Shattered Moon

Abandoned Labaratory

The Devas has opened the door. And there they found an enormous cut tree. Above the stump there was a big 5 meters wide nut-like object hanging off the chain. There was some torture tools around. Mahormimat came on idea to climb on the tree and reach the treetop house from where the chains where hanged. Using the rope he climbed up to the one of the trees where he found the door. Mahormimat tried to open the door and from one of the faces above the handle came out a strange dark brown liquid. Zalyanitha followed Mahormimat up to the tree and they lovered the rope down.

While they scavenged inside of the tree top house Rakshavyada scouted all the remaining houses on the ground. Deva of hunting discovered that some of the houses were prisons for some people, chained to the wall. Those unlucky people has just been left to dye out of thirst. In the treetop house Mahormimat and Zalyanitha found various boxes and vials and a big chest with two faces near handles. The vials contained mostly useless things but one had some moon silver and another some honey. Some of the bottles could not be opened. So these two began to drop everything down to the ground for Rakshavyada. When Zalyanitha and Mahormimat tried to move the chest, once again the brown liquid appeared hurting their hands. So they dropped the chest which made a hole in the treetop house’s floor and fell down to the ground. Luckily none was harmed.

Out of all the mess that fell out of the chest there were only few things worth keeping. A beautiful foliant, a little fancy box, a map of the island, another map with the giant nut drawn, a page of some journal with the detailed description in unknown language of the ear and cover of Tome of Ebony Bindings by Granthapasita. The rest did not looked like it was worth anything. Even Zalyanitha when got down did not managed to help a lot. Mahormimat on his way down however spotted some green light in the forest. But he did not pay much of the attention, scavenging goes first.

Next Devas moved to the house with the nut. Rakshavyada was brave enough to check the nut first. And suddenly he discovered that actually the nut was a prison for some poor person, who has been left there and consumed by madness. Devas decided to free the person using the tools that Rakshavyada found somewhere in the houses on the ground. While Mahormimat was fetching those tools he spotted again the green light and the source of it: a six meters tall creature. Devas mostly ignored Mahormimat’s warning and continued freeing the prisoner. But after Rakshavyada succeeded to break through the nut shell all Devas saw the monster. The mad prisoner began to lough hysterically shouting that the guardian will eat all the intruders and eat their dreams.

The creature was to big to go inside the building and seemed to reach for something through the doorway by inserting his hand through the door. Zalyanitha tried to give some honey for the monster, but it seemed the guardian was not very interested in that. The creature tried to see through the entrance and then a strong beam of yellow light appeared.

Devas decided not to hang around any more and all of them jumped to the big worm hole near the base of the stump expected to run away from the guardian and maybe getting out through another worm hole.

Land of no kings

Devas found themselves in a courtyard of a decayed castle, the wild cats were scattered around, and as Rakshavyada deduced – ready to attack, so it was high time to get out – to leave castle and try finding local village.

The only way to get outside – ascend the walls and maybe jump down… this was good idea until walking up the stairs one huge wild cat attacked Rakshavyada, burying teeth and claws deep inside his shoulders. Brave hunter didn’t lose himself to a sudden attack and with help of others killed the cat. Zalyanitha was curious about the cat, but sadly there was nothing specific deduced. So after this company had no difficulties to climb down the trees to the other side of a wall and carry on to the village.

Party advanced their journey and got to the village on midday. As soon as they approached cultivated fields with some goats grazing around devas were noticed by the band of children. Mahormimat took his chance to gift the children with some baubles before adults appeared.
The welcoming party consisted of three men: Malaksa (elderly man with white hair and beard), Imelma (some dude) and Alsai – the one who knew trade language, red-head. After welcoming and introductions villagers assigned a house to devas (with residing woman and bunch of children) promising a fest in the evening. Also Alsai said he’ll explain what devas need to know about Master of the Island, pits (there was one in the middle of village too) and other stuff.

The day passed by observing the villagers and helping them with the fest preparations. Some strange throne was erected with help of Mahormimat, as later revealed – for burial rites.
In the evening villagers placed dead child on the throne, danced, rocked solos, drank and ate. The later on dead body was dumped into the pit, as Padme noted – fed to theMaster of the Island. Rakshavyada all the evening observed and listened to the action in the pit, so he heard some noises of someone feeding, but saw nothing.

Ant nightfall Alsai (not without help of Mahormimat and his vine) told the story of Island – “Land of no kings” and how he got here, that he was an apprentice (showed his silver tattoos that makes him very longevous) of some Mage, who ended up badly. He told virtually nothing about the Master of the Island, and then he was about to spill – the woman came with a bouquet of flowers and spirited away the guide for some custom involving intercourse. As it latter came to notice – almost everyone in the village were fucking, except devas. Nowadays it’s almost always all have fun except devas.

Next morning Rakshavyada still brooding around the pit and Padme had a big luck to get from Alsai, that his masters manuscripts may still survive in his distant laboratory (at the place called Worm mothers forest, Padme is somewhat not so amused by that name). Also he warned that the death still lingers in that place and told of gruesome end of those who came back. Later on Zalyanitha convinced Alsai, that devas know what they are doing and need to get to the mages laboratory.

After this Padme went to tell her friends, but almost got intercepted by Sarvajaja, who in his turn combined the boat through some barter exchange and was set to leave island as soon as possible – sail to the Library of Untold Secrets.

In the evening devas plotted to ditch Sarvajaja and go to the forest without him. It was a success on pretense of “magic” mushroom foraging. Sarvajaja took upon himself to get food for a journey, which led to Sarvajaja confrontation with Mahormimat (Sarvajaja quietly parceled party’s fortune although at all the time he could get things by his powers of turning substances into metals). Some things broke and Padme managed to snatch the object that fell out of one clay statuette, it latter appeared to be one of bells from her bracelet.
Next morning devas left accompanied by Alsai. Long journey short – at midday they actually reached area of mages laboratory – the strange shit and dead animals were abundant. Alsai got scared, warned about traps and remained at the edge of tainted area.

In the yard of laboratory complex there were peculiar trees with chains (that went inside the building through roof). After some meddling and exploring on behalf of Rakshavyada, party decided to pull open ornate door with faces on it, it must be mentioned – they tied the rope and hid in fear of getting splattered by some strange black fluid.

Devas pulled the rope and the hinges creaked…

Leaving the Marble Temple of Devas

After accepting that thy lost the priceless book. The party left the incident place. Rakshavyada vent on a trip with a boat around the now heavily damaged temple complex, and managed to find one page that could still be readable: My name was Raksaraja, but from this moment I will be known as Vamakara Cakravartin. This was all that was left from the Silver Book.

Next day a ship came from the west and took the party, as was promised by Adeni, out of the temple. Sarvajaja joined them on their journey. Before departing Adeni gave them some cryptic advise about their riches hidden in a hearth of a king, and that some lesson awaits them in the Dead Barony.

After few days in a calm sea the boat was shaken as something big hit its bottom. Suddenly the giant white eel emerged from the sea. Lifting the boat on its coils. It raised its head above the boat and tried seemed that he was trying to get a better look at the passengers. But then Rakshavyada who noticed a silver patterns on the monster’s back, jumped out on the head of the beast as soon as he had opportunity. He managed to touch it and feel the similar sensation to the one that Deva feels when one touches a Artifact Beast, but then the monster freaked out and Rakshavyada, boat and all the passengers crashed in to the sea. The monster disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.

In next two days they finished the journey and arrived to a coast of the Dead Barony. They were greeted by a ruins of the castle, standing on the edge of the cliff, overlooking a eastern coast of the island.

The party went inside the castle, in which courtyard they had found several skeletons covered in fine web and surrounded by clouds of grey moths. There was strange hole in the middle of the courtyard, dug directly in to a stone. Rakshavyadha also noticed that few wild cats of pray are watching them from the castle walls. Apparently they took over this place after it was abandoned.

The party went inside the castle. The ornamentation of the interior hinted that it was somehow connected to the same empire to which Aturn belonged.They reached the main hall. And there was another hole, similar to one they seen in the courtyard. And in the end of the wall there was a throne and in it there was a skeleton covered in a fine web.

Inside it, the party found most of the gifts that Aturn gave them. And most of the other stuff was put behind the throne.

After equipping themselves, party went outside, where they managed to see one of the cats dashing away.

The Silver Book

And from the mist a giant white ell had emerged. Destroying building with it’s enormous body, he raised above Cheis. As she were schanting incantation for the Pale One. She finished incantation with request: to bring the Silber Book from the bottom of the ocean.

Meanwhile Zalyanitha, who were observing this scene, tried to guess the name of the beast: Samundra-Matsya. For a moment it seemed that beast had reacted to the name, but then it turned to the Cheis and swallowed hew whole. Almost killing Padme, who was standing nearby.

After shotr while, the giant eel emerged again, and dropped some object from it’s mouth onto the remains of the bridge, leading to the monastery. Mahormimat tried to grab it, but was washed away by the wave, together with it. And drawn to the bottom by it’s weight.

The eel disappeared, as did Yerem. Party just managed to get a glimpse of the ship disappearing in to a horizon. After everything became calm again. Party started a search for a lost treasure, that they were hoping is the Silver Book. Eventually book was found, but because of its mass, party was not able to get it to the surface until the night came.

Meanwhile Zalyanitha meet a person with a body cowered with a fresh Moonsilver tattoos. It was the same person, that earlier was suffering torturous tattooing with a boiling Moonsilver. He introduced himself as Sarvajaja, the incarnation of the Deva of Wisdom. He waguely explained, that inhabitants of this temple are misguided, and instead of acheaving the knowledge, they simply offer their bodies to the essence of old Devas. Also Sarvajaja was extremely interested about the purpose of all the diving that was going on.

When the night came, everybody had gone to sleep, marking the place where the book was lying, with the letter ribbon.

Next morning, they woken up later than usually, because the bell that was inviting everyone to the meeting hall was taken from there by Zalyanitha in hopes to get attention of the ship, last day. Also party took some time while eating, because there was possibility to get more food than usually. When eventually they went outside, the party saw Sarvajaja emerging on the other shore, with a book in his hands.

Gloating and preaching about the evils written in it’s pages, he turned the silver pages of the book in to the paper and threw everything in to the ocean in front of helpless party, standing on the other side of the broken bridge.

Inside the Marble Temple of Devas

Zalyanitha and Mahormimat shortly joined their fellows inside the temple. They left all the gifts that were given to them, hidden in one of towers. But before entering the temple, Zalyanitha made a discovery. She noticed one of the birds crying strange bell to his nest. Soon she discovered where it came from. And there was open bag with seven identical bells of strange construction.

They hid the discovery with the rest of the items, taking one of the bells with them. They were let in the temple, but Adeni demanded to give the bell and instantly threw it out to the sea. After that small incident, party was welcomed inside, and given permission to walk and explore the Temple. After short while party were informed that rest of their gifts suffered the same fate as the bell.

By exploring wall paintings and speaking with the Adeni, they learned about philosophy and goals of this place. Also they meet young girl, named Cheis, coming here from the Island of Steel, who clearly came to this place not in a search for a spiritual enlightenment. After following her one night, and confronting her, they learned, that she was trying to summon the Pale One, in hopes that he will bring the family’s treasure from the bottom of the ocean. This treasure, she claimed, was cast here by her ancestor, who long time ago joined the temple, and got rid of all wordy possessions. There was conflict over the ownership of the bells, that originally where hidden by Cheis. But eventually, after Mahormimat treatened her with a physical violence, she had accepted that rest of her bells were cast in to the water by Adeni. Though really scared by Mahormimat, Cheis found bit of sympathy in Padme.

Also party became witnesses of ritual, that supposedly wakes up Deva in a human being. It involved torturous applying of pattern with boiling Moonsilver on the body of one of the monks.

Party made several unsuccessful attempts to dive around the bridge in the search for the sunken treasure, but came back empty handed. Furthermore they were confronted by Adeni for their behavior in the temple and were told to leave it as soon as possible.

On the early morning of the tenth day of stay inside the Marble Temple of Devas, everyone was waken up by the iron clad galley coming to the temple complex. It was Yerem – the owner and husband of Cheis, coming to claim his bride.

Adeni, and eventually Cheis, who was devastated after the failed ritual, agreed that she must accept demands of the Yerem. But as soon as she turned to leave, everything sunk in to a thick mist.

The Gates of the Marble Temple of Devas

After securing the excess gifts in one of the sunken towers of the temple complex, the party vent to investigate. Soon enough Rakshavyada found the bridge leading to the center dome of the complex. The bridge was covered in stone spikes, and the words engraved in to the gates leading on to the bridge: No happiness behind this gate, turn back if worldly pleasures you value more than the divine understanding.

After meeting one of the residents of the temple, and clearing out the rules for the entering of the Marble Temple of Devas, Padme and later Rakshavyada cast their possessions in to a sea and were let inside the central dome, where they were welcomed by Adeni, the Elder of the Temple.

Adeni happily explained the purpose of the temple, and though he almost certainly did not bought the story that the party members are Devas, he still helped to find according paintings on the walls, depicting scenes from the lives of the Devas as believed by the inhabitants of this temple.

Parting ways with the Red Prince

After the court the party spend some time in the city. Mahormimat managed to get two slave girls as a gift from the Aturn and immediately sold them in the market. Padme became short time celebrity by offering healing services to the needy and ended with a pile of small gifts. And Rakshavyada and Zalyanitha found something interesting among the countless merchandises. It was a silver wolf, whit whom Rakshavyada quickly found some kind of connection.
But immediately it became apparent that this was a set up for a trap. It was Danaal who tried to capture Devas. But his plan backfired when not not only his pray escaped, but group of disguised city guard came to capture him.

Using the opportunity, Rakshavyada released the wolf from the cage, who after sniffing a hand of Rakshavyada disappeared in the cloud of silver mist.

Returned to the ship, party discovered high spirited Prince, who was celebrating the fact that Governor after formaly fulfilling the rules of the city, later secretly captured danaal and gave it to the Aturn. Also, prince announced that he decided to part his ways with Devas. And the best place for devas to go would be the Marble Temple of 243 Devas.

In the morning ship left the port, and Rakshavyada could see a silhouette of a wolf watching them from the cliff. After nearly one week in the sea, the ship had reached the Marble Temple of 243 Devas, and the party with a pile of lavish gifts, including a scroll case with a map, was left here.

The strange court session

The search for Vestur was fruitless, instead the party quickly realized, that they are followed and the stalker is none other than Tan’est. After confronting her, party learned that she wants their help with getting back the father of the child she is expecting, who apparently had abandoned her. For this she wanted to use spell, involving ritual love-making, Moonsilver Patterns, that Mahormimat recognized as closely resembling ones used used by Devas, and reading of incantation. Most of it did not made any sense, but party decided to try it anyway.

They rented small and dirty room in red light district and proceeded with the instruction. Not only the incantations was nonsensical, but also the Moonsilver was non-pure. Ritual did not produce any noticeable effect, and everyone got back to the Echryon‘s house. Where Zalyanitha and Mahormimat gone to sleep, and Padme took care of Tan’est, which was quite shocked after what she had gone trough.

Early in the morning they were waken up by quite agitated Vestur. He explained that he will tell where he was gone last night later, but now it is time for the court, where the fate of Danaal will be decided.

The court took place at the forum filled with sound of hundred bells so familiar to Padme. The case of Danaal was first to be solved. Danaal was deemed as guilty and ought to be given to prince Aturn as property, but at the last moment Danaal claimed his right to pay for his freedom, and offered sarcophagus with the Evyavan as the payment. This was accepted.

And then the court announced second case, this time against Zalyanitha. She was accused for stealing the boat of the lighthouse keeper. And Vestur here happily and unexpectedly proclaimed, that they offer one more Deva for the city as the compensation.

The claim that party members are Devas needed to be proven, and for this, Zalyanitha was invited to the Administrator’s chambers. Inside, surrounded by gold, silver, gemstones, and hundreds upon hundreds of counting equipment she had meet the person covered with silver tattoos. The conversation was short: the Administrator looked at Zalyanitha and declared that this meeting happened to early, and that only thing he can do for them is to gift them with freedom. They should meet later, when Devas will become much more powerful. Zalyanitha then warned him about the danger that Evyavan poses.

After this meeting the Administrator gave instructions for the court and after short episode of a confusion Devas were let go. Prince was unhappy about the fact that he did not got hold on Danaal, but agreed that local customs should be obeyed. He went back to the ship, to decide what to do next. Mahormimat felt a plan brewing in his head so he went to scout around the market.

Evening at the Book Shop

The ship is visited by the Governor Ash’hon’ak, who invites the Prince to the palace, and promises that all the questions will be resolved next day with the help of the Administrator. He also arrests Danaal, and provides prince with a gift of a ten virgins.

In the palace they have dinner. Padme is surprised by the sound of the bells ringing in all the palace, she recognizes the sound of her own artifacts, but does not manage to find any bell that looks like an artifact. Party together with Vestur decides to visit old friend of his – Echryon. O the way they are surrounded by the street merchants trying to sell different staf, most interesting being pelts of the offspring of the Spirit Wolfs, that party finds to really be infused by the Moonsilver. There they spend evening discussing different topics related to devas and artifacts. Here they also meet the daughter of Echryon, Tan’est. Padme instantly noticed that she is in early pregnancy, the fact that apparently was unknown by her father.

Zalyanitha inquired about the Moonsilver and Vestur agreed to buy some for her at the local merchant he knew, so he left.

Late in the evening Echryon realised that Vestur is missing for very long time, despite the fact that he was supposed to get back in few minutes. So the party decided to go to search for him.

Welcome to the Shore of Will-O'-Wisps

Zalyanitha realizes that she is kidnapped by Danaal. Meanwhile it takes whole day for the party to realize that she is missing and to connect this to the absence of Danaal‘s ship. They are at loss where to search, but then Esteva proclaims that the blindfold tells that they need to go to the Shore of Will-O’-Wisps. The Red Prince takes kidnapping of his guest as a personal insult, and offers his help in catching the Danaal.

The pursuit takes three days. In that time Zalyanitha dreams that she meetsChandrakridalu in the balcony of her villa on the Moongate. The sky is filled with the falling Moonships. Chandrakridalu seems to be pleased with this sight. He explains that the times have changed, but even he is not certain what will happen next, but he ensures Zalyanitha that he will protect her and that he is very happy that he had chosen her. When Zalyanitha asks him about Evyavan, he expresses his disdain for him, explains that he was his master and that he is still very dangerous. Also Chandrakridalu makes cryptic remark that he and Zalyanitha are similar and different at the same time.

Meanwhile in the ship of the Red Prince Mahormimat and Rakshvyadha get some books from Vestur. One is Account of the Expedition to the lends in the North by Krinol the Wanderer. And another one Twelve Wonderful Things I laid my Hands upon by unknown author.

The prince’s ship is faster than Danaals, and after three days they catch up, right at the premisses of the Shore of Will-O’-Wisps. Zalyanitha manages to jump out of the window, right before the Danaal’s soldiers enter her room to chain her. She manages to swim to the White Lighthouse, where she is meet with strong oddor of blood nd human bones lying arround. Figure of the old man exits the lightho se, but Zalyanitha does not wait, she steels a lonely boat floating at the shore ant tries to swim to the shore, but is intercepted by the boat with armed locals. She swims to the shore, where ship of the Red Prince is already docked, and is saved by it’s crew.

The Red Prince himself meanwhile was arguing with local guards over his right to bring his justice upon Danaal here, but eventually gave up. But then everyone sees that Danaal acompanyed by more local soldiers is approaching.


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