavyada will be alive. “Why you’re alive?” asked the figure whenever he got his control. “No matter, because you’ve stole the sword I will make sure that you would wish to be dead.” And so he stabbed Rakshavyada with the dagger.

Tragedies in Wind comb city


Wind Comb town is the place where Karetekuri life path had ended in tragic way. Eagle raiders left travelers near the entrance to the city and headed to the town to collect remains of the companion. Uncomfortable silence hangs above the remaining travelers. Small dragonfly hanging over Rakshavyada’s sword hilt scattered oppressive mood. Small devanagari patters were inscribed on the wings of the dragonfly. That little fact has made Bastyn worried that they are being watched by bad eyes and the group headed to the town for cover, but Rakshavyada stayed outside the settlement.

Location of accident was surrounded by swarm of town dwellers. Many of them where just standing on the street, but there were those who contrived to sit back on the roof. Kokekaki and Bayrage assembled the remains of Karetekuri including scattered ornaments, while the eagles guarded the place from too inquisitive town dwellers. Padme decided to help eagle raiders to perform sacred duty to the friend.

In the uproar, Bastyn meets the old friend Blue Lips – city celebrity and deluxe hostel owner. In few moments merchant arranged places to sleep and some food in exchange for story.

Lost whistle increasingly push Kokekaki to a neurotic state. She angrily proclaims to the crowd that they are thieves and promises that she teach them by her own hands, if they do not return the whistle. The imperial guards come to suppress disturbance. Padme explains to the sergeant the situation and crowd was dismissed in few minutes. But still need additional efforts by black-haired girl to appease eagle riders.

Bastyn proposes help of city merchants to find the whistle and travels to conclude a transaction in marketplace to resolve this problem. Padme promises to reward for the returned whistle. Zalyanitha offers to interview local children and promises the ride with eagle for the correct information.

Merchants guild door is always open, especially for Bastyn, and always offer wine for stories about travels. Magician cleverly sidestep from questions about accident and mentions that the Blue Lips is person who hears his story first.

Padme with Zalyanitha spread the word about reward for lost whistle and headed to the hostel. The hotel is equipped with a special place to keep eagles. Kokekaka and Bajarge there leads they eagles and the rest of group goes to the hotel.

Before entering the hotel Padme sees that Blue Lips expresses dissatisfaction of his employee. By there is a lonely drunk person very similar to the shaman from the Rough Shelter. Travelers settled comfortably at tables located here. Mistress treats companions with wine and food. It turns out that Blue Lips could perfectly talk in vulgar devani. Lady is trying to extract more information from the Zalyanitha, but thanks to the eloquence of a deva the mistress starts the conversation with Hatler. Both devas booked the bath – not the type of moon gate, but still comfortable after the long time. Bastyn returns to hotel after a few hours meeting in merchant guild. Merchant tells of his adventure to the lady, but not in great details. A pleasant interaction with a host is terminated by the appeared a child at the hostel. That child knows that his friend Ajavaras have the whistle.

After a few moments devas rolling out of the bath and headed to the Ajavaras house. Bastyn also held together with companions. Whistle lands in devas hands after a long debate and promises to give a generous amount of money and award to cure Ajavaras father’s eyes.

Zalyanitha gives the ride to the child with his eagle without any disaster.

Eagle raiders rushing to bury they comrades then they recover the whistle. Rakshavyada helps them to perform the funeral rites.

Padme and Bastyn preparing for surgery of an eyes: buys needle and the necessary herbs. Black-haired girl notes strange steam emanating from merchant mouth. Steam was bound to the corresponding patterns. Magician had invited Padme to the chant session, but with with the condition that this time she really will ensure safety.

Unfortunately healer unable to help to blind man to recover his sight.

Bastyn wakes up in the middle of the night to make a ritual to Yapvdanyasa. He and Padme goes away in the steppe. Chant begins… Silver threads connects shattered moon and chanter. Strange vaporous tentacles rolled away from the mouth of Bastyn and bear the nearby land. All plants touched by the tentacle remains dead. Chant goes for a few hours.

Zalyanitha was dumped out of the bed by Kokekaki. She shows one of the eagles pecking the flesh of the mistress of the hostel… It seems that she came to close to the eagle for some unknown reason ans were killed by the eagle\s beak to the head. Eagle riders suggests to run as soon as possible, but Zalyanitha wants to check something first.

The Parting of the Roads

Zalyanitha woke up in her Unmandin tower. She felt that linens are wet and heavy, soaked in blood as it turned out. She inspected herself and found that her hands and body in places where her tattoos must be skinned. Deva climbed from the bed; strangely, she felt no pain or dizziness from her injuries.

Deva of Justice went to search for the mirror, and in her reflection, she looked the same as looking directly. Truthful one saw tail of blood on the marble as if something heavy and bloody was dragged… at some point, following the trail, bloody footprints of a young child branched from it. Zalyanitha as a mother decided to follow the child, and at the end, she found child-Chandrakridalu hiding under the bed and crying. She comforted the little one and actually woke up at the eaglerider camp.


Zalyanitha was somewhat uneasy, so she went out to scout, maybe to search for the mage, she saw at Mahormimat’s wedding fest. The man himself was nowhere to be found, so deva went to the dome temple, to check out that location. To her great displeasure, post by the gate was empty and the garrison still slept somewhere.
Approaching she met one of the older guards who communicated to her that there is trouble at the burial site, that he saw the one Zalyanitha was searching for by the map and that this man ran away. Deva saw a man lying near the place the seal Rakshavyada broke was. The cadaver was carved in the same manner as the dancing dead devas saw at the beginning of the siege.

Zalyanitha tried to rise the guards, but only found that soldiers are asleep or in heavy hangover – no one actually admitted to be on duty. Guards were very sad, especially the one assigned to job of burying new corpse. Zalyanitha rose her eagle and scouted the surroundings of the city, after she caught up with the retreating clan of the opposing khan, she returned. Afterwards deva met up with Bastyn va Tivil and Rakshavyada. Rakshavyada went on to investigate markings on the body and Bastyn va Tivil after some pondering, decided to help Zalyanitha find the mage. Deva of Justice decided to search the city, but it turned out to be a lousy hunt, because of the happy to marauder guards and other stuff.


Bastyn va Tivil and Padme went ou of the city, to conduct the rite of searching. The one to search was the merchant, Padme just tagged along because that she was bored. Bastyn va Tivil drew a pattern on the ground, filled it with moonsilver, after what he took the pipe, and knocked himself unconscious with the strange stuff he smoked out of it. Padme inspected the pipe and found it to be good, so she smoked some too… and cropped some hours out of her conscious life too.

Not like Padme, who just went into the nothing, Bastyn va Tivil found himself in his Warden – a ship deck filled with treasure in the dreamworld. He shuffled through the treasure and found a coin, with a image of a bloodhound, he invoked the minor demon represented by this item and the coin began to spin and hum in the manner that merchant could understand what the imp was saying. The demon bargained with the man and at last, they came to agreement, that the payment will be destruction in his name of something that someone holds dear. after what the demon will search for the man described and report in the next night’s dream.

Bastyn woke up and found Padme lying nearby with his pipe in one hand and sting of bells in the other, he decided that bells would be just the thing the demon needed as Padme amused herself with them all the day and looked happy to get hold of such simple item. He took the bells, went straight to the blacksmith and threw them into the forge. Padme later was pissed at the merchant for this and for leaving her unconscious on a hill. As it turned out sacrifice of the bells was in vain, the demon failed.


Next morning party said their goodbyes to Mahormimat, some not so subtle devani curses to and went to the Crimson Harbor on the wings of the eagles.

Zalyanitha rode herself and carried Padme on her eagle, eaglerider Kokekaka took Rakshavyada, KaretekuriBastyn va Tivil and eagle of Bajarge carried Hatler. Other prince’s soldiers went to the harbor by feet.

The trip went smooth, it even came to light that Karetekuri knew Bastyn va Tivils “father” when she was a small child, so she stuck to the man and happily chatted with him all the time.

While passing Wind’s Comb Karetekuri decided to show an awesome skill of riding and fly between the wings of windmills. Sadly she hit a wing of the mill and plunged down, only by happy chance other eagle riders caught now unmanned eagle that was carrying shocked Bastyn va Tivil… The friendly girl fell on the city to her death, so after eagle riders landed their passengers – they silently took off and went to look for their friends body…

One wedding and one funeral

As everyone is examining the pit, the eagle-riders come and take Mahormimat away to prepare for the feast, despite his objections and great interest in the “map”. Rakshavyada comes to the bottom of the well for a further inspection. It is visible, that the bottom was once opened and sealed back. The seal was covered with glyphs that are familiar to Bastyn. On the very spot where the bonemarble plate was broken, Rakshavyadha reads: here lies a great lord who united the East and the West, and was murdered by Parivarita using trickery and deceit. Bastyn also mentions the legend about great evil buried here.

Rakshavyada takes some tool and starts breaking the seal. Meanwhite Zalyanitha sees blood and shadows going from the bottom of the well and reaching to the top. As Rakshavyada is breaking the shell the shadows seem to ooze. She warns everyone of the presence under the seal. It is decided to postpone breaking the it.

Rakshavyada counts 108 obelisks depicted in the “map”. All of them are joined with a start at the moongate ruins.

The shaman shows up to inquire if everything is alright. He also reminds that the wedding is about to begin. Padme joins him to have some drinks, Rakshavyada stays to inspect the map some more. Everyone else goes to the camp outside the town to join the feast.


Bastyn talks to Halter about Devas and how they have met.


Rakshavyada reads the signs and finds that this land was a refuge to the Devas who broke out of the command of the Mad and the Wild gods. They were given protection by the Dreaming one under a condition that 108 obelisks be built and 108 souls (shimmers) imprisoned there. There was also mentioning of the Golden dragon which guards the tomb.


Mahormimat steps out of the tent dressed in a garment, covered with lots of bells and other decorative elements. Padme found his looks very attractive. His bride is dressed in a similar manner.

The body of dead eagle-rider is displayed in the pyre. Ver-Khan cuts the heart, lungs and liver out of the deceased and feeds it to the eagle. Then the pyre is lit.

After that the feast begins. It involves food and drinks, dances and songs, games and competitions. Zalyanitha nearly wins the bow competition.

Mahormimat and his bride go to matrimonial tent in a buzz of loud greetings, bedding tips and suggestive shouts.

In the feast Zalyanitha asks for tips about travelling with an eagle and is provided with ceremony of eagle and eagle-rider binding and a whistle. She names her eagle uur’Ayanga.
Zalyanitha also talks to Bastyn about glyphs and reading them and finds out some interesting things about mages and their orders (Parivarita, Enroy and a rogue order of Chatra, which seeks to preserve ancient wisdom).


Rakshavyada dreams of his sword, which takes a form of woman in his dreams. Sword asks for tasty silvery blood of his comrade, reminds him of him promise and warns him about Arg who watches them.



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