Shattered Moon

Back to the journey


Headquarters of the Moonisland port. Only Padme is passed her cool head in the storm of the action while the others decided to take a „rest“ in the they own way: Rakshavyada plunged into deep meditation, Zalyanitha is lying bed and smiling blissfully, but the most sadly picture in the room is stabbed and bleeding Bastyn‘s body. Deva arranges wounds of the Bastyn hoping that he will recover soon as possible and will help to remove the helmet. Padme tries to recover Zalyanitha too, but little more time is necessary for both patients to fully regain they strengths. The goddess sends a soldier inspect the ship of Aturn. She also invited Malika that she to take care about Rakshavyada, but the horrific image of the room takes girl’s breath away.

Zalyanitha ‘s warren. The wind chill awakens her in her bed of the great halls. Water leaking into the room through the holes in the roof, and cold is coming inside through the preserve windows. Deva attempts to close them, but fails. She observes the silhouette in the street. It seems the silhouette is the teacher of old times. The shadow motioned her to follow. Deva running to the street through the abandoned rooms and there are no any child shouts of joy any more. No one waits her in the street…
Deva attracted to the side, where went her’s teacher. Only echo seeks her then deva is walking through the empty streets. She wanders to the central square of the city. The black obsidian obelisk stoods in the middle of huge moonsnliver pool. Artefact sculptures of man (or decease) straight they hands into the obelisk. Deva goes around the swimming pool. Obelisk begins to resemble as a throne. Zalyanitha sees a figure seated on the throne. She is trying to get more details of the figure. Severe pain overtake her and she regains consciousness. The room…

Padme proves to Zalyanitha that she is in the armour. Conversation between two devas sprints up. The both goddesses slander latter events of the day. Zalyanitha plains to Padme, that Rakshavyada is dangerous and carries the seed of the Wildone and he cannot be persisted in any „close relations“. Padme plains that Bastyn damaged her’s armour. The deva of carring revels that she want’s to find Unmandin and that ancient knowledge will help her to fix wings of the armour. Zalyanitha suggests her to punish the Bastyn in the same way as he did it to her, but Padme rely on fact that merchant is more useful in one peace and the payment will be taken in future. The communication between two devas was so intense that goddess had not noticed how recovered Malika. The girl remained in the room in pure silence. Knock at the door spreads in all the room.

Padme had opened the doors. The elders of the city came to talk with devas. Wisemens wants to know what happened in heart of the city. Padme can not tell anything in more details, but she will do after when she restores the order in the headquarters. She asked that elders should bring people here who are able look after the armour. The wisemens asking about a the ring, but deva does not know anything about it. She mentions that the clean clothes and the food is mandatory things for recovery of the devas. Sages is removed from the premises of the headquarters.

Padme and Zalyanitha continues the conversation. The deava of justice revels that she will keep the ring at her side and she does not want to give it to the elders of the city. Padme one hundred percent convinced that the city does not want anything good for any deva. The city elders wants to keep crumbling city in one peace by any costs including slavery of the devas. She also believes that people are much more dangerous than many many years ago. She also remembered to Zalyanitha variuous events of they journey where humans hunted them down and tortured and this city is no exception. If the Undoing had been coming, it is better way to die of the death of her own choice. In this last sentence the conversations sleeps away. Padme clockwork clean clothes on the Bastyn. She took the opportunity to inspect the patterns on his body. Malika remains in silence… She attempts to speak with Rakshavyada, but he does not respond and she fails to sleep.

Scholar comes to the headquarters in the early morning. Padme tooks him to the next room. The bold man name is Kadesh. Man ispects her armour… He looks very worried. Deva asks him to remove the helmet of the armour. He explains that he does not have the necessary tools with him and strongly suggests her to go to the heart of the city. He also mentions that Rakshavyada must leave the city. Padme explains that she wants to send „feral“ deva out the island on her watch. Scholar insists deva to go back to the city, because it’s the only way. „I do not need any charity of…“ and Padme leaves the scholar alone in the room.

Padme attracted towards the port to visit the Aturn ship after Bastyn regains his consciousness. Both of them are moving slowly. So, they have time to talk about current events and take a picture from the guard post. Merchant describes what happened between Rakshavyada and Aturn. Immortal man inquires whether deva is be able revive the tongue and ear in any way to, although short period would be accepted too. Padme could put the tongue in merchant’s mouth, but Bastyn disagrees. Besides the sorcerer could not help to remove the helmet from the deva. Esteva meets them on the deck of the ship. Trey consults what measures to be taken that prince embrace them back to the ship. They also discussed the possibilities for the manner in which they escape from Saturn. Dummy asks that the devas must to return to the ship at any costs. Padme goes into the Prince’s cabin and Bastyn stays with Esteva. Merchant shows her a picture of the council of the Five and explains that the ring had born few hours ago. Dummy girl became very very worried and she leaves him alone. Immortal man burns the picture and reads the Toride’s letter. He smiles… Unutterable naivety are the people who do not know what is happening around. Padme agrees that the Prince will take them back to their ship with the exception of Rakshavyada. Unless deva of hunting apologize him. Afternoon the whole team with all things must already be on board and then they will leave the port.

Zalyanitha and Malika communicates about small matters until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. The bold man walks into the room without a call. His gaze trips over the ring on deva’s arm. Wiseman inquire whether she prefer to recover the island under adequate supervision. Zalyanitha agrees with bold man suggestion, but she wants to be in Padme care. Deva shall open a conversation about the situation happened to master Padme: why everything was concealed and so on. The elder explains that misunderstanding was a mistake. He ensures that the guilty will be punished. Zalyanitha also discovers that patters of Padme and the Artefact are matted in one. Deva of justice also wants the explanation why Malika was driven from the city. The wiseman can not explain in detail, but he is sure that it was a purely political decision. Unseen seers are not interfere in the management of the city. Man timidly asks whether the city can recover the ring. Zalyanitha inquire whether he asks a gift. The bold man answered positively to deva’s the question and adds that that the devas are indebted to deliver two gifts to the city. Zalyanitha pretends that she does not understood the hint. The conversation starts to go in bad direction, so, the deava asks the man to leave the room, because she needs some rest.

Dramatic reunion


Rakshavyada and Zalyanitha were following the elder deep into the maze when Zalyanitha felt that she is getting worse. Elder was saying a chant which had lines in it about asking for forgiveness for interruptions and failing to deal with problems. Rakshavyada was watching the wall unfurl when Zalyanitha started coughing blood and flower petals. She sat down to rest since the pain was getting stronger and stronger. Rakshavyada called for help when he saw the roots and stems growing from Zalyanitha’s belly. He cut her with his sword and Zalyanitha lost consciousness. Her final image was someone pulling a silvery ring from her belly.
In the meantime the wall openned and the mighty voice boomed „who disturbs my peace?“. Rakshanyada entered and told him (?) that he was looking for Padme. The voice answered that Padme’s essence is merged into him and that he should stop looking for her. Another thing: Rakshavyada brought the seed of the Wild One into the city and for that he is banished. He should never come back to this island that embodies all of deva legacy.
Zalyanitha saw her lover at the moon-gate. He was enfuriated and shouted: “What have you done! You have doomed us both!” Zalyanitha was angry too : “Was it YOU that caused me this pain?”
Bastyn lost his temper and jumped down to the ground. He was trying to blend in with the locals and follow Rakshavyada’s and Zalyanitha’s footsteps.
Rakshavyada left the hall with many sculptures and the sinister voice. He saw something fall down from the sky. The fallen figure got up and started talking. Turned out that this was Padme in full-body armour suit. Bastyn was also there although it was hard for them to find each other because of so many branches growing from Zalyanitha’s body. Rakshavyada said: “I’m going to help”, took a deadly amount of drugs and fell on the ground. Padme and Bastyn cut out Zalyanitha’s body from the branches and carried out into the light. They dragged Rakshavyada too. Padme carried them into the pyramid one by one. After that job was done she said: “I’m gonna catch up with you guys, I just have to get some moonsilver first”. Bastyn took a stick and hit Padme in the back so hard that it broke two wings. Padme fell. The crew inervened and soon Bastyn disembowelled himself to avoid combat.
The party soon arrived at harbour. Some of them even conscious. Padme was determined to get her wings fixed and went to see super-deva with sinister voice (The One Who Gives Meaning To The Silver). The conversation was full of sorrow because it turned out that the knowledge how to mend the wings is lost and there is nothing anyone can do. It was very hard to accept for Padme because there was nothing else worth doing except transporting the moonsilver.

The rest of the party was also confused about what the next step should be and were discussing what to do with Padme when she came back and suddenly stroke Bastyn with all her might and beat him bloody.

The chime of silver bells


The Muse of the bard was in horror then he understood that said girl showed her painting to prince Saturn. Saturn now knew too much, so Bastyn had nothing left just to faint ignorance and listen to Saturns tales of devan adventure that occurred before he met them. All ended then prince left – the lest of the party got very drunk.


Next day Bastyn, Zalyanitha and Rakshavyada meets. Zalyanitha is not looking good, she’s in pain. Bastyn told them about dream that is more of a memory than a vision, about the child-Chandrakridalu, who was the one bestowing the gifts on devas and beasts, gifts that invert the essence – making artifact beings just beasts and normal beings to exalted ones. Bastyn seemed pretty sure, that the child in vision was her child. Allso that Esteva in herself is giant shimmer-spider. Bastyn warns devas, that he thing their patterns are fading and Zalyanitha‘s pain is connected to that. Bastyn even does the ritual and check through demon if Zalyanitha is pursued by someone, she’s not except the usual stalked in the darkness and decay of the Universe. In exchange he had to crush the happiness of a person, that he manages with brilliance – buying and spilling into the ditch the one-of-the-kind perfume Malika wanted a lot and maybe even hoped to seduce Rakshavyada while wearing it on her.
Devas and immortal agreed to conduct a ritual, for finding Padme. Bastyn managed to cache quite strong demon in form of silver screen of threads and bells, trading his own secret – place where portion of his written memoirs are hidden for the place of Padme. Now they need to follow sound of bells. While leaving his warden Bastyn catches a glimpse of something that is behind the said screen – something in the darkness, someone with three eyes…

While Bastyn is bussy Zalyanitha ask of Rakshavyada to make her a deva. So they make deva a lot. With success. So there are twins at the moment.


Deva of truth convinces the sky ship operator to take Bastyn into the heart of the island, and after some discussion, she proves her point and party advances in search of Padme. They follow the sound of bells into the city where Zalyanitha confronts the captain of the guard and forces him to help the search; event enforces the idea to search villas of the nobles. She points out three bald men that are in suspicion – guards are not amused, the bald peolpe caste holds very special position at the island. Bastyn point to the center of the city, the pyramid.

At the pyramid, they meet the alchemist woman, who tells them of black dust and the process it is filtered from the moonsilver. Rakshavyada feels the cold through the glass of the container and associates it with glyphs in the Cave and the end of the World. Woman asks at some point if this dust maybe are not the impurities, but the thin into what moonsilver transforms itself. Alchemist is worried and declares that there must be the way to stop the process, but Rakshavyada, as he like to do it, preaches the end of the World and crushes her hopes. Devas continue the search in the pyramid.


Padme wakes up on the table, to the horror of the ones who were looking after her body – she is conscious and even manages to force her armor to get up. She is furious when bald men run around and soldiers point their pattern-spears at her. She shouts stunning everyone and walks to the door, forcing the armor and herself to move by the power of will alone. As deva reaches the door, it swings open – the bald woman stands before her and blows the black dust from her palm into Padme face. Padme covers her face with hands, only hoping that the dust would cling into the silver of her armor and she’ll manage to get it of before her patterns are touched.

Have you seen a lost deva?

Rakshavyada luckily was saved from over-feminized villa and was accompanied to some place further. First of all they were swimming with a boat for at least 4 hours through canals till Rakshavyada noticed a hill behind trees. The buildings of the city was far left behind. Rakshavyada’s host informed the deva that this would be a perfect place for great hunter to have a little hunting if he pleases and gave him a spear. It looked rather strange by no doubt the shaft was part of the artifact with all the patterns and it felt like shimmer on touching, yet the head of the spear was quite useless stylized thunder of simple metal. After inspecting the object Rakshavyada realized that this is just incomplete artifact. As soon as the Hunter left the boat he spotted a bear covered in patterns. Actually some trees of the forest was also covered in patterns giving the idea that the whole forest was kind of complex system of shimmers or at least descendants of some sort of artifact flora. Taking the spear Rakshavyada ran for hunt. It was not really hard task as the prey seemed to leave very clear trace that you had to be absolutely amateur not to be able to follow them. After some time Rakshavyada approached a swamp. There he was suddenly attacked by the pattern covered big wild cat-like creature. As soon as he launched the spear towards the creature the spear dropped right next to him. With little of effort the hunter killed the beast, yet as soon as he approached his prize he was attacked by crocodile. This one was more challenging hence the deva of hunting was able to defeat it without any scratch. So he took the cat like creature as both of the hunt would not be easy to drag even for such strong deva as Rakshavyada was. Soon he reached the edge of meadow that had the huge tree in the middle all covered in patterns. There was the same bear right next to the tree. And so the fight between deva and the beast began. It was very close combat yet Rakshavyada once again managed to win unscratched. He inspected the bear and the tree and failed to completely decipher the pattern and was interrupted by the same cat he dragged up till here. Surprisingly it was up and alive, trying to show the way for the hunter somewhere. Rakshavyada follwed the cat to the camp where he was already expected by the same host and tent ready to accept the deva. And so deva of the hunting relaxed in this wonderful place surrounded by slaves ready to make any of his wishes for having the a child from pure deva.

Meanwhile in the port of Moonisland, Bastyn was making his trading business. After few hours of doing this and that, meeting some possible new and old business partners he decided to once more to visit Atis in his ship. The crew was lazily bidding their time and did not object a lot permitting Bastyn to see the owner of the ship. He showed the demon his recently acquired treasures a tongue and ear and asked if Atis knows something of anatomy or any other ways to make the tongue talk and ear to listen. Naturally Atis either knew nothing or just plainly refused to help, yet he suggested that they could sew those organs to some slaves and maybe get results Bastyn was expecting. With no sightliest suspicion Bastyn seen that as a good idea. Atis tried to pull more out of a deal offering to take two slaves in case the first would end up in failure. Bastyn was once again positive. That seemed put Atis in such a good mood that he even offered money buy those slaves. And Bastyn as good servant of demon as he is went to buy those. Naturally the merchant chose only those slaves that seemed to already lost their will to live. After that he once again went to the artist to draw his vision. This time they were even more intrigued where Bastyn got his fantasies. The merchant told them nothing that would be significant, to put it short he lied as professional he is.

Back in the city of Heart Zalyanitha was very worried on disappearance of her companion Padme. She was not back from her silver mining for quite long time now. Zalyanitha had already checked her farm and had some legal consultation with cities administrator of justice who presented Zalyanitha with one of the flying pyramids. Still no sign of deva of caring. So she went to find whereabouts of missing Padme in her working place. First people there were defensive asking not to disturb the serious work they are doing however Zalyanitha stood her ground to get the confession that Padme still haven’t return for the last gathering. Zalyanitha immediately asked if search was already organized to find her body. Naturally the answer was affirmative so Zalyanitha offered her help as deva to find missing deva. She optimized the search so it was executed more efficiently. First she had her pyramid flying to help search and then she thought to have one more possible pair of eyes keen to help on this cause. With her flying pyramid she flew to the forest not very far from the city to find Rakshavyada. He immediately after hearing the goal of the mission left his tent of earthly pleasures and joined Zalyanitha in her pyramid not really bothering to explain anything to his subjects. And this is how the hunt of missing deva has started.

Darkness and deep deep cold

Bastyn accompanied by the artist went to the ship’s master cabin to make a deal. The vessel is not too big, but ornaments carved on it are very remarkable. After all, not everyone will allow themselves to go so far away from shores of the Will-O’-Wisps. The owner is a very good merchant or at least lesser noble man. Olden is the name of the master, but this name does not say anything to Bastyn. A story about the trip with devas is the price that must be paid for painting. Immortal tried to name another price, but seeing the master’s frustration began the story. The braided story of great deeds and emotions. He artfully concealed his identity and purpose of the travel. Portrayed himself as a simple man seeking his vision. The audience was very very pleased with his long story. The artist Toride took the immortal man to her’s private cabin to start drawing the image of vision. The smell of incense, sex… Bastyn leaves the ship only in the early morning, but agreed to meet with the woman in the evening.

The immortal merchant hastily headed back to the headquarters. He came to the Rakshavyada’ room, but did not find him there. He left Malika in deva’s room. Few more moments and magician finally alone in his room. His peace was disturbed by knock to the doors. He carefully opened his door… He saw the face of Esteva. She had been uncovering ligament from her face. Bastyn fled out the room forcing her to the ground. The alarm was false. It turns out that there was a joke by Atis. Malika was unable to explain where Rakshavyada and Zalyanitha went. To vent his anger, demon called Bastyn for a drink. They were caught by Saturn. The Red Dragon openly threatened them and suggested to go to The Red Emperor without any resistance. Bastyn offered to prince to delay his hunting for few more days – deva will leave this city in short term. Atis and merchant left the prince alone. Demon told him that he will wait for three days and leaves his master. He will wait for his master on board. Bastyn one more time headed back to to the headquarters.

Merchant went into the room of Aturn. Unfortunately the room was empty, the only remaining objects litter all around. Esteva and prince left the room in hurry. He caught up with them just before the port. Esteva asks the prince to go back to a place of safety, but it goes straight to the ship and threaten to leave. Merchant argues that death is always awaits those who behave recklessly. Aturn gave him another three days term. Bastyn one more time headed back to to the headquarters. The guard reported that he was being sought by Padme. Also the solder announced that she will appear in the next morning. The immortal quickly wrote a letter to deva about the situation in the port.

Meanvile in the capital. Padme comes back to the „workplace“. She carefully examined the armor: what principle makes them fly, what type of the fuel is required and so on. Padme goes to heaven to collect moonsilver. Out of curiosity, she had fly near the crashed moon. She notes a large black object that crashed into the moon. The armor try to resists when she was flying to closer, but fails. She sees a ship stucked inside the black sphere. She turns back to the earth worrying about her safety.

The library is brought into the Zalyanitha‘s villa. The contents of books related to legal issues of the Moonisland. City lawyer also came to deva’s villa to resolve some questions regarding mighty eagle. The man offered her to turn bird into the slave with the silver eyes. The animal becomes more controllable and food supply problems will perish too. Zalyanitha choose not to embrace her eagle with such present. She rather ordered to establish small farm near her country-house. Padme appears in a villa. She took Zalyanitha to anonymous room to tell what wonderful things she experienced in da cosmos. Padme revealed too that she is not satisfied with her position as the working horse. Deva does not feel that she is the main person in this city. Zalyanitha is convinced that this city is the safest and best place they are visited in long term. Padme mentions that it is not worth staying here since the end of the world is getting closer. She suggested to a friend to try to fly itself. Both of them are attracted towards flying platform.

People working there refused to put armor on Zalyanitha‘s body, because they don’t know how the artefact will affect the baby. Few more attempts to overpersuade technical people and Padme easily dismissed compromise on a failed agreement. She murmurs that Rakshavyada will be very pleased to fly with her to the sky.

Zalyanitha comes back to villa. She finds that the eagle is the masculine. She goes to sleep after the small experiment with female sheep. The dream returns her to the Unmandin. Candrakridalu suckle her breast, although his age has not really childish at all. She asks if he is ready to be born and became independent. Child confirms that he can choose the time and place where to born. Conversation about end of the world brings them to the dance of love. Deva wakes up in a sweat…

Padme one more time fly to the cosmos. She took courage to assign closer to the space ship and touch the nearby free-floating bodies. And yet the feeling that something that hides behind her and hiders her actions. She pulls back to earth after a few moments later. Deep cold hits her body… She does not feel hands or feet, and the darkness begins to grow in the eyes. Padme begins to regain consciousness… She hears how people behind her in discussing what happened to her. It seems that they know more than telling to devas.

- What to do with those?

Moonsilver skies

Bastyn talks business with merchants at local tavern when prince comes and slaps the letter on his table. Merchants are amazed and Bastyn is unamused… later he goes to the safe place and unfolds the letter with iron rod, just in case.


In the morning locals tell Padme that she has work to do and takes her to the pyramid – here she is presented with intricate moonsilver winged suit and perspective to scrape moonsilver out of the sky. She expresses awe eagerness to help the people. After some hours of fitting and suit maintenance she soars into the sky and moves towards the moon. This suit and capability to fly gives her long lost sense of freedom and omnipotence. She toyed with blobs of moonsilver floating around in space and saw the dark object crashed into the moon – so deva had and idea to study it better next time she takes up into the sky.

After returning to the earth, assistants took of her suit and the moonsilver, so Padme retreated to rest – she was happy finally able to help someone, but in her mind holds bitter thoughts that she does not want to get caught in routine work, especially after the people nudged her to work some more. Padme decides to learn all she could about the suit maintenance and run away with it.


Meanwhile Rakshavyada talks to Malika and Malika tries to convince him that they must leave the island and blabbers lots of about stuff he is not interested in. He leaves Malika and tends to his own business while she tidies his room and does loads of unnecessary stuff that annoys Rakshavyada.

Bastyn breaks the news to his “locksmith” assistant that they’ll go to the sorcerers gate. The man is not amused, he thinks that he’ll not only die, but will lose his soul too…


Zalyanitha at the harbor thinks on the way to cater needs of her eagle without killing people, because she thinks on settling at this island. She finds some geese to breed and Prince Saturn. She didn’t know that the other prince was present (actually who knew nothing that there is other prince like that) at the harbor and is a little bit surprised. and like with other devas – prince tries to convince her on coming to the empire and she bluntly refuses. He tries to push her into the agreement to come, but she simply shrugs him away… prince is left with broken ego it looks.

After this Zalyanitha meets Malika who takes her to Rakshavyada. To her great delight Rakshavyada presents deva of Truth with her long lost mirror artifact. Allso Rakshavyada explains his current circumstances and show how The Seed of Life affected him – his blood has the power to make things grow. Here Aturn storms in and Zalyanitha tells him she’s bound to stay – this island satisfies her needs.


Bastyn tries to paint nativity scene of Zalyanitha and her baby, but fails miserably, event drifts to his visions of personifications of his demons, baby-boy under eternal plum tree, who in his dream gave Bastyn the plum. Bastyn shrugs off all this and decides to get professional help – so he finds in one of the ships girl capable of art and wooed her into helping him.


While Zalyanitha takes Rakshavyada into her girly frilly villa – Padme is taken back to the pyramid by boat for moonsilver mining… on the way she chats with her companion Writchik, wife of one of the wise men. They talk on children and other things until they come to some understanding between them. Waves gently rock the boat…

A savior emerges

Rakshavyada went to the Moon Isle’s emissary to say that he and his servant (Bastyn) accept the invitation to visit the inner city. The messenger tried his best to politely refuse the entrance for Bastyn because of the law. Rakshavyada was persistent and refused to enter without his servant.
After a while another messenger found him, apologized and invited him again using much nicer and polite words. Rakshavyada told him that he want to wait for a while.
Bastyn was also busy: he was trying to get grip on some precious tools and opening the box. He co-operated with a ‘local’ smuggler. After a successful operation he agreed to meet him a month later in a particular place and time.
Rakshavyada found himself in a district surrounded by many sick people. They looked like they were suffering from a kind of plague. One man shouted: ‘Oh great deva! Please touch me and heal me!’. Rakshavyada touched him and the man started shouting again: ‘I am healed! All praise the deva!’, and added ‘If we worship him he will heal one more person on the morrow!’. And people started praising him and thanking. Rakshavyada was puzzled but then he recognized the newly ‘healed man’ and asked him: ‘Why did you do this?’. The answer was that it will be good for him and no one would find out the truth: probably all those people will die in 2 weeks.
Zalyanitha got a message that a manor is ready for her and Padme. They went to check it out. It was fabulous: very spacious and elegant. It had basement room for receiving guests, a garden and a staff of servants. Zalyanitha requested a language teacher and she was assured that it would be arranged.
Zalyanitha asked if there are any deeds expected of her and Padme. The guide was relieved to hear this and said that there certainly is and representatives would arrive shortly.
Padme attended to the her duties with a representative of her field of interest.
Meanwhile Zalyanitha was asked to look into a certain legal matters and to help sort some complicated issues out. She was surprised to find out that Island’s legal system is very advanced although very complex and that sorting things out would take some time and asked for a break.
Zalyanitha arranged that her eagle would be accommodated at the manor garden. She found out that it was feed on human flesh.

Fellowship has broken

…and both of them headed to headquarters. As they went group-mates discussed what to do with Prince and his “staunch” counsellor – Esteva. They have concluded that Aturn must find another way to Sorcerers gates without help of devas. Strange memory of the generative Zalyanitha had heavily hilted Bastyn. He took the child birth with his own hands. The child with a mark of silver circle on his forehead. The merchant noted that the Rakshavyada is no longer at his side after he regained balance from flash back. Bastyn had to hurry a little to catch up with deva at the door step of the headquarters. Rakshavyada didn’t explained the meaning of infant with the strange mark on his head. Only, not clearly mentioned that devas had been drawing tattoos to their children at early stages of they life.

The central city. A highly respected devas were invited to the very special evening party. This party participants are allowed to do anything else prohibited by law: to watch death games, use drugs and do other filthy affairs to other folks and themselves. Only this night, city dwellers are able to fill their morbid desires. Therefore, guests are coming dressed in a wide range of masks. The masks hides not only their faces, but also their bodies too. A tenured players of this macabre game could recognize each other from the masks they worn, but in spite of that, they must comply with traditions. Padme and Zalyanitha came to this corrupt party. The event itself was distributed to several pavilions. In one of space the few people actively participated in the orgy. The sumptuous dinner have been presented in other apartments. Who cautiously tasted wild boar meat, who spent time playing logic games or just talking with each other. Padme did not miss a chance to eat meat. Deva was grieved enough for ash taste salads including all other green food. Zalyanitha also did not miss the chance to partake of meat. The crew members separated from each other during the meal. Padme tried to start a conversation with the local people, but failed. So, she attracted through a mysterious door. Was much more difficult to Zalyanitha to make contact with others participants, because most of us here did not speak in devani or at least in trade. Nevertheless, the deva was approached by the person who speaks fluently enough in native Zalyanitha ’s language. Mysterious person explained the origin and meaning of the masks. He also explained the meaning of this festivity.

The port. As they approached to apartments of the prince, Bastyn expalined to Rakshavyada that the biggest danger of the Esteva lays not in her hands, but in spider companions. They lives in her eye sockets. Deva came into the room with bare blade of the his beloved sword. The conversation between Aturn and Esteva had been interrupted. The prince’s face was distorted by dissatisfaction smile. Some arrogant phrases from the nobleman, but it didn’t not stopped deva to start interrogation of the Esteva. Rakshavyada did not received an adequate explanation how his sword appeared in the hands of the Saturn. Deva clearly stated that Aturn and Esteva is no longer in the partnership of the divinty. They may stay at this headquarters until the owners will asks them to leave this place. The dead silence spread throughout the room…

Rakshavyada and Bastyn returns to the room of the deva’s. The stalwart deva would like to visit in the same smithy and asks that merchant help to arrange the deal with blacksmith one more time. Immortal man agrees with request of the deva. The mighty Rakshavyada may be able to forge the key to his secret box. With this idea the trader attracted towards the master apartments. Along the way, he faced the soldier which does not give respect as all others.

The evening party. At last, the both devas had been appeared in the mysterious room. Man sitting in the centre of the hall reading poetry in moon island dialect. His face is covered with the sage mask. The crowd intently listens each soared word. Nevertheless, the human-sized altar is burning a fire enough to heat the same room. Narrator hand motioned several times and several slaves went to the flames without any hesitation and screaming. The old man himself drank white consistence drink before finale of the poem. A few more moments and death swallowed himself. All participants have been subsided for several moments. Between Zalyanitha and his interlocutor begins a discussion about that this macabre banquet is not the issuse to maintain a high level of public spirit. Besides, community should not forget the superb performance by Padme . An epos about a tragic love had enthralled the all people around. Early in the morning, one of the guest mask’s magic stopped working in proper way. Padme helped to fix broken mask and solved the tricky situation…

Ati persuaded Rakshavyada in many ways to visit the black market. According to him, there will be a good opportunity to buy very exclusive item. Deva does not say any straight answer that him would come to the place or not. Meanwhile, Bastyn had discovered that abandoned building is leased for other two centuries by person who was his master few thousands years ago. The immortal merchant acquired the necessary tools to open the mysterious box. This time the prisoner did not disappointed him.

Begginings and end of Devas revenge

Bastyn swore somehow to have Saturn‘s ship out of the Moon island. First decided to visit the captain of the guards in headquarters he was living in. Tried to ask everything about the law of the harbor, what crimes would be to receive a ban in the harbor of Moon island. It seems that most of crimes that would prohibit an access to the harbor would be related to trade type crimes such as stealing, deceiving or fraud. When Bastyn asked more specifically on various evil mages coming from the outside world if they would be a reason enough to be asked to leave the harbor. Unfortunately the answer wasn’t really satisfying as the captain as true habitat of Moon island believed that anything that comes from outside word is evil, hence he enlightened Bastyn on the order they are keeping here. The punishment of the crime is decided by judges of the harbor and it might vary.
Having all this new information and deep in thoughts Bastyn decided to visit Aturn, the Red Prince. Though the prince was not happy at all to see Bastyn in his apartments which he shared with Esteva. The mild annoyance expressed by Aturn was nothing compared to his mood when Bastyn inquired on his relationship with the brother, prince Saturn. Naturally he refused to answer that, saying that this is a very long story he is not willing to reveal. His older brother Saturn was always most loved son of the Emperor. And everything related to him disgusts Aturn. The question why Saturn is so well informed on everything related to their group Aturn answered simply that his older brother is very powerful mage and his abilities should not be treated lightly. Then Bastyn expressed his idea to incriminate Saturn at least in this harbor. The idea was met very differently between the couple. While prince was sure that it would fail, Esteva kindly asked to at least hear Bastyn out. After sharing his findings on the law with the couple he did not convince Aturn, ergo he agreed that Bastyn might at least try his best. Bastyn leaves the apartment expressing his thoughts loudly that he needs to find Rakshavyada, who he always nearly misses for about two days now. Deva may have some ideas on his plan.

Meanwhile in the Heart city, the capital and core of all Moon island, the last glimpse of culture and civilization in this cruel barbaric world. Two Devas – the Deva of law order and justice Zalyanitha and the Deva of healing protection and caring Padme – were opening the bronze sarcophagus which they believed to have the elder of Devas. The example and source of the wisdom even for Devas themselves. As soon as sarcophagus opens a bit devas hears air rushing in through the gap. Padme’s hand immediately shoots through the gap to cover the mouth and nose of anyone that is inside there. After Zalyanitha opens sarcophagus they can see mummified body inside watching them with living eyes. Zalyanitha finds a heavy baton nearby and begins to bash the mummy inside with firm hand of justice till there is nothing just a puddle of blood and fractions of skull where previously was a head. Padme was watching this with her eyes of caring and protection then she noticed that someone third is here at the entrance of the hall they were in. She immediately changes her expression contrariwise to fear and gasps “Oh Zalyanitha!” instantly sinks her face to her palms and begins to cry hysterically. Zalyanitha swings baton for the last time and turns to the entrance. There is a little piece of skull on her pregnancy belly. She realizes that the new witness is no other than one of the elders of the Heart city. There is a long awkward silence until Zalyanitha states in high devani “Justice has been served”.
Finally elder finds his voice to say “The sarcophagus meant to be a present for you”. Zalyanitha kindly thanks for it and asks where they got that from. While the elder was telling how hard was to find the sarcophagus at merchants in the seas, and how expensive it was to buy it, other elders were gathering to see what is happening here. Zalyanitha suggests to bury this sarcophagus somewhere in the beautiful place with a lot of honor as befits for such noble person while she washes her hands covered in blood. There was some chaotic discussion between all the elders in their language that was finished by one of them stating in devani “The one does not question the path of Deva. Deva does what needs to be done.” The same elder tried to move closer to see what was in sarcophagus saying for devas that the residence is prepared for devas to stay in. The Villa of orchids is waiting for honorable guests. A short glimpse of content of sarcophagus was a huge mistake for the elder. He rushed after meek “excuse me” outside covering his mouth and looking very pale. Zalyanitha then covers sarcophagus repeating her request to bury it. Elders agreed hurriedly and after Padme asked for some time in privately with the deceased to prepare him for final journey disappeared through entrance quickly.
When there was nothing in room just devas dead or alive, Padme opens once again the sarcophagus. Deva elder was almost no different from regular devas except he had different styled patterns on his body and of cause the small changes of being mummified and having the puddle instead of the head. She tries some of elders blood which was like ambrosia compared to all other bloods. Then she covers the body with part of her sari and closes sarcophagus. After washing her hands both devas left the hall just to find elders waiting for them just outside the door. Padme kindly requests a new sari which she gets almost instantly. Deva of caring and deva of justice decided to continue their day in excursion to see the Heart city, the capital and core of all Moon island, the last glimpse of culture and civilization in this cruel barbaric world. The place where devas are still worshiped as bringers of wisdom, teachers of culture, caring and just.

Meanwhile Bastyn returns to the harbor to make some intelligence on Saturn’s ship. He evaluates the guards of the ship and decides to ask around while doing his trade around. Not surprisingly a person which such talent and long time experience reaches success even in such a short time. Even finds some rumors of black market in harbor, yet nothing concrete as no one would like to risk on ban having business with illegal trade. Yet when he asked about red ships he got tons of information about it. It seemed that these ships are main trend of the gossip there. And one of the owners Saturn is bad news anywhere it comes.

Meanwhile Rakshavyada went to finally meet Ati with all his demons. He had to wait for the demon for quite a while till he appeared heavily injured with only the hammer. Rakshavyada asked what happened and once again Ati throw accusations to Esteva, that she plays double game with them and she cares of nothing but herself. She needs to be blamed that Adi was given to Saturn by none other than Esteva. Deva of the hunt first to try appeal on Ati‘s desire for security of his master and firmly told that he will go to the ship of Saturn to take back that his. There was only helplessness in Ati’s expression. And so Rakshavyada has nothing else to do just to do what he intended to do. But first he had to terminate the game of hiding and seek out assistance of Bastyn. Luckily he found him just in headquarters. Rakshavyada suggested a plan to sink Saturn‘s boat for good of it and asked if Bastyn knows where to get proper tools to do that. Bastyn suggested flammable substance yet Rakshavyada was for drilling holes. So they acquired necessary tools for their plan and swam to the ship from the seaside and executed their plan. Rakshavyada began to drill hole in the ship while Bastyn tried to burn it. As soon as both of them approached the vessel they were attacked by something from the deep sea. The struggle with tentacles alerted someone from the ship. The someone was none other than Saturn. So both deva and immortal had to quit doing what they started. The mocking voice of the prince said that entrance to the ship is from the other side. By the time both Rakshavyada and Bastyn reached the shore. A servant of the prince passed the message that prince requires to meet with them. Rakshavyada agreed but only if they meet in harbor, refusing to step in the ship.
So they met. Prince was carrying some object wrapped in cloth. It was Adi. Saturn confirmed that the sword was brought by Esteva to his ship. Rakshavyada firmly told that the sword belongs to him and none other and he might ask the demon inside about it if he is such a powerful mage as he is rumored, so he has a right to ask harbor guards to search the ship and accuse the owner of the theft. Saturn was not agreeing nor disagreeing on that he tried to look disappointed that the deva of hunt needs guards to protect him, so he just tossed the sword to Rakshavyada and turned around and left with words “it would be sad to plug fangs of the tiger before hunting it down”. Rakshavyada masterfully hid his anger, and after Saturn was beyond the earshot he just hissed to Bastyn “”/wikis/esteva" class=“wiki-page-link”>Esteva will die, if prince will object he’ll die too" and both of them headed to headquarters.

Meanwhile Zalyanitha and Padme were deciding where to go next on their excursion. They refused to see the loom so they sailed to see the hill of orchids. Amazing place full of most beautiful flowers that seemed to face their blossoms to those who observe them. The hosts of the tour Kertmi and Mitranagi offered them to see the wall of mirrors. This one was simple wall out of the mirrors with the main laws of Moom Island:

No man can enter Moon island
No man can leave Moon island
Moonsilver must flow
The loom must spin

After that Kertmi and Mitranagi offered for honourable guest to show how Moonislanders are entertaining themselves. It all sounded very kinky and raised very different reactions on devas. While Padme was slightly amused Zalyanitha was alerted, expecting some kind of danger from that. Well soon they will find out.

New attempts and special delivery

Zalyanitha dremt of her room in Moongate. Although it felt different, it felt a bit like Moon Island. She heard laughing and found Chandrakridalu. Zalyanitha asked him, if like liked it here. He obviously did. She raised a concern that a certain elder deva is “sleeping” on this island. Chandrakridalu told her that they could be happy and be together in real world, but elder is a threat and she should do something about it.
When she woke up she was given a note which said that Padme is looking for her. Zalyanitha said that she will be back in time for the town tour. The hostess asked to invite Padme to jain them.
On her way up Zalyanitha inspected an interesting loom-like artifact with silvery threads. Padme was cuddling with two bed-warmers whenZalyanitha woke them. Together they tried using the artifact, but did not succeed. An elderly women approached and commented that the loom is broken. Devas followed her and she showed them her research: some mysetrious black dust. The old lady said that she extracted it from moonsilver, although at first she dared devas to guess what that is. Padme touched it and the beaker containing them fell on the ground, shattered and dust spread int the room. Zalyanitha felt abnormal freezing on her arms and legs and left the room. Padme poured some moonsilver on to neutralise it.
Zalyanitha said that Rakshavyada convinced her, that silver web is decaying and she suspects that it is related to this black dust. The elderly woman said that she would like to talk to him very much. Devas told her that maybe it is possible to arrange, but they have to find Rakshavyada.
Meanwhile in the harbour Rakshavyada inspected the body of his attacker. It looked human, although it had abnormaly heavy head. He wraped it into a carpet and brought it to the fiends to the ship. They looked a bit frightened by it. On his way back he noticed a sarcophagus which was a special delivery to the city from Port of Will-o-wisp. He decided to warn devas and wrote a note.
Bastyn was still hiding in a warehouse and talked to a smith. He wanted to make a deal with him. It sounded fair, but the man felt deceived: Bastyn took his body to host a demon. The poor man cursed and screamed at Bastyn that he will burn in hell.
When Padme and Zalyanitha came for for the tour the hostess gave them a “note” from Rakshavyada. They asked her is she knew anything about a special delivery from Port of Will-o-wisp. After a while a hostess came back and told them that it is at the elder pallace but she cannot get them in. Devas told her not to worry and hurried to the top. There they demanded to see that casket and asked for a minute alone with it. They openned it.


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