Shattered Moon

The Loom and the Shuttle

Padme reads story by Deva Metal Weaver of demise of devan world, but she skips almost till the modern times, where author shows and describes how this city was built and what difficulties they had to endure. Everywhere is mentioned how magnificent and wise is The One who Shapes Silver and how he creates working with Shuttle, how he devised and created robe to travel into the sky and gather moonsilver from the remains of the Moon still there. Here Padme almost stumbles down, because the tower steps are unstable and almost decayed. She decides to return to her companions, because she has the plan now for them and for herself. Deva also finds an islander who got here by flying pyramid, after short chat she shrugs him off in favor of Malika and they continue by boat…
After some time and visiting some boring cemetery (while Malika chats about some Gothic boring stuff quite passionately), Deva of Caring at last reaches the temple of the Loom.


Bastyn, while people are still sleeping, ponders on entering the Warren. As it was planned, Aturn wakes up first, so he and venerable merchant have a little chat on who is now protecting the Prince and his host and what happens when control over immortal mages mind slips out of said hands. They agreed that priestess would not touch Bastyn in the future or else…
Guard knock on the door where Prince and Bastyn are and declares that “Rakshavedeeehada” sent him, so Bastyn goes to the hunter and begins to pester him with his ideas about Waren, channeling to it and other deeply spiritual stuff. Rakshavyada in his turn bullshits Bastyn with this visionary seeing into the structure of the universe and The Mother.


While Bastyn discussed matters with Aturn, Rakshavyada met the other brother. Firstly arrogant redhead man introduced himself formally as Saturn Raktagarna prince of Eastern and Western deltas. Saturn presented Rakshavyada with horn of some wild beast (in fact the beast was descendant of some artifact beast as Rakshavyada later identified) and drink in it made from vine and beasts blood – boasting on the way of his superb hunting skills. After he reveals that devas for him are worthy prey and he delights in hunting them, here follows lots of boasting and suggestions for devas to come into the empire and nice stuff they have and how Mahormimat is happy back there. Rakshavyada is not impressed. Deva sends braggart away.

Rest of the day Rakshavyada spends avoiding Bastyn (after chatting with him for a short while) with incredible success. On the way, Bastyn threatens Esteva and reveals that brother Saturn was in the room next to them, so Aturn is eager to go ant face his kin with a sword in his hand, but luckily, it does not happen.


Padme arrives to the temple of the Shuttle, here she finds corridors draped with silken banners carrying some patterns (as later she decides – templates for patterns) and at the heart of the temple – gigantic loom. She quickly comprehends that Basin of the moonsilver near the ceiling, also the threads from it going into the mechanism of the loom are for weaving patterns, and the loom is huge, very powerful, artifact that can turn moonsilver into real artifacts. She tries to use it, but fails – the artifact is too powerful, or just Padme knows not how to weave. She asks keeper of the temple to call Zalyanitha.
While the man is gone, Caring deva takes Malika to his bed and strengthens devan blood of girls family as she promised. She takes her brother-relative too.

Struggle to the feast


The night sky is lit up by multicoloured light. After some time the port was cached up with enough famous growl. But this event does not prevent Rakshavyada to notice the silhouette of the man inside his hideout. Deva quickly nourishes his sword by his blood. It was not hard for the hunter to sneak up to the intruder. Deva have been hit heavily and quickly… No man could survive this elegant maneuver, but sword reverberated from hand of the opponent. The deadly dance began between to fighters. Deva strikes with his sword to the back with all his strengths: sword bent in weird shape, but touches the skin of he opponent. Immediately, the room have been filled by strange metallic sound. A few more turns, but the opponent manages to repulse the Rakshavyada to the ground. Deva concentrating the remaining forces. He grabs his sword and restores it to the crumbling opponent. Finally, the opponent’s armour does not withstand the power of the sword and and spit fighter like a piece of meat. Deva rolls out heavy burden from himself and loose his consciousness.

Prince is overwhelmed by intense anger. He grabs a sword and get ready to go out of the hideout to sneak the perpetrator of the Esteva. Bastyn attempts to detain him by grabbing him awkwardly for a shoulder. The man restores his sword to the merchant. Esteva embraces the prince and convince him to stay in the hideout for few moments more. She promises that help is at hand,

Meanwhile, in town… The celebration begins when elders are completing solemn speech to greet the great devas. Comers does not refuse to participate in the feast: to look at people with own eyes and have a word with them in flesh. Padme noticed how Malika crawling through the crowd toward them. She brought a man with her. It turns out that this man is her brother. Actually he does not speak devani, but he is strongly surprised that Padme can interact with him in his own language. Drunk people are becoming increasingly bolder and more often to start a conversation with devas. Not all city residents can speak in devani. And the few who have the ability to make complete conversation with devas attracts stains of boath goddess. It turns out that some people in the crowd are descendants of Zalyanitha relative (Bhem is the descendant of Akcheja). Anxiety ventilate Padmes minds. So, she asked the elders of the city to take care of her friends Rakshavyada and Bastyn too. The elders are surprised that outside the island walls another deva is walking. They even forget that the merchant is not deva at all, but they grant the permission him to come to the island too. The two devas stand out After some time.

Padme is going towards dilapidated tower. Malika and her brother accompanies her in this short adventure. During boat trip Padme tells to Malika that the her ancestor is in the island and should appear in near future. Finally, travellers navigated near the tower. The building is really impressive by it’s size. Datuvada had been build this tower a long time ago. Really, really long time ago, that the people living there had time to create intricate legends.

In turn, Zalyanitha finds interesting conversation with descendants of Gunparwen and decides to stay with them and make good after party. These progenies invites her to visit luxurious villa. Deva finds out how works strange communication device. The men explains how the slaves with silver eyes are made. It turns out that there is a factory outside the city. Goddess would like to visit this plant. Townspeople has no regrets that ordinary people are forced to be mindless slaves. Magic spinning machine is able to produce artefacts without any effort. So, the city is able to maintain a high standard of living. The device is currently broken for certainly and no one can repair them. City still be able to survive the next few centuries, but townspeople are worried that the next generations will have to practice magic to support population demands.

Rakshavyada wakes up in the morning… Deva detects with ease the snoring of the Atis, he notices a strange moss tussock behind him. He realizes that his sword is inside the hump by tucking his hands inside the moss. Hunter carefully wipes the moss from the blade. Deva feeds the sword by his blood, but the moss tussock grows again. He decides to eliminate them using his hammer. The sound weaks up the Atis. They agree that it is time to find another place for hiding and better not touch the stricken mobster of the redhead prince. Deva gives his armaments to his servant and sends him to perform the task. Hunter wraps the corpse in the rise and towards to the port with burden on his shoulders. As he was walking back to the pier, the deva observes that guards with silver-eyes was looking for someone or something. Soon the solders noticed the Rakshavyada and headed towards him. The deva accelerated the move towards the redhead man’s ship. The hunter threw his swag after coming to the deck and announced: „You lost something“. A moment later the Saturn appears in the ship’s deck. Finally, silver soldiers line up in front of the ship and reports that Padme sent the aid. Rakshavyada with big satisfaction goes out the ship… Sentinels inquire where to find Bastyn. Deva describes where to find him.

Bastyn easily persuaded that the prince and Esteva needs to rest. He even manages to bandage injured girl. Sleeping drugs perfectly affects them both. Soon, the sentry goes down and connects to the rest of sleeping team. Merchant got a great chance to settle his affairs with prince and Esteva. No more, exploitations of his immortal body would happen.

Ways of hospitality

Zalyanitha and Padme were invited into a private house to spend some time, and it was told to them that there is going to be a greeting in the evening. They started inspecting the artifacts around the house. Several of them were particularly interesting: one showed some messages in moonsilver and dancing figures appeared. Also, there were some refreshments: water, moonsilver and some spicy honey drink. The taste of moonsilver was reminiscent of moonships.
After a while they were invited to step into boats and travel to upper levels of the city. Padme’s boat had lots of bells of it. Zalyanitha’s boat also had a personal touch: the seat was winged.
In the upper level of the city devas were greeted by city elders in a very honouring way. Elders were scared at first but later gained some courage and asked to make a formality – blood test. They had an analyser and started with Padme. They argued for some time about the results while poking at ancient scrolls. Zalyanitha’s result got them excited.
Afterwards devas started looking around and chatting about town history. Some facts were revealed: four devas were declared as protectors of the town and their sculptures were covered with moonsilver. There were iconically precise sculptures of all devas of lower realms, six of them (including Zalyanitha’s, Padme’s and their friends’) were covered with a cloth. The residents of this town are descendants of devas and elders claimed that there are bloodlines of several dozen devas. Devas understood that residents of the city assume that devas will stay with them and continue the deva guidance.
After escaping and inconvenient situation, Rakshavyada was continuing on trying to communicate with his sword and find a safety. However, he understood that he was being followed.
Bastyn was dealing with some personal issues. He was looking for ways to strengthen demons and for vendetta. He got very distrustful of Esteva: she was evasive and dishonest, got involved in some bloody deeds. He communicated with demons and asked for murder of Esteva. His guardian demon told him that he must thind the Roots of the World and this quest is more important than devas, prince or anything else.
He also found out that there is a council of shimmers and moon-silver web is decaying.
Sometime later he heard a snippet of Esteva’s conversation with prince. They were arguing: prince was hurt and disappointed by her.
Padme and Zalyanitha received a message about danger in the harbor.

Big troubles at the small port.

As Bastyn emerged from under the water. He discreetly checked the crew of the new ship and recognized a red haired man standing on the deck – one of the sons of the Red Emperor. And then on the dock he saw Esteva’s guardgirl waving, and he instantly knew that this was a trap. So he hid under the dock, until Rakshavyada, who observed the arrival of red-sailed ship, did not come and dragged him out of water. They then followed the guard, to the back-alley, where they found Esteva and Aturn, apparently hiding and quite scared. Rakshavyada was asked to wait outside, meanwhile Bastyn was surprised by unprovoked kisses from Esteva and a demand to drink a cup of unknown potion. Alone and under pressure, Bastyn succumbed to the demands, and dived in to a warm and swirl of drug induced pleasures. A giant pink fleshy wound opened before his eyes, covered in a most magnificent patterns, swallowing a tentacle that busted out of merchant’s throat.

Rakshavyada was called back and handed a naked body of the merchant. The party found a new hiding place, in seemingly abandoned building. Rakshavyada decided to go and bring the Vestur here, and when he was away, Bastyn woke and saw a face of Esteva. She told that she is sorry, and that she must do it for the sake of the prince, and then stabbed Bastyn’s eye with as dagger.

At that time Rakshavyada found out, that the building where Vestur was staying was also discovered by the people that arrived with a new ship. As a true hunter with a plan, Rakshavyada rushed the guard standing outside, failing to surprise him, and raising an alarm.

The Moon island

Aturn health rapidly improved from the time when the ship was transported to the port. Padme decided that it is a perfect time to get some relax: to soothe minds and ease the body. Vestur was not be able to talk down Aturn, that Esteva would be presented to the prince. The advisor hastily launched the order of the prince. Deva has decided not to intervene in this affair. Padme headed back to her room and met Malika on the stairs. The girl wanted to surprise deva with wine she brought to her. Goddess had nor missed the opportunity to taste the drink and do some chat about this mysterious country. Drunk girl would told you that not everything here is so good: however, the stronger families, have more influence than others. She also boasting that her family is descended of the strong arm and handsome deva. Padme understood that she is talking about Rakshavyada. Malika gently asks Padme, that goddess can pledge a child for women. Deva just cunningly smiled and confirmed that this is true. Finally girls had been usurped to sleep by fatigue. Padme heard some voices emanating from the prince’s room, but had not heard anything useful.

Each hammer blow more deeply attracted the Rakshavyada to the trance. Merchant realized that he will no longer get more useful information from deva. Bastyn carefully wrote all the knowledge down on the paper. He carefully erased all the characters on the walls and floors too. He estimated how many drugs would be needed to plunge Zalyanitha into warren with him.

Manjulika confirms that deva remained to wait yet a little while and she will finally be taken to the capital. Woman offered to enjoy the last moments together. Zalyanitha agreed with joy. Hostess brings the best of wine of her house. Wine is special in that it is dissolved with moonsilver which is brushed straight from heaven. This glorious and sacred mission is carried out by evokers. She don’t know exactly how they reach the trail in the sky, bu she mentions that there is an old spaceship in the capital (no longer used). Resident of the island firmly convinced that outside world is completed with barbarians, whose admission to the island brings death to this land. The island lived its golden age many years ago, but hostess does not gived further explanation. Manjulika introducing deva to observatory which is equipped in the cottage. System of the linzys helps to depicted position of the objects of the night sky, but nothing special. The evening goes towards to the end… So, Zalyanitha asks if she can somehow thank the hostess for her kindness. Finally both womans agreed that the host name written in devanagari would be drawn as great gratitude. Deva attempts to write her name in the skilfully maner. The result pleased the Manjulika, that she has decided to hang note over the door. After all this work the people goes away for their rooms to rest. In the morning. After eating breakfast Zalyanitha invited for further travel. Deva says goodbye to a host and moves with an eagle behind the boat. Continent is quite monotonous: cultivated fields encircle the water channels. Finally they reach the capital or the centre (in local terms). Huge four-sided pyramid is located in the that centre on which the city is situated. It also arranged in a strict geometric figure, but crumbling tower a little spoils the plot. The moonsilver river flows through the city.

Bastyn asks Rakshavyada whether the ritual can be applied to multiple people at once. Deva does not answers. There is enough time till the morning, so they decided to forge something useful, but failed two times in a row. In the morning two black smiths and a boy appeared in the forge and ejected them out. Boy gets slapped for disseminating information that both guests are witchers. Bastyn asked that deva escorted him toward the abandoned building. After a few moments the two of them come in an abandoned building… Weather is woeful and around everything are rotten. After trying to climb to the second floor a few stairs breaks with big noise and swarm of dust. Deva has decided to wait immortal merchant at the bottom floor. Bastyn with easy step climb to the second floor and he begins to look for the office space. Once sorcerer gets to one of the many doors in his eyes had been started to run memories of thousands years old. Here the owner scourged him to unconsciousness and left him to die. After some time he regained consciousness and heard the conversation between master and ship captain. „One way of the other I would find out how you passed The Sorcerers gate…“ and dead captain body fell down to the floors. After that flash the Bastyn’s thoughts returned to reality. He gingerly open the door, the dust dotted the whole room, but nothing more occupied the cabin. Intuition led him to found a safe that was hidden by his master. He took the box and came down to the first floor. Bastyn with Rakshavyada toured box locks, but without the ability to open them headed back to the ship. Along the way, very annoying old woman wanted to offer cakes, but the travelers hastily returned to the ship. Together with them in the ship came Esteva . Merchant explained to deva that Esteva lost one of the guards in battle few days ago. During the conversation the dispute sprang in one of the cabins. It turns out that Atis was caught in Esteva ’s room. Rakshavyada calmed down the Esteva and Atis and asked that travellers would need to react in more rational way. Esteva blurts out that this does not happen any more and withdrew from ship without any wider explanation. Atis argues that the witch wanted to kill him. Bastyn even tried to ask a demon for help to open the box, but failed. Magician did not missed the opportunity to advise the deva. The demons is not worth to rely on and always need to look for hidden meanings. They are too old,, too familiar, too willing to get things to be done, especially if they want to escape from the silver labyrinth… Times have changed long time ago since devas walked on earth.

It took a long time to wake up from sleep, but Padme feels completely rested. She decided to go around the port and see how locals lives. Deva had met Esteva before leaving the building. Witches cold greeting was no surprise for goddess. The grand suite came to Padme when she appeared in the street: guards, whose bodies were covered in gold dust and luxury palanquin, which was carried by eight men. All of them was distinguished from the surrounding by their silver eyes. The person had been inviting deva to visit the legendary island. Goddess does not refuse this pleasure. Big bunch of gawks escorted the procession towards the main gate. Padme is boarding the boat and transported towards to the capital.

Ship was raised to the city’s main port by help of water locks. Zalenita asks the captain that somebody could take care of the eagle. Human does not wait and rushing to find asylum for the eagle. After a while, the couple of people (man and a woman) comes to the goddess. They present themselves as temporal hosts until the whole city will be ready to welcome the devas. They promise that the festival will be definitely amazing. Man’s name is Savi, woman’s – Pajel. After greeting ceremony, Zalenita explains to to the host that she wants to go around the city. The lords is not in conflict with this decision and accompanies the deva. Ordinary working people is in help of a wide range of artefact equipment. The townspeople are curiously watching the goddess, but defiantly not fit in the eye. Zalenita do not notice any child in the streets. The lords explains that the children belong to the city until their adulthood. They spend that time in learning process. Small altars are scattered throughout the city. Zalenita is convinced that one of them is reflection of Rakshavyada. The city even has central square, but the people there do not trade – they simply takes the goods they needs without any payment. Deva points out the fact that all the people have very similar facial features. It turns out that all of the island calendar is based on the appearance of the central city. Full stroll lasts until evening.

Zalenita and Padme meets each other in the morning.

After a long time, Bastyn manages to undisturbed sleep all night. Merchant slow and steady rise to the deck of the ship. Magician immediately shock from the ship into the water when he saws the red sails in front of his eyes.

The Bloodless hunt

First thing Bastyn spotted after ship stopped – the house with insignia of his former master, who brave immortal, left in questionable situation, after he ran away. All Bastyn inquiries provided no data on whereabouts of his former master – he only found out that the house stands empty and that it is rented for a 100 years or so. Bastyn decided to wait for streets to empty and to go check the house. Also his demon residing on the back is in the mood to feed… Esteva comes to the deck and small talks a little with Bastyn, stating that he is clearly visible for her at this point, she also tries to seed the doubt that merchant needs devas to get to the sorcerer gate and trolls him a little.
Suddenly cook Atis comes, without any explanation takes ships dingy and rows away – as later come to light he went to fetch Rakshavyada, who was dumped by giant turtle some kilometers away from the shore, because turtle was cautious of Moon isle inhabitants and didn’t want to encounter them.


Meanwhile Padme tended prince, with help of islands doctor. Here she met young girl – assigned to help her, Malika. Padme pondered that if she was a man, shed’ be lucky to get clinging young girls all the time, but now it was just annoying and meh. Malika asked lot of questions – firstly if Padme was the same “Padmaya of compassion” and if Radzasvis (oh well, is it not famous Rakshavyada again…), her ancestor was with them too. Padme sighted and said Malika to stay near her and to find out by herself. Girl was happy, Padme was a little bit ennui. She decides that she can let go of prince and leave him in attendance of Vestur, her patients life is no longer in danger.


Zalyanitha with her eagle landed by the pyramid, that landed not so soundly – crashed to the ground from several meters height. The platform they landed was beautiful – lots of plants and flowers, stylized statues and other examples of minor architecture. A woman Manjulika greeted Deva. They talked about the weather and Zalyanitha was invited to visit islands central part, they walked through the villa to the apartments assigned to deva. On the way she saw lots of artwork with repeating motives of a white spearman, who divided the paintings, mosaics and such into two parts – one with monsters and cataclysms on it, other – with images of happy people and idyllic life activities. On the table at her quarters Zalyanitha found only fruit and vine – absolutely no meat, here she remembered that on the way she saw no cattle, only one dog somewhere. She went to explore and found more artwork – hall with lots of paintings of battle between what appeared to be the Wild God and the Mad God. Also something like a shrine with statue of unidentified deva “The Gold Sower” – in iconography deva rides on the snake and in one hand holds mace in other hands – loads of jewelry.
After Zalyanitha lands herself at library, the mistress of the palace, Manjulika, comes and offers to go hunting, on the way they talk about the order at the island and the sources of the legislation (The First book) – deva finds out that the meat is taboo, but locals will figure out something to feed her eagle.. They hunt ad dusk, using artefact arrows that carry bubbles of condensed light and burst into flash on impact. Zalyanitha fails to shoot the doe, that is actually a pattern being, and the hunt ends as devas companion “kills” the doe, who later just stands up and runs away.

Later after hunt Zalyanitha encounters another high standing local, that Manjulika asks to convince of devas devan origin – Zalyanitha uses the shooting spear, but all this appears like a threat to newcomer. Nevertheless he is convinced that Zalyanitha is deva.


At sundown boat with Rakshavyada and Atis reaches the ship – here Rakshavyada gets some food and drink and begins to recover. After some time he even is able to go for a walk, with objective to find a forge and to fix the sword he abused a lot lately. Bastyn tags along and organizes the empty forge and some apprentices. They stay at the forge for some time, Rakshavyada fixes the sword and tinkers with scraps of metal, but makes only worthless iron ring. Bastyn tries to get info on the merchant he’s so interested in, but found out nothing new. With some effort, Bastyn nudges Rakshavyada into reading his scribbling on nature of warrens and how to merge them. They spend the last part of the night discussing the methods to get into the one warren and scribbling on the forges floor and walls. They finally reach the conclusion on how to do the thing they want.

Fun with pyramids

Someone screamed: “Shore! Shore in the horizon!”, and Zalyanitha set out to get some water. She mounted her eagle and flew to the Moon Isle. On shore there were signs of developed culture: the crops were looked after very well, and there was a watering system. Zalyanitha filled a barrel with the water from a canal. She could see pyramid shaped objects in the distance and lots of statues whose style reminded of Moongate.
After she lifted she noticed that one of pyramid-shaped objects lifted from the ground.
Rakshavyada heard complaints from Adi that he does not take care of her as much as he is supposed to. His response was violence: ha started rocking the sword heavily to the “ground” – the turtle shell.
Later the floating pyramid approached the ship and demanded to see the captain since there was an intruder in the island. Nobody wanted to claim the captainship, to Zalyanitha went to negotiate into the floating pyramid. The moon islanders demanded that the person that was on shore give in and the ship will be able to continue its journey. Zalyanitha inquired about the statement of the law prohibiting stepping on shore. It was said to her that “no man who steps on shore leaves it”. Zalyanitha said that it was she, who stepped on shore, and since she is no (hu)man, she can leave. They did not agree with her, closed the entrance and the pyramid began to move back to the island. Zalyanitha noticed that the door was very similar to doors at the Moongate and managed to open it by willpower. She whistled to summon her eagle. And climbed up to the balcony where the eagle could land. She noticed a man about to toss a spear into the eagle and prevented it by knocking the spear out of his hands. When she got into the balcony, there were two people staring at her with their silvery eyes. They asked her how she left the room. Zalyanitha explained that she is not human and confessed that she is a deva. A lady with impressive hat asked her if she is one of recently awoken devas, and later offered the hospitality of Moon Island. Zalyanitha agreed but had to attend to the ship first. The Moon islanders offered help – food, water and technical assistance on bringing the ship to the harbor.
Upon the help offer Padme asked for a medical assistance and a doctor arrived on board. She was impressed with his expertise – more advanced that anything the saw elsewhere. The doctor was a bit surprised that medical assistance was asked since Padme did a great job looking after Prince and refused ability to go and rest.
Bastyn got a message from Esteva. She said that the honey essence could be obtained but the price would be colossal and the risk was even greater. He agreed to the conditions although the details of this deal were not clear.
Padme was asked to join Zalyanitha in the Moon Island but she refused on account that she has to stay with her patient.
After a while pyramid dragged the ship into the harbor. It looked like the harbor crew was prepared to admit the ship. The harbor itself was quite small, but really developed: most buildings were five-six stories high and the crew was conveniently accommodated.

Last hope


Situation just getting worse after the disappearance of Rakshavyada: Padme does not go out of prince cabin, food and the remaining water supplies are running out, the ship’s crew are irritable and gloomy… Bastyn and Zalyanitha agrees that the team will be able to survive only if they work together. Errors are not the option. If the ship is able to get close to the shore, crew will get the opportunity to replenish food and water supplies. Zalyanitha persuades Esteva with ease that her’s bodyguard must to contribute to the sailors to help keep the ship in the course. Women’s help on the board is a bad sign, but the current situation force the sailors to admit that the crew is fighting for it’s survival. Esteva invite Zalyanitha to a private conversation…

After a few days the eel arrived carrying fruit. Fruit structure is similar to a nut, but knocking it with with a hammer the fruit opens. Various odours spread in the air. Rakshavyada scents nectar mixed with the smell of rot. Inside the nut is viscous liquid with strange seeds that are swimming with their strange flagella. Deva touches one of the seeds and it suddenly wrap his finger. Rakshavyada drank the viscous liquid. Bliss includes the deva body with warmth and superior strength, but it did not last long… The overwhelming pain took consciousness of the Rakshavyada.

Esteva wants wants to know are there at least small crumb left in this world to live for or there is any reason to find the plum-tree of the imortality. She makes several references to the end of the world manifestations by Rakshavyada. Zalyanitha believes that Rakshavyada does not see the whole picture, but only a small part of it. She announce that all troubles makes us stronger. Esteva is still worried: ship is uncontrolled, and the prince is seriously injured. Deva highlights that not all will reach the ultimate goal. Esteva thanks Zalyanitha for giving her believe back. She wants to continue to observe what is going in the world.

Men working on the deck do not miss a chance to ridicule the Esteva’s bodyguard, but Bastyn put this talk to the dead end.

Night. Clouds overshadowing the entire sky and sometimes reveals crashed moon. Rakshavyada regains his consciousness. Deva feels strong pressure in the chest and slightly raises from the ground. He is trying to find any changes in his pattern during the short periods of moon light, but no changes are made. Deva finds his hammer and sword, but the bee stings his hand before his findings. The eyes of Rakshavyada darkens for a moment. Deva heard muffled voice coming from the underground… „Are you awake“? Finding that he was contacted by turtle, he calms down. They struck up a conversation about goings around the world. Living being suggests that the world is changing again and Wildone will spread all over the world (literally). Rakshavyada told to turtle that the world is crumbling to pieces, and no chances to coming back. Creature explains to him that there is no need to get involved in an enigma of the Madone. He believes that the world is coming to a new state.

Dispute broke out on the deck in the slight night. Several sailors rages on in the kitchen. It’s seems that last cask of water is mixed with brine. Bastyn tries to calm the men straight from the deck, but fails. Merchant immediately goes back to the kitchen. The men immediately goes into hiding when Bastyn appiers in the kitchen. Black tentacles hovers from the mouth of the merchant. The tentacles are trying to attack Zalyanitha who she comes to the ruckus. Deva deftly hides behind the door. The tentacles hurt Bastyn, as he attempted to step back on the deck. Zalyanitha initiates a conversation with Yapvdanyasa and deamon goes quiet. Deva has a chance to pull off the loser on the deck.

Rakshavyada continues to communicate with turtle. The creation tells him what happened to his commrades animal companions.

Zalyanitha using a patterns to interact with the Yapvdanyasa. At the end of interview tentacles retracts back into Bastyn‘s mouth. Merchant asks the deva that she redrawn him a demon’s pattern. At the start of more serious work the demon attacks the girl. No one expects as deva successfully hitting the man in the mouth. She hastily collects items and receding to the cabin.

Zalyanitha is trying to find the saboteur boarding this ship. He suspects that cook might be that wrecker. Cook failed to convince the interrogator about his innocence. Deva did not decided what to do with him and she had started to carry out a search of the ship and collect the last resources of water. She has found a way to evaporate enough pure water out of the alcohol and collected some water supply from nearby storm. The mood of ship’s crew had improved.

During the day, Rakshavyada had enough time to get acquainted with the environment. A small tree was grown from the rest of the fruit juice. Strange, but the tree had been produced new fruit. Around the tree all other vegetation was dead, including small insects. Rakshavyada tortured by thirst drank the newly formed fruit. The entire travel time a man speaks with turtle.

Bastyn requests the Esteva to ask her’s master what he would like for the communication between the two wardens.

Riding the current

Hrsumatra greeted Rakshavyada and then suddenly the ship tilted as white eel-beast emerged from the sea beneath it. Hrsumatra threatens Rakshavyada that this is it – he’s going to die, but Rakshavyada tries to bullshit deva into “we all going to die sooner or later”. Then the eel turned his eye towards Rakshavyada and declared that they need to talk in private – so he grabbed Rakshavyada at the same time biting off big chunk of the ships deck.


Vestur panics and Zalyanitha saddles her eagle. Seeing Rakshavyada taken by the eel Zalyanitha decides to go and talk with Atis – she explains, that Rakshavyada had business with deva Hrsumatra and in the end he was dragged into the sea by the monster. Atis muses that devas somehow do nothing to help their friend. He also reveals that the vial Zalyanitha was looking for is in possession of Esteva after what truthful deva confronts the priestess, but gains nothing of it – Esteva says that she knows nothing off the vial nor it’s content. Atis also point out to the truthful deva that the supplies of water and food are low, so soon devas will face the choice to eat the sailors or not. Zalyanitha gets deeply troubled by the prospective and orders sailors to do some fishing with nets available.

After waking up from deep meditation Bastyn offers his help in getting some demon to steer the ship into the Mirror harbor, but interrupted by his sexually frustrated demon he fails… and gets told off by Zalyanitha, that is reasonable as she is very upset about wasted moonsilver.


Rakshavyada dies a little inside eels mouth – as the beast swims brave hunter drowns in the seawater, but after he is spat out on the small strange rocky island he comes to his senses and recovers.
The first thing deva sees is that Hrsumatra holds his sword, Adhi, and mockingly provokes Rakshavyada – deva of lies tells that he will kill Rakshavyada on spot. But Lying Mirror fails – he gets his head smashed in with the Rakshavyada‘s hammer, it’s to brutal even for deva to recover.

After some time eel returns and begins to shout that deva did shit on his island and that Rakshavyada has no choice but to join the Wild One and to go for the Wildlands or to take “the seed of the Wild One” into himself. Rakshavyada tries to bullshit eel with some more “end of times” talk, but only gets shouted at and threatened. Here suddenly comes to light that this is no island, but back of giant turtle – turtle calms eel down and they all (with deva) come to conclusion that Rakshavyada may swear fealty to Wild One and get over with this.


Meanwhile other devas, as always, fusses about the failing journey and thinks of the Plan to get out from this unfavorable position. The morning Sun is rising in the east.

Another challenging day at the sea


Zalyanitha noticed a small black flask in Vestur’s hand, but did not have time in inspect it further as she heard a shriek in the deck and went see what it was.
Bastyn was having a hard time dealing with his demon and tentacles could be seen sticking out of his mouth. Everyone, including Vestur got in the deck and suddenly a few flying creatures appeared: they had some humanoid and birdlike features. Winged beasts dove down and started attacking the crew. Some of the men were lifted up and thrown into the sea, while others got wounded by their talons. Zalyanitha tried finding shelter but she suddenly felt sharp claws jabbing in her back.
Rakshavyada was arranging the defense when he noticed that one of the flying beasts was causing disarray in the eagle tent. It looked like a bloody and feathery turmoil. He managed to finish the winged beast, but it was visible that the eagle got hurt quite badly.
While everyone seemed to be occupied with the air-raid, Padme heard some commotion in Aturn’s cabin and hurried down to examine it. Inside she found that prince’s bed had been turned over, but luckily, he was quite alright.
After a while the air-raid ended. Half of the crew was lost. Second-in-command was having heated discussions with Vestur on where to go next. Padme suggested them to have a chat with Rakshavyada and told them about his experience navigating the seas. Rakshavyada joined the discussion and, taking into account that the ship has suffered quite a lot of damage and it takes great effort to get it moving, they set course to the Moon Island, which is rumored to be deadly to outsiders, but the alternative looked even grimmer.

When Zalyanitha regains consciousness she tends to her eagle which should be fine in some time, and later asks Padme to take care of her wounds. Padme is surprised to see how quickly they are healing even to the devani standards.

On the deck the people were doing their best to get the ship back in order. Rakshavyada convinced Bastyn to find another place for his chanting and stop (well, not stop, more like tone down) frightening the men. Ha has a little chat with his demon. The guardian demon is reproaching about how he always protected Bastyn and all he wants in return is a little favour and he has very little patience left.

Vestur intently runs around looking over the deck and is clearly looking for something. After a while he admits that he is looking for a small black flask and should anyone find it, must return to him immediately. Later he asks Zalyanitha personally to look for it since it can be very dangerous and he promises to tell everything about it upon its reappearance.

Suddenly a visitor arrives accompanied by a colossal white eel, and says to Rakshavyada “We met sooner than you expected”. Rakshavyada recognizes that this is Deceitful Mirror.


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