Shattered Moon

Horror from the sea

The one observing a typical pig farm could see a strange view. A corpse of very big dirty man was surrounded by strange company. Two tall women, one of them is pregnant two smaller men and a bit further two other women of similar size as men accompanied by two huge eagles. None of them seemed to be sad – rather worried. They were arguing what to do next. It seems everyone was for the moving on and dragging the corpse, who’s apparently name is Rakshavyada with them. One of the normal human size woman named Aluvyada was especially agitating to go somewhere and go soon. While everyone was arguing another man named Ati was fixing a boat. So finally it was decided to go to the village “Fish market” and go with boat. Ati then just decided that he would not go by sea and he will just go through land having his work done with a boat and Rakshavyada, the corpse man, leaving in care of his friends.
Aluvyada seeing Ati leaving suddenly becomes white. And she comes to one of the tall women named Padme to say “Do not let that man go, he’s demon! You cannot trust him!”. Aluvyada was calmed down by saying that those who mean their group harm already know where to find them and the demon Ati, would say nothing new. However having Ati left their group, they had over thought the way to travel. They chose to fly with eagles rather then going by boat.

The corpse-man wakes up tied securely in harness flying few hundred meters above the ground carried by two eagles. He remembered the last glimpses of his vision was falling, waking up proved reality was not far from the dream. It took them around 3 hours to get to the fish market, but the view there was more then weird. The town was completely empty, there was some ship with red sails floating uncontrollable near the island with lighthouse. The group decided to land there at first. Everyone realized that Rakshavyada is now awake, which was quite a surprise for Aluvyada. At first Rakshavyada showed a huge distrust for owl woman. But he seemed to be a bit different now. He was always mentioning the last minutes and searching to see the world while it still lasts. While Rakshavyada told about his experience while he was absent to Bastyn, Padme began explore the lighthouse itself. She did not dear to go to the house alone so the rest of the group soon join her. The house was empty but seemed to be lived and used quite recently. Rakshavyada climbed the ladders upstairs followed by Padme. There he saw a half-eaten body of some nobleman. And soon he spotted the culprit of massacre. It was a creature that looked like leg of cricket. It seemed ignoring Rakshavyada and quickly attacked Padme. It jumped downstairs and the fighting began. Rakshavyada screamed for the creature to get out from there but it was soon defeated. Rakshavyada then got down and dropped the body of the creature in the sea. Everyone was shocked. They found another woman’s body on the second floor. And then the group decided to see what happening in the city.

The city was in the nightmare, more strange creatures were attacking everything living. Everyone of the creatures looked differently and very alien. Zalianytha and Padme saw a woman running out of fear, suddenly falling. Devas decided to the woman and landed ready to fight. One of the creatures approached the group and turned to Rakshavyada and said “Leave the place father, we are here to feast”. Then decision was made to help as many people as they could and lead them to ship and swim away of this nightmare.

Broken Moonships


Rakshavyada finds himself observing peculiar whiffs of smoke near him – that smoke looks suspicious, if as it is not a natural smoke, but somehow fake. Hunter gets up and traces the smoke to its source – clearing in the forest: there is a person, who is trying to cook some rodent (maybe rabbit) on the campfire and blows the embers to get it fired up – from there the smoke rises and twists into pattern like shapes. Rakshavyada notices that this is only reflection and the surroundings are like infinite mirror reflection. So deva. avoiding the smoke. searches the original of the reflections. Soon he finds it – the man turns to him and pleasantly surprised that Rakshavyada found him quickly offers himself as a servant. Man boasts himself as wonderful servant, capable traveler and good choice of a servant, in return asking, as a payment of his servitude, that his master be in perpetual travel. Rakshavyada takes the offer…

…and wakes up at pig farm. Atis stands beside him, holding black stone or maybe ingot in a shape of and eye in his hands (Rakshavyada dropped it at some point). They come outside as Atis tells Rakshavyada that he knows what it is and how it is used. Man says that one of them was in possession of ancient king and other of a being buried at Rough Shelter. It is the gif of the one who destroyed the Moongates bestowed on his exalted ones. Atis do not know any more details, only that this is communication mean with the Destroyer star.
Rakshavyada places stone on his forehead and the world around goes numb and cold.


Bastyn wakes up all worried and hurt, but he declared that the ritual was a success and he knows where Rakshavyada is. Also said, that the party is pursued by beast with the dead eyes, who is carrying three apples. Padme states that firstly the need to rejoin with Rakshavyada and only then try to do something about the pursuer. Zalyanitha drugs the victim of the ritual with some poppies, to make him less miserable.

Aluviada runs to party and says that she is ready to go. Bastyn tells her about the pursuer, so mage is startled by the fact that they are searched through silver, but she does not know who exactly this is.

Meanwhile Padme finds Bajarhe in meditation and narcotic haze, she thins that maybe this is good idea to leave eagle rider behind – she’ll manage here to find some purpose in life, but Zalyanitha convinces Deva of Caring, that this is stupid idea and that the monastery must be dealt with, before party moves on. Devas and Bastyn sobers Bajarhe up and saddles the eagles. After this Padme and Zalyanitha go to give the farewell gift to Irves. Paying no attention to guards devas pass through the hall dor, finding Irves and some other monks engaged in a little bit of orgy. Padme saying nothing, sneaks behind Irves and cuts its throat, his partner ant others notice it only after devas left the room and it’s too late. Guard tries to pursue devas, but at this point Padme has no intention to engage, so she stuns the guard (and other humans in near proximity) by shouting “Lightning!”.

Party takes off and head in the direction where Rakshavyada is. They fly high above, so no one notices the eagles to be not so ordinary.


Rakshavyada comes to his senses, to find himself covered with some glass casing and if he’s in some niche, he looks at his hands, but they are not his – these hands are made of some silver metal… also his face is like stylized mask with intricate patterns and to black holes in place of eyes. Hunter deduces that he is in some sarcophagus – he pushes against the lid of his casing and brakes it to shatters – he finds himself on an inner wall of some gigantic void. It is like cylindrical shape, on whose inner wall there are many cells like his sarcophagus glued, also bodies like his and things drifts aimlessly in the inner space. The cylinder is broken in one point, ant in the outside there may be seen broken Moongate and drifting moonships with broken masts. Narrow pathways, as if bridges, lead to the center of the cylindrical space – here Rakshavyada can see some object like big round nut fixed in space – it emits light. Deva pulls away from his sarcophagus, breaking tubes ant wire by that he was connected to it and starts to move towards the central sphere.

On the way he notices some movement – as it later came to light – some creature living in heaps of things with antennas and want for Rakshavyada‘s meat as food. He escapes the dangers, jumps over the moonship barged into the pathway and approaches the sphere. Also at the ship he saw body of one dead elder.
On the sphere there are beautiful frescoes or painted carvings and alarmingly on the other side of it there is big heap of stuff like the others Rakshavyada saw on the way (that ones with the creatures, but this is the biggest he’d seen so far)


Devas land near pig farm. Padme goes first to check – and finds Rakshavyada sat on by Atis. She notices the stone on Rakshavyadas forehead, a device similar to ones with that devas are planted in new bodies – so she’s little bit worried – she do not know if Rakshavyada transfers somewhere or someone tries to take over his body, and tries to remove it but fails. Atis protests a little, that it was his masters choice, but does not interfere with Padme. Other ones join Padme: Zalyanitha and Bastyn try to interrogate Atis – they finds out how Rakshavyada got there and that Atis is capable sailor, also that there is one ship that they could use, so they organize to make that ship into sail-able one. Padme feeds her eagle a pig.


Rakshavyada looks at frescoes – the older ones are more colorful and intricate than the newer ones – he deduces that they are arranged somehow chronologically. From the beginning there is history of travel from the moongates. There is Seket drawn in background and elders managing the process of people stepping into the sarcophagi. In the next panel the peoples coming out of the city and lying into the sarcophagi – lines from them connected so Seket, Seket itself is lusher than in earlier panels. In the next one broken sarcophagi and suffering people reaching up for the Moongate. Next – broken Moongate and people building something. Next – people seeing off the spherical ship, similar to one Rakshavyada woke up in. Next is only the way into the light.

Rakshavyada enteres the sphere – here in the other side of a glass barrier there is brutally damaged body, connected with wires and tubes, like Rakshavyada’s was in sarcophagus. Barrier disappears and Rakshavyada almost falls onto the body – it is remains of perfectly symmetrical and in that way beautiful woman with two sets of eyes.

She opens two of her eyes…

Inside the monastery
New truths unravel


Bastyn is talking to a nun-girl. She says that he is very good to her, significantly better that the leader. Bastyn pays no attention to compliments as he has more important issues on his mind: he is set to look for Rakshavyada in the silver space. Alavyada promises to help him and to provide a certain “consecrated” person to be send beyond this earthly world. Later she comes back with a elderly man and he is promised a striking journey to the after-world
Zalyanitha tells an inspiring story and the rites begin. Since the procedure involves a certain amount of torture, the man is very frightened and in a lot of pain.
Bastyn comes to an agreement with a demon, that it would look for Rakshavyada, but the price is a constant moaning either in pain or in pleasure while the search is going.
Bastyn tells his companions about his agreement, and Padme offers to help . Together they go into the „forbidden“ tower to find a place to settle for a while, and possibly look for a second victim.
Meanwhile Zalyanitha is asked for help by a young woman. She expresses her concern about a friend in the tower. Zalyanitha follows her and meets Bastyn and Padme there. The woman who needs help looks weak and is clearly harmed by giving birth. Her infant looks starved and is in need of urgent care. Padme offers to help this poor woman, if her friend volunteers for torturing. Zalyanitha is not enthusiastic about this idea, and offers to look for any cattle that could be milked. It could help the babe, but his mother is doomed without a help from a professional.
Padme and Bastyn selects a victim, who is rather vigorous and is evidently stuck here because of his tonge and disbelief in the Lightning Sage. Padme and Bastyn start the neccesary rites. Despite being the Caregiving Deva Padme chooses to torture the poor man instead of pleasuring (which was the alternative). Bastyn soon gets into his warden to anticipate the search.
In the morning Zalyanitha mounts her eagle and flies looking for a milch goat or sheep. She is lucky to find a few goats wich was sufficient to feed the eagle and to select a milch goat. She also gets some poppies (with seeds) for a tortured man to give. She comes back to the monastery and gives the goat to the young woman who asked for help. She also brings the infant from the tower since there was restricted entrance policy.
After a while Zalyanitha was talked to by the enraged leader. He did not want any animals in the monastery and was clearly insulted by Zalyanitha’s act of kindness. He saw it as a threat to his authority and demanded to put everything back the way it was. He did not respond to any wisdom fromZalyanitha and stormed out to see Alavyada. Next, Alavyada came to Zalyanitha in quest to resolve this issue. She was very alarmed, and convinced Zalyanitha to make the goat and the infant go away.
Zalyanitha came up with an idea to bring the infant and one of the doomed women in the tower to a neighbouring village and have them join a local community. She planned to take the goat too. However, the women in the tower called it a demonic temptation, and none agreed. So, only the infant and the goat joined the neighbouring village.
Rakshavyada found himself in the maze of mirrors. He saw a silhouette and is distracted by a sound of clashing steel. He regains consciousness. He is greeted by a shepherd who gradually transforms into an eye. It gives him an axe and tells him that it is not in his power to help in other ways, steps back, expresses a hope to see him again and wishes luck.
In a moment a man comes to Rakshavyada. Rakshavyada conceals his weapon and upon a sound of a gate opening he strikes his opponent. He manages to get outside but looses his consciousness.
When he opens his eyes he sees a demonic being, and it asks him to host it in exchange of its services. Rakshavyada offers it to discuss this offer in the silver-space.
Bastyn is visited by a demon and receives visions of Rakshavyada’s location.
Bastyn is reproached by the other demon that he is not keeping his promises.
Bastyn regains consciousness. The ritual took 6 days.

Adventure map

Just a promised rough map of the all adventures. Points of map are proximate.


In Search of Rakshavyada


The monastery of Manaazani in the middle of the salt dessert. Most of the surrounded buildings are collapsed and covered in thick layer of the sand. The remaining pieces of art depicts a man fulminating the lightning bolts. Sometimes in the very unusual ways like lightning instead of man’s phallus. Bastyn had found a strange tower in the sanctuary territory. Merchant noticed the woman-looking through the cell and heard moaning of the people trapped in the building. He decided to tell this detail to Zalyanitha. The conversation is interrupted by Aluviada. Magician asks Zalyanitha’s permission to spend a few hours on a reconnaissance. Deva of justice grants permission for the shifter to perform the intelligence.

Irves invites Zalyanitha and Bastyn to a diner. All kinds of smells and music spreading in the main building. Master and guests sat on cushions waiting for the food. The conversation at the table developing in the superficial way. Irves offers to Bastyn to have fun with a woman. Merchant does not want to offend the host and accepts the gift. Sorcerer retires to more private space. Zalyanitha splits the few pearls of wisdom and the master remains very pleased. Deva ask if she could take a shower at this temple. Master allows her to visit his personal apartments and of course to take the bath. Deva did not expect to find aromatic oils in this nook. Handmaids wash the Zalyanitha. Surprised maids looked at each other, when deva asked about the favourite girl of the master. It was explained that they are all equals at the monastery.

Meanwhile, Padme caught an eye of a half-dead woman which had been derived from the monastery by the man. Deva by the condition of woman speculated that she had just given birth. Healer decided to pursue the man to the desert. Padme follows the couple all the way till they reach the strange looking tree. The tree is withered away, hung with ribbons and bells and described in strange characters. Man noticed the deva and shouted angrily at her. Padme came closer and man recognized her. He apologized for the misunderstanding in his broken vulgar devani. Deva explains that she can help a woman. Man just shook his head and explained that this woman is chosen by the Manaazara and here is the place there the God takes the favorites to the sky. Deva does not prevent the man to tie the woman to a tree and leave. Deva has decided to wait until the woman will be taken to the sky. Padme delving into the sound of bells…

Padme wakes up from a trance, and notes on the owl sitting on the branch with live dove in her nails. The owl shifts to the Aluviada. She binds the dove, that he could not fly and run. Magician smiles to the Padme and begins the ritual. She pulls out the feather and suck it. After a while, she loses consciousness. She hardly stands up and comes to a woman, when he returned from the labyrinth of silverspace. Aluviada pulls out a dagger and requires that a woman should scream. She also droves a dagger in to the woman throat. The blood appears in her mouth. Magician put dove under the blood. The bird is released after a bird’s feathers soaks in the blood. Padme accompanies exousted Aluvjada to the temple.

Evening. More people showed in the temple. Irves tells to audience that wise men came this evening to share their wisdom. Aluviada joins the sermon too, but she walks as far away from people. Zalyanitha resided the very deep exhortation about fair and unfair brother. After the sermon, people remain silent in ave… Irves encourages people tonight to reflect about justice. People after a while dissolves to their rooms.

Night brings calm to the monastery… Bastyn served by the same girl. Merchant talks to a girl and pulls out more information about monastery. He learns that Aluviada appears in the monastery every few years, which coincides with chosen takes to the Manaazara pleasure place…

A calling bell invites people for the breakfast. Aluviada explains of local customs and ask party to follow it for a while. At breakfast dove flies in accommodation through the window and lands near the shifter. After a few seconds it explodes from inside out. Aluviada pulls out leather bag with a note from dove remains. She shares the information that Rakshavyada is still alive. The party starts cobbler plan to find the strong man.

Rakshavyada wakes up in early morning. The small bird is eating the worms from his beard. Deva tries to catch the chick, but it flies away. Strong man rises up and looks at the bushes in search of subsistence to eat. He does not forget to break a stick for defence. He headed back to the coast after a short breakfast. The ship is no longer on the sea shore, but deva saw a man thrown on the coast. He is speculated that the person on the shore is the oracle. Deva does care about the victim. He also dressed in his own clothes found on the coast. Once more he looked at the oracle and decided to go to the north. He meets some travelling caravan, but no one to pay attention to him. Rakshavyada comes to a small town at the evening, but decided not to visit. Lots of pigs are hanging in town area, but nothing more eye-catching in the horizon. He meets the shepherd in the scrubs. The shepherd tells that the closest port is two day’s drive along the coast to the north-east. After a conversation with a shepherd he found a comfortable place to sleep.

The pig family awakens Rakshavyada in the early morning. He picks up his clothes and extends his trip by the coast. Deva finds a strange-shaped structure as he traveled along the coast. A large part of the building is going underground, but totemic poles can be seen very well. Strong man came near the building and notes lots of pigs which are roaming around the structure. Some of them go around leaved carriages. Rakshavyada also notes that the wagons are filled with human corpses. Pigs are not afraid to taste human flesh. Strong man drew closer to inspect the building. Cuss rolled out of the building. Cuss appeals to Rakshavyada in unknown language to him. Strong man tries to open conversation with sprat in devani. The sprat turns his language to devani. Rakshavyada finds out that Siltyshore is a whole other side than he goes now. Scruff asking where strong man is originating from. Rakshavyada says the name of his birthplace, but cuss does not know that place. Suddenly Atis apears out of nowhere and tells that this place is far away from here. A stranger invites travellers to visit his hut. Indoor lingering smell is really bad. Pens are built on both side of the premise. Left side pens are nested with pig, the right one with humans. There are no big differences between pigs and humans. Atis closes the heavy door behind Rakshavyada. The room is lighted by oil lamps and stench of decaying land lingers in the air. Room walls are coveted of a variety of patterns. Scruff grins tells that he at this time received a great sacrifice. Rakshavyada can not defend himself in any way and gets an face-full of ax.

Land at last


In the middle of the sea a single pathetic boat is struggling to find the way to land. Despite Atis showing best of his skills in navigating and Rakshavyada showing his strength it seemed that the boat was sailing uncontrolled. Only Oracle was pretty much useless in the ship. Except of cause due to Oracle‘s passion of the order ship was very tidy, he even tried to make an order to Rakshavyada’s hair. When they almost reached the end of all food and water the boat suddenly crashed to the cliff and began to sink.

Another boat was seeking the way to land. It was carrying Padme, Zalyanitha, Bastyn and Aluviada. Their situation was also not really perfect but Aluviada offered some help. There was a temple one day worth of flight of the small cult of hero-saint called Manaazara. The first to go to temple was Aluviada to present the rest of the party.

And so Padme, Zalyanitha and Bastyn were greeted by the master of temple nobleman who claims to have blood ties with Manaazara hero-saint himself. The master of the temple welcomed newcomers with worshiping words calling newcomers as those who came from heaven and came to share their unlimited knowledge with them. Padme very politely thanked the master and Aluviada shared “the knowledge of the stars”. It sounded a little bit shallow and more like a fairy-tale, however people living there were fascinated.

Meanwhile surviving the crash Rakshavyada first thought that they finally reached the land. But unfortunately he was not right. The survivors sat on sunken ship who had stuck on underwater rocks and waited for the morning. The morning revealed to Rakshavyada’s superior eyes that the land is near. They somehow made improvised float but there was also a problem with Oracle. It seemed poor man was feeling very bad because of dehydration. During their way they saw a two ships. The first was too far but second sailed near survivors. They seemed not really very friendly but eventually invited Rakshavyada on the deck. It was not very pleasant invite as nobles that were in the ship were expecting to make Rakshavyada in to a slave. So deva of the hunt dared to strike one of the noblemen and jumped to the see.

While the brave deva was successful to hide from the soldiers eyes but his lust of vengeance was stronger than common sense. So Rakshavyada waited for dusk and tried to sneak in the ship at least to take his possessions back. It ended up in disaster leaving Rakshavyada almost dead. He managed to jump once again to the sea and swam to the island and hided in bushes.

In the temple every deva used their given permission of freedom in the temple. Zalianytha took care of the eagles in stables. Struggling once again for food to her pets. Meanwhile Padme visited the relic of the temple. The skull with burned hall. One of the temple women was very honored on the attention to the relic from person from the sky. It seemed everyone started to realize the the insignificance of the cult, but it is still a shelter, a place to rest.

Hiding in the bushes Rakshavyada heard Atis calling him. But suddenly his tendency to loneliness beat off and Rakshavyada decided to remain hidden.

Farewell, Dear lover of mine


Rakshavyada sat on the deck with Atis… nearby he sees strange great worm with opening and closing orifices, also the worm has skeletal structure. The worm tries to merge with Rakshavyada and have a tender moment with brave hunter, referring to him as dearest father and creator of worm kin. Rakshavyada manages to push the worm into the water and they (together with Atis) decides that it’s time to leave. At last moment, Rakshavyada wants to grab a souvenir from the worm – tusk or peace of jaw, but this thing in the water bites his hand and burns the wound badly with some kind of excretion. Although he still manages to pray loose one bow of from which the jaws of the great worm consisted.

Ehen they were already leaving they spoted the insane captain and oracle on the beach, they changed they mind and wanted to leave the island. But the black monsters now inhabiting the suroundings of the isle attacked and killed the captain, although Rakshavyada managed to save the Oracle.

Rakshavyada and Atis departed the cliffs and sailed on chatting. On the way they decided to take off any things from their vessel that could give away origins of it, so they copped of ornaments.


Meanwhile Padme, Zalyanitha and Bastyn are on the boat to the Siltystone.

Bastyn chills on the deck and at some point; he sees an owl witch actually is the mage Aluviada. He screams that the mage is on board – Zalyanitha and Padme comes up.
Owl drops a parchment that Padme reads for her friends -on that parchment is written apology, and warning not to go to Siltystone.

Companions show grief indecisiveness – they chat on topics how to find Rakshavyada and what to do with Enya. Zalyanitha does some lewd manipulations with Bastyn’s finger, that the owl brought them as reconciliation gift, and threatens young man on topic of death. Bastyn confides his wish to die and confesses that his body is impotent to do so in his current state. Padme still is clueless if they (Zalyanitha and Bastyn) are going to “sleep” together or not and what the hell is going on between them.

Only then, the harbor is already in sight Padme panics – makes ruckus on deck, while trying to push one boat off. Enya comes to the deck and confronts Padme about what they are doing and why are they fleeing – Padme tries to convince him that they must go NOW in the nice ways, but after Enya refuses to let them go, she uses her Voice and stuns everybody. Deva grabs Enya and throws overboard after what companions push the boat from the deck on poor Enyas head thus killing him. Padme, Bastyn and Bayrage jumps into the boat and rows away from the ship.

Zalyanitha takes to the sky and flies obliquely to the land, Padme and Bastyn follows her in the dingy. At some point owl-Aluviada transforms into the woman-Aluviada and tries to convince Padme of her good intents, that the Order did a huge mistake in the way they treated them and that relationship still could be mended. She asks about the plans of the party – how they are going to escape danger and the attention they attracted to them, deva and a man says nothing – they do not trust the birdie. After some time the mage, in order to avoid the rowing of the boat, transforms back into the owl. Later companions manage to hide the boat between the rocks stinking out of the water water from the coast and decide to lay low in case of search.


Zalyanitha lands near the village and searches for eagle food, that result in some casualties from villagers side and then flies to the cliff where boat is hidden. Here party bothers Bayrage to the point of rage until she agrees to teach Padme eagle riding, but after what formerly proud eagle maiden will split from the party.

Putting pieces together


Padme regains consciousness.


Bastyn finds out that his body is broken and he is somewhere dark and cramped. He tries screaming but it is too painful.


Zalyanitha checks out the other ship. It appears to be stuck on a rock. She orders the crew to pack the supplies and wait for a boat. After a while she comes back with some of the crew from Enya’s sailboat. One of the sailors refuses to leave the ship. Zalyanitha encourages the rest to load the cases into a boat and sets the ship on fire. The lone sailor tries putting it out but the fire is too great. He leaps into the sea.

While doing her usual look over the island Zalyanitha notices 2 people. She lands her eagle on the shore and goes on foot to greet them she shouts “Enya!” and hears his bashful voice. She was almost there when she heard sound of melee. Seconds later she sees Enya murdering his musician and saying: “She was a traitor!”.


Bastyn makes a deal with a demon: he agrees lie with Zalyanitha and in exchange Bastyn’s body would be freed from the Blood Spawn.


Enya is back in the boat and starts taking care of Padme. He sings her a lot which is unusual since he did not sing before. Yoro, the second in command, starts preparations for leaving.


Zalyanitha makes one more scout flight. No signs of Rakshvyada. However she notices the area in the island where everything looks dead – trees, plants and critters. She examines the area and finds that something or someone is under the dirt. She pokes around and hears moaning. In a few seconds she pulls out the body of Bastyn. It looks horrific: you could see open fractures and parts of blood spawn piercing it. Afraid to touch it directly she pulls it to the sure and leaves it for a while.

After a brief conversation with Padme she comes back and carves the spawn out of Bastyn’s body. She notices a scarification pattern on his back which looks like eye. She also attaches most of his fingers to the hand, whose she finds in his stomach. She tosses the pinky to her eagle. Afterwards she wraps him into bandages like a mummy and puts him on the deck.


Zalyanitha dines with Enya and tries to find out more about his conflict with musician Vesta. She does not find anything useful. It comes to her attention that Enya acts not like himself and has some mannerisms of the musician. It also looks like Enya does not know where the Smith’s island is. The only valuable information that Enya provides is about shape shifter mage in a form of an owl.

Zalyanitha warns Padme about Enya’s peculiarity and asks her to watch him.


Padme asks Enya for a specific song hoping that he will clear her suspicions about being somebody else. Enya improvises very well and later admits that he is too tired to sing and they both should rest.


The sailboat sails to back to the Siltystone for repairs.


The world of patterns. No solid body exists here. The Hunter watches scattered parts of the pattern that once was the beast. Suddenly he feels something warm on his forehead. The pattern of blood that comes from the spot that once was only a flat simple forehead. Now in the center of it a newly formed eye appeared.


Meanwhile somewhere on the shore of the sea Rakshavyada wakes up in pain. He felt like he had been eaten. Well by turning his head to the right he realized that actually that’s what had happened. There was a corpse of enormous size snake that Rakshavyada had killed “from inside”. A bit of pride flashed in Rakshavyada’s mind, that was probably the biggest game he had ever hunted down and in the most unusual way. The pain immediately brought Deva of the hunt to the real world and by turning left he saw a ship. While the ship looked healthy enough but hopelessly stuck on the shore. Then Rakshavyada looked up and from the top of the cliff he realized that he is being watched by someone. Suddenly the star fell off the sky. It was very bright and fell just near the Hunter. Rakshavyada took it. It was in the form of stone full of inscribed patterns, in the center there was an eye drawn on it. Stone quickly was hidden in one of the pocket with the plan to be investigated later in more secure environment.

While immortality has it’s uses in survival the pain is all the same. So it took a lot of effort for Rakshavyada to get up and press up to cliff to hide from the mysterious observer. After brief moment to catch the breath deva decided to head to explore the ship.

On the mysterious ship Rakshavyada found a terrible view. There was a corpse hanged on a mast. Two other corpses lying on the deck in the pool of water and rubbish emitted such stench that was beaten only by barrels of rotten fish also lying between the rubbish. While the ship itself looked crude and simple the nose of the ship had quite amazing statue which is quite unusual for such build. A blink of silver draw Rakshavyada’s attention where he found a summoning pattern of a demon. Around it was written his name Izadumaka, which means Lord of Smoke. Some boards were a bit different on the wall near the pattern where Rakshavyada found a secret stash with good quality iron sword and some dry food hidden.

It was a time to check on the corpse of the great snake. First thing Rakshavyada noticed that his observer was still there and watching for him which gave a bit of discomfort in such state Rakshavyada was. So he once more tried to use cover of the cliff to hide from the eyes of observer. The first strange thing about the snake was actually it looked like the bits of the corpse were like alive trying to free themselves from the former body. When Rakshavyada tried to inspect one of these alive body parts it attacked him. Rakshavyada barely succeed in running away of the pieces of demon to the safe dry land. A soon as Rakshavyada reached the shore he discovered that these things were actually trying to surround him. Deva decided not to return to water for a while. It was a time to solve the final mystery – the observer.

Rakshavyada easily found a spot to climb up the cliff and tried to sneak behind the observer. However the injuries and fatigue took their toll and deva of the hunt couldn’t focus on good sneaking so the observer heard him and disappeared in a scrub. In this form Rakshavyada had no ways to fight someone nor to defend from threat. He found some place to rest and hide. Using his abilities to see through the eye of the hawk he spot the place with fresh water. The problem is that it was guarded by two people there. That will be his next stop after a bit of rest.

Next morning Rakshavyada sneaked to the place of water. It was just near the camp where a dead body was lying near some goods from ship and fireplace. While it seemed like nothing else is around suddenly a person jumped out of the bushes with the knife in his hand. It seemed that he had one of his ear cut and he had expression of the mad. After long and tiresome conversation Rakshavyada learned that the person arrived with that ship, the body in his camp was the former captain of the ship. The person’s name was Serrof and he believed that he was sent here by mages because they had plans with him. He suspected that Rakshavyada was the demon or the mage himself sent to finish the work. There were two other survivors Oracle and Atis. Rakshavyada decided to visit Oracle along with his newly found “friend” Serrof.

The Oracle was a pitiful person with some serious physical defects. He had the thing to make the order on the stones in the beach. While the most he could say was a moan. But he was quite responsive to (non-obvious) questions that could be answered with a nod. Rakshavyada found out the directions to sail home and that all of the survivors here were quite dangerous. Serrof also asked if Rakshavyada was a deamon, to which Oracle nod to agreement. After day full of those strange adventures Rakshavyada decided to retreat to his secret lair to have one more day to rest and heal his wounds.

Next morning Raksha decided to find the last survivor. His hunter’s skills had started to return and he managed to track down the third survivor Atis. Surprisingly the only thing that was abnormal with this person that he was completely normal. He explained that the ship had been build to put all with the sign of madness to send them to the open sea. While he was sent here to be get rid off. They have agreed on that Rakshavyada will pull off the ship and they will sail away of this mad island. They both cleaned up the ship and just because Rakshavyada really did not trust Atis he asked one more night for resting where it is relatively safe. Rakshavyada invited Serrof to sail with them but he was too much into his paranoia to trust his fellow survivor or Rakshavyada himself. And so the next morning they sailed away.

The maze


Zalyanitha circling around the ship in safe distance. Deva is trying to find quick solution how to immobilise hostile vessel and she decides to mutilate the main sail. One last time she looks back and spots the immense whirlwind wriggling around the centre of the an island. The very first flight she succeeds not only to destroy the main sail, but cut off the ropes which held it. Seamans of the Etat Avestir cult preparing the ballista for their defences, but it does not prevent to take down most of the sailors. All remaining opponents are scattering in good defensive positions. Zalyanitha sees the flames in the long distance. It seams that „Chimera’s Delight“ is on fire.

Bastyn wakes up from the chant. Whirlwind frighten him terribly and he immediately runs away to hide in the bushes.

Dinlero grabs the Enya and both of them are fleeing to nearby bushes before whirlwind slams in the site. Rakshavyada fails to run away from the worm’s mouth traps. Rotating stones, branches and slippery mucus hinders strong man actions. Every time he fails to get out of the trap the more deeper in worm’s inward he remains. In desperation Deva decides to climb deeper into grub belly, but this course of action does not helped either. Last breath… and Rakshavyada wakes up in his mirrors kingdom. Mirrors reflects ramified overgrow forest. Tree and shrub branches are moving in all sides. They rely on the mirror surface and breaking them form the inside. Cracks are beginning to appear on the mirrors. Rakshavyada utters the name of the dragon. The dragon is trapped inside the forest. In short time the moving branches overruns the strong man safe place. In the rage Deva starts to break the pattern of the forest. The worm beast pattern does not withstand the pressure and starts to crumble into pieces. The hunter breaks event the smallest parts of the enemy pattern. The third eye appears in Rakshavyada face as the symbol of the victory. The warden disappears… Deva’s body is washed by coastal waves.

Blood spawn beast breaks Padme’s body inside out. The soft haze transfers black-haired girl to her warden. Sarcophagus room is a place where Deva comes back when someone exposes her physical body. Loud knocking sounds comes indoors. The healer looking out where the sound emanates. It turns out that terms of noise arises from one of the sarcophagi. Deva opens it and sees a copy of herself covered in strange pattern. The thing is trying to succumb Padme with his sweet talks about protection, but she did not give up and piled it back to the sarcophagus. The thing turned into a mass during the action, but it does not prevented him to go back to the bottom of the sarcophagus. Deva leaves the room.

Zalyanitha returns to the „Chimera’s Delight“ to investigate the fires. The rest of crew landed on the beach. Bairage is one of them, but any communication with her is doomed. It seams that eagle rider is in an effect of madness, even the her eagle walks loose. Dani is unconscious too… Deva collects the least injured sailors and extinguishes the flames in the ship. Sailors had told that the attackers retreated toward theirs ship by the boat. Zalyanitha armed herself with the bow and headed by the coast to look for the raiders. She found a boat… It flew over the water and did not have a driver. Zalyanitha had failed to submerge the boat with the stones. The boat had climbed into the sky and Deva does not noticed it any more. She attracted towards the enemy ship. The ship had already raised the sails and sailed out of the island. One of the magician guided the sailors. One perfect fly and traitor magician was pierced by eagle’s talons.

Bastyn went to the site when the whirlwind disappeared. Varttamatravabodhana opened old wounds on merchant flesh on the road, but it does not sopped him to go on. The thing had been wandering around the ruins. After some fight the wounded merchant was no match for the beast. IT defeated him and crawled into his body. And blackness took merchant… Bastyn awakens in a strange prison consisting of a solid pattern network. The network disconnected from merchant immediately when he started to read it. Blood spawn demon offered the binding issue for the merchant to get the rid of this trouble. The demon’s minions had destroyed the Blue eyes ordin long time ago and once again the tough decision fall on merchant solders. As the last guardian of the Blue eyes knowledge he sacrificed his body for eternal decomposition. Merchant does not lost his faith in Devas. Chant to Yapvdanyasa maybe helps too.

Zalyanitha are scouting for Rakshavyada body arround the island, but finds the Dinlero and Enya. Both of them are in great terror and bubling about the demon beast who took Padme’s body. Deva has decided that other body may help get rid blood spawn out of healer body. She and her birds flit quickly toward the drifting opposing ship and grabs the strongest sailor of the rest of the crew. Meanwhile, the thing in merchant body slaughtered the Dinlero and Enya. She returned to the island and founded blood spawn demon, but not in Padme’s body, but Bastyn. The thing quickly coped with the victim, but does not released the merchant body. Bastyn did not answer the questions… He was running around the island in unpredictable directions. Until the body-thing found the way to the see.

Zalyanitha gathered Padme’s body pieces to the ship. She listed the pieces in the human form.

Rakshavyada opens his eyes and sees the star fall from the sky…

Chalice of Concord


Early in the morning, Zalyanitha accompanied by Enya went to the island for the talks with cultists. Leaving the dingy at the shore, they went up the steep steps to the crag. On the way Truthful Deva noticed that they are approaching ruins of some structure, broken columns and sculptures in various stages of disintegration – there was one particular headless sculpture that had owl sitting on its neck stump. That owl was very suspicious. At last, they reached yard surrounded by bushes, and remains of the sculptures – here Enya stopped at the edge and showed Zalyanitha to walk alone to the center. Before deva managed to look around properly, the man appeared from the other side of the yard – he was very strange, with birdlike face features and big unblinking eyes, there was something owlish in his face. The man introduced himself as Etat Avestir (it appear this was some kind of official title). Not beating around the bush he revealed that they (Blue eye cult) knows that company consist of devas and all their rout till this day, also that artifacts they carry (especially Argh) made it possible to them track every movement and every deed of party – Zalyanitha clarified it after asking some control questions. Also she found out that there are no traces of Hrsumatra, who was considered lost at sea, nor of unnamed Elder they kept in the sarcophagus. Cultist demanded to get back the artifacts and to know devan purpose – if the devas were to bring world of men the new order. Zalyanitha as good as she could managed to maintain the image of stern, but benevolent goddess, who wants not the conquest and world domination, but to help people by knowledge and guidance. Owlman invited devas to return to this island in the evening for the further talks.


When Zalyanitha returned, there was a boat with promised gifts shipped to the party – crates of food, baubles and furs, also 4 lambs and wine. Padme sifted through the gifts and found box with unknown powder, so she tasted it and knocked herself out for good, [Enya] even panicked that she’s dead, and she was actually almost dead in sense of humans, but not devas – Padme had a little walk in the dream worlds sarcophagi hall, where she met someone last time she was off. Thanks to her companions, the body was laid to bed and there was almost no procedures done to it, only wine compress as Rakshavyada advised Enya to do. Padme got back to her senses after some time and went to examine gifts further – she found string of bells and was overjoyed by it.

Later Deva of Caring had a little pillow talk with Enya and was assured by him, that he would take her away if it is danger, and that they may run even now if she wishes to. He warned her not to trust the avestirs, because they are not the passive force, they may try to do something according to their interests.


Meanwhile, after review of gifts, Rakshavyada and Bastyn went of a boat ride – they wanted to find some other entrance to the Owl reef island, but almost sank the boat – only by luck and hard work they managed to tether the boat and to land. They tried to look around but found no passage through rocks and thickets, so Rakshavyada decided to return and Bastyn – to stay for his ritual that he was in need of. Sage was bothered by watching owls, so he tried various tricks to get them go away.


In the evening devas, except Zalyanitha – she took her eagle into the air, went to the island by boat. The path was lit by torches, there were lots of owls…
Devas reached the lit site and were greeted by avestirs. Cultists firstly demanded to get the artifacts, but devas, after some talks and crosschecking, gave them only Arg, because that was she, who was imbued with some means of tracking. Coultists quickly took Arg “to feed” and went somewhere away. The ones lef behind: Radzhanesva (voice of the night) and Aluviada (gaze of the owl) offered chalice “of frienship” to Padme – there was blood and something else in it too. Deva didn’t trust these people, so she decided only to touch chalice by lips as a sign of courtesy… but after she, in the corner of her eye, saw that Enya is very worried and shaking his head, sprung back from the priests. They splashed Padme with the contents. Padme tried to cover Enya by her body, so she got all the stuff on her – there was black tentacle shit in that chalice and it dug itself into devan body of hers. At this point Padme was screaming for her guardian and fell unconscious. Her body still twisted and coiled in agony or in fight not to lose control of it to the tentacle monster. Rakshavyada tried to pull out the thing out of her, but got stabbed by its sharp outgrowth and in the shock had to release it. Fight with avestirs broke out, when they tried to flee.

At this point Zalyanitha, had enough of this shit – she took her eagle into the sky and flew to torch the avestir ship. Moreover almost from nowhere the storm with cloud vortex came – Rakshavyada managed to throw Padme away ant avoid the vortex that crashed into the site


Bastyn va Tivil was chanting his ritual peacefully…


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