Shattered Moon

Atempting to escape

Rakshavyada and Bastyn were having hard time swimming. When Rakshavyada noticed that Bastyn is gone he looked for him everywhere until he found him being carried upwards in the hands of white sculptures. Rakshavyada managed to free him and they continued to swim towards the harbour, although this time Rakshavyada was holding Bastyn so that he wouldn’t disappear again.
The law-master came to see Padme and Zalyanitha and inquired about wherebouts of Rakshavyada and convinced them that Rakshavyada will be cought and questioned and his story compared with theirs.
When he left they inspected the bars and Padme managed to open them. They stepped outside and started walking towards the exit. They met one elder who tried ordering them to get back, but Zalyanitha managed to confuse him with legal talk and he let them walk under condition that 2 guards would follow them.
Padme instantly pulled Zalyanitha towards the room with moonsilver gathering costumes. Then she stood in the alcove. Zalyanitha inspected other armour suits. She discovered that one of them was too heavy to be empty. She gave it an order to fetch moonsilver and it did lift off. She approached another of the bigger suits, but it resulted the same. Then she found that the third one was empty and tried to fit Padme into it. Unfortunatelly, it was not big enough. With a little help of elders she started disassembling Padme’s armour, but it turned out to be stuck to her flesh. Zalyanihta removed the back panel of the suit and the blood started pouring. After several minutes the flow did not decrease and Zalyanitha put the armour piece back.
Then the voice spoke and ordered Zalyanitha to get back into the cell. He explained that Padme could not be repaired. Zalyanitha tried waking up a few more of the armour suits but was unsuccessfull and got warned not to do this.
When she understood that there is no other way (even the boat did not respond to her), she got back into the cell with Padme who appeared to be very weak and irresponsive.
Bastyn and Rakshavyada found a ship and a boat. It looked like the sailors were smugglers. Bastyn tried asking them to take them into the ship, but captain refused. They were provided with some water. It did not stop adventurers from attacking the smugglers in the boat. It did not succeed at first since the boat was very heavy but finally they captured it and took it in the direction of the harbour.
They floated around and tried not to be carried to he harbour but to stay in the sea. There were some crates on the boat. One of them contained a huge jar of moonsilver, another – some drugs and local crafts.
Zalyanitha heard some voices. They were coming from beyond the wall. A couple of eyes were looking into the cell through the brick-shaped hole in the wall. The people beyond it offered help escaping this cell on condition that they would be taken together. Zalyanitha agreed.

To the trial

Outside. Storm intensifies it’s strength more and more.

Padme has making tattoos on Bastyn body and merchant slips to his warren in pain and pleasure. The immortal man agrees with the demands of the demon in exchange of his service to heal his body. The dozen of pyramids surrounds the hut at the end of this encounter, but not here in silver maze, but in physical world.

Zalyanitha goes out to check what’s going on. The goddess makes the contact with leader of the landed pyramid. The leader name is Talved. The person reports that the devas is at stake. Deva of justice invites the man to come in her’s pyramid and discuss about this danger. Talved reports that the devas and a man are brought to trial for failure to comply with island laws. And there is no where to retreat – hundreds of pyramids already deployed and searching the island for offenders. During the conversation Zalyanitha discovers that the elders of the city (inlcuding Talved) does not know anything about the One Who Gives Meaning to the Patterns existence inside the capital. Besides she does not recommend to brought Rakshavyada to the trial, because he is cursed and he could easily destroy whole city. Rakshavyada involves to the conversation. Anyone who will doubt my origins will be purged from this world and he does regrets for his actions. Talved could delay the arrest for half an hour, but now more. So, devas has a little time to discuss what to do next. Zalyanitha wants to see the arrest warrant, but the man does not have it at a time, but it would be given in the city. She also asks whether it would be opportunities to take the eagle, but the man could not help her.

Rakshavyada and Zalyanitha resolves that both goddess stays in the island and will try to fix the loom and deva of hunting with Bastyn will leave the island. Rakshavyada wants to remove the Wild One curse. They will meet again after…

Zalyanitha comes to the hut and sees the Padme standing in the conner – again. She is trying to liven her up by call of her name, but Padme does not call back. She is trying to place the order to the armour, but without a success. The goddess screams on Padme and the deva wakes up. Rakshavyada secretly enters the hut. Zalyanitha briefly describes what happened and sets out the action plan.

Rakshavyada drews Bastyn out of the hut – naked and tired of deamon binding. They readily escapes under the cover of storm.

Padme and Zalyanitha goes to the landed pyramid. Talved upsets that Rakshavyada decided to run out of the island with a human. He informs the soldiers about the escape of deva. Round-up begins. All pyramids scatters in all the island to find the offenders. Talved does not hide the joy that goddess came to him.

Rakshavyada and Bastyn talks about the meaning of immortality during the startup through the bushes. During the conversation the merchant announced that the book of the patterns stayed in the hut. Rakshavyada decided to return and recover this important book (or part of the knowledge). Deva left the man in the bushes and attracted towards the hut. The hut was guarded by several solders, but they could not withstand the steel dance of the deva. Rakshavyada wraps the book in the hides and takes the spear. It’s time to return to the merchant. Deva easily avoid persecutors and returns to crew member. Rakshavyada decided to go to the wild lands. Therefore, they must somehow to recruit to aboard as common sailors. It would be Bastyn’s responsibility to complete this task. The deva and the immortal merchant had reached the shores of the sea without alerting the pyramids.

Pyramid with Padme and Zalyanitha had landed in the city. Talned accompanied them to the jail cell. Along the way both goddess plan their defense. Padme compliance with the plan that it is not responsible for the actions of another deva including human. Zalyanitha worried about how they are here to get away from the accusation that Bastyn was on the soild of the island. Talned mentions that they can claim whatever on a voluntary, but will not be able to leave the cell. Now, the layer wants to complete some paper work. Zalyanitha asked for some ink and papper, because she need to prepare for the defence. After a while, Talned returns to cell with lots of legal documents and presents the arrest warrant. This documents presents the accusations declared to devas by city elders.

1. Killing of the city elders. The murder was done after when the city elders forced Rakshavyada to leave the island. In the process the city elders mentioned that Rakshavyada is not the deva.
2. The monster was released in the city. Devas struggled with monsters and did not allow further jumble the city by the Red Empire magi named Saturn.
3. Wanted to leave the island. Flee from the island with the pyramid is too stupid, because artefacts does not work out of the island borders. Besides, devas wanted to banish Saturn out of the island.
4. The man was brought to island. Zalyanitha explained that the human is servant of the Rakshavyada and deva of hunting could not leave him alone.

Rage of the hunter

In the heart of the city of Heart the last island of former deva’s culture Zalyanitha surrounded by moving statues is talking to the biggest of them, that which is named ‘One Who Gives Meaning to the Patterns’. It was asking Zalyanitha to stay here and serve to the higher purpose, by the power of Chandrakridalu it can recreate the loom and even open the gates to Saket. But to achieve that there are several conditions. Silver must flow for loom to work and this possible only if deva takes one of these armor artifacts and rises almost to the shattered moon to collect moonsilver. Zalyanitha expressed her concerns that the armor changed Padme in which One Who Gives Meaning to the Patterns explained that Paddme was not pure and not as strong as Zalyanitha. Deva of the justice was also very concerned of possibility to create a new deva, since Rakshavyada seems to have a kind of decease with him. One Who Gives Meaning to the Patterns answered that this is possible only if the loom is recreated, yet Rakshavyada has a seed of the Wild One, the very essence of what this island was created to defend from. Zalyanitha said that she need to think before taking such important decision. And so One Who Gives Meaning gives her a time, locked in his hall.

At the mansion of orchids a pyramid lands and former assigned servant of Rakshavyada comes and kindly asks for deva of the hunt to leave the city. Rakshavyada demanded by who’s mortal order he must defy the law of the devas. There was no suitable answer for this tricky question. Which left open place for Rakshavyada to attack more “bring those who wants to cast away deva”.
Rakshavyada watched them leaving and realized that Padme once again slumbered to her trance state. He woke her up and briefly described what have just happened. Padme’s brilliant idea was to search for Zalyanitha in the main pyramid the one with the hall of the One Who Gives Meaning to the Patterns. With no further hesitation they flew there.

Zalyanitha requested to free her from the hall as she needs to talk with Padme before taking a decision. One Who Gives Meaning to the Patterns just replies that she is very well able to do so as her companions are already here. The door of the hall started to open little by little.

Rakshavyada and Padme arrived at the pyramid where the hall of the One Who Gives Meaning to the Patterns is. There was no one to stop Rakshavyada‘s firm pace. Only at the door they were greeted by one of the bald ones. He tried to convince Rakshavyada that he must leave the city and will be provided of anything he needs if he does that peacefully. Rakshavyada was just asking to see Zalyanitha and lifted poor man with his smith’s hand to the level of his eyes. That did a trick and poor man revealed that Zalyanitha is just outside those door to the hall of the One Who Gives Meaning to the Patterns. Rakshavyada tried to knock, tried to open door, even cut his hand to mark it with his strange blood – all was in vain. And suddenly he heard steps behind him, there were 3 elders of the city along with some guards. Rakshavyada turned to them and draw the sword. Elders tried to convince Rakshavyada to leave the city or they even use the force. One of them said the words “If you cannot respect this request, maybe you are not deva”.
That was more then enough for deva of the hunt to loose himself in rage. He began to run aggressively to the one who threw the insult. While one of the guards tried to block a way elders began to run in fear. Rakshavyada dodged the guard slightly cutting him in a way and ran as a predator to his prey. Guards formed the line to shoot the deva in the back.

At the very same moment Zalyanitha came through the door seeing the scene. She wasn’t sure what was happening and immediately found Padme who found a spot to once again fall in her trance.

Rakshavyada caught first of the elders grabbed him by the wrist violently crushing his arm and tossed him to the guards like a bowling ball. Zalyanitha saw the scene and stood in between the guards and the hunter to stop them for doing something unthinkable and asked what is the meaning of all this. That gave made quite a confusion between the guard which was enough of the time for Rakshavyada to caught another elder, again not the one who dared to insult the deva. He just absentmindedly crushed his head to the wall pursuing his main prey. Zalyanitha finally realized that the deva of the hunt was on control of the wild seed in him and tried to call him, hence the hunter was already into his pursue. He finally caught up with his pray who now was shrieking helplessly begging to spare his life. “Who do you dare to call not the deva?” – Rakshavyada was on top of poor mortal in full expression of his wild rage. Elder could not say anything sensible in the mid of the horror he experienced. Rakshavyada put his still bloody hand on his face that had the same effect as always some moss and grass grew from the places the poisonous blood touched leaving nothing else as some minor scars. That way enough for Rakshavyada to fill his hunt-lust he returned next to Zalyanitha as peacefully as never. No mortal in the place dared to say anything else. Zalyanitha collected Padme and advised to move somewhere else to talk. Zalyanitha‘s flying pyramid’s crew were trying to suggest another of the pyramid – bigger and better to use, yet there was not even slightly thought of changing anything by deva’s. Their concerns must have been triggered by the people running outside the central pyramid in fear followed by three calm devas. They first flew to collect Zalyanitha’s eagle and something else they left there. It must have been something related to the book Rakshavyada stole from the temple…

Meanwhile in the hut of the hunter Bastyn was performing one of the hardest rituals that he performed in recent time. First he made the strange substance of the blood and bladder. The bladder he tried to squeeze from little mice that he found but since it was not enough the immortal used his own. Then he began to make a complex pattern tattoo, it is only a question of time till he would collapse of the unimaginable pain.

Rakshavyada was first to open the door to the hunter’s cabin to see the gruesome view and unbearable stench of blood and intestines as Bastyn was mutilating himself in some gore way. Rakshavyada with no word just brought out the horrified Malika out. Padme came in and asked if Bastyn needs any help.

Bastyn finally reached his warren from the pain and no disturbances of annoying companions distracted him from it. And here in the ship full of coins he met the deamon he was summoning. They agreed to merge so Bastyn‘s body will heal fast in exchange the immortal will have to feed him in some experience of his victims’ emotions mixed with pleasure and pain.

Meanwhile devas forged a plan to split up. Rakshavyada will travel further seeking maybe the way to get rid of the seed of the Wild One and Zalyanitha will stay here in the Moonisland to see the recreation of the loom and maybe just maybe to cancel the prophet of the Mother and survive the end of the world. Bastyn will probably join Rakshavyada and Padme will guard Zalyanitha from the danger that come from the the last island of former deva’s culture.

The last shot of the island


During the flight. Bastyn took the small effort to enter the varren. Everything is quiet around until the merchant mentions the name of the Ring. So many eyes begin to run around. Varttamatravabodhana has been announced to Bastyn that his task is to recover the the ring at any costs, including his life. In exchange for this task the sorcerer asked the help to strengthening his weak body. His request was heard… The pattern of regeneration demon would be known to him in near future. The immortal merchant woke up before the end of the flight. Even quiet Padme’s standing in the corner does not troubling him any more. Bastyn asks Padme for a help to patch him up, but deva could not help without proper medic tools. She promises to take care of the doctor when the pyramid will land in the city. The long wait was not necessary…

Rakshavyada points out that the captain must to land to that place from which to reach the loom is the fastest. After landing, he quickly went a step toward the entrance to the premises. None of the two guards does not stopped him. Inside the room deva met the woman, but she does not assisted him at any questions regarding the working principles of the loom. Deva cunningly lured her out of the place. Rakshavyada with no sorrow seizured the weaving patterns collected in the book. Deva created only a poor impression how to use these looms after the try to work with this machine. Along with Padme he hurriedly returned to the pyramid. More specifically, the mighty hunter carried the goddess as lifless object.

The storm mixed up the arrival to the city and Zalyanitha with eagle has lost somewhere in the island. She landed in the hilly terrain. She found a hunter’s hut after a short walks around the territory. After gathering the last forces she hides the eagle from the storm. She returned to the hut… Deva lights the fireplace and falls asleep.

Rakshavyada returned to the ship and learned that Zalyanitha got lost in the storm. He gives urgent commands to start the search the lost deva. After the pyramid rises up Rakshavyada begins to read the book with prescribed patterns. „Do you need a help to solve these patters?“ – Bastyn asks the deva. The merchant does not get any response from the hunter. The immortal decided to compose the pattern, which will helps him to recover from the traumas.

The loud thump awakens the sleeping Zalyanitha. Deva opened the doors and saw the descended pyramid near the hut. Deva wraps herself in the mantle and goes towards the pyramid. She finds out that the landed team is the part of rescue mission. Although she was reluctant to leave the eagle, but enters to the ship to get back to city. Deva asks the crew to note the location of the hut. The pyramid returns to the capital.

Bastyn, Rakshavyada, Padme lands to the same spot where Zalyanitha had been founded the sheltter from the storm. The hut was empty… Padme attempts to establish more secure place for the eagle until the captain announce that deva of justice is secure and on the way to the capital city. Bastyn asked to be left here for a while. He will try to recover his lethal wounds. Rakshavyada annaunced if he don’t get any knowledge from devas in two days time, he shall leave the island on his own strength.

The pyramid lands near the top place of the city. Zalyanitha hurriedly transported directly to the hall where the „Meaning of silver“ lives. Attempt to get out out of the tippet does not lead her to escape, because the man in luxurious mask makes her go straight to the room of statues. The goddess demands that the message about her location should be sent to other members of the team. The man ensures that this request would be completed and now she must hurry.

Mean while. Rakshavyada and Padme lands in the city not far from hall with the loom. The captain announces that location of the goddess Zalyanitha is covered by authority figures of the city, but confirmation of her arrival is positive. The crew attempts to fly to the palace of Padme and Zalyanitha, but the result is the same – the location of justince’s deva is unknown. Padme and Rakshavyada starts to create the rescue mission.

The conversation between Zalyanitha and elder begins. It covers many topics, but few of them worth to mention: the purpose of the ring and it’s meaning to this city, the goddess place in this city, the knowledge of the ring.

Fragments of abyssal mess

When Zalyanitha woke up she saw Rakshavyada lying on the ground. He seemed to be missing a hand. Padme was holding something pinned to the ground by the chair. Suddenly she grabbed the creature and after a short struggle shoved it into the wooden chest hurriedly provided by Bastyn.
Rakshavyada and Bastyn left the apartment and went to the smithy. Other devas stayed to rest. After a while they heard something rustling inside the chest and Zalyanitha suggested wrapping it into a cloth. Padme attempted to do this but one of the creature’s “eels” burst open a blinding flash. Several beings escaped. Zalyanitha was helping Padme to insert “eels” into a decanter when they heard screams outside and eagle cry. Outside laid a couple of soldiers beyond help. Padme noticed a creature in eagle’s talons and grabbed it. Afterwards she found another two pieces in bodies of dead guards.
After a while a city elder came to inquire about recent developments concerning mystery snakes. Since Padme lost ability to talk Zalyantiha was the one to do the talk. She told him that an attack was bestowed upon devas which resulted in creatures of abyss breaking loose and the devas are doing the best to catch the remaining one. She also mentioned that the danger is not imminent since the evil sorcerer Saturn already deserted the island.
Bastyn got a message that strongly implied that Saturn knows about his past.
Zalyanitha attempted to open Padme’s armor suit by will. It was not successful but the experiment revealed that Padme might be subjugated in a similar way the artifacts work. The findings also suggest that Padme is intermingled with armor and it affected her behavior, e.g. she went to rest into the corner of the room since it reminded the alcove which was “home” to the suit of armor.
Rakshavyada and Bastyn took a lad to help them in the smithy. Rakshavyada have orders to the lad and started crafting a gauntlet. Soon he entered his warren and communicated with a Smith. He said that he knew what Rakshavyada was trying to achieve, he had seen plenty of artifacts himself. He offered to provide a new hand for him, i.e. to possess the hand. Rakshavyada inquired about the cost of such arrangement but Smith said he would do it as a gift.
After a few minutes Bastyn smelled the burning flesh and saw Rakshanyada applying the steel gauntlet on his hand.
When Rakshavyada came back he was determined to go to the Moon Isle capital to have a talk with its elders and asked if anyone wanted to join.

No string attached


Malika went to speak to some of her acquaintances and returned with curious rumors that the women who frolicked with Rakshavyada had very peculiar outcome… so she decided to withheld her plans on Rakshavyada’s baby.


Padmeme peddles the dingy, Bastyn watches the waves until they hit something, a ship in the harbor. Padme sits still – she does not remember how to speak or breath, actually she knew that she does not need it. Bastyn cursed a little at sailors on the ship after that the pair landed and went to look for Rakshavyada. Only Rakshavyada at this point could separate Padme from the city. Rakshavyada and Bastyn devises the plan how to get into Padme’s waren – Padme is unable to inhale or drink narcotics, so she herself draws strong meditative trap-pattern.
While party prepare to get into the warden, they get distracted twice, first by Malika with letter from some guy named Guntur, who warns devas of danger (HAHA!) and asks to meet after that by Vestur, who apearanly went to buy some books and got himself left on the island by the prince Aturn.

Padmeme traced her meditative pattern and knocked out into the waren. Deva stood by the coast of the moonsilver sea and waited for Rakshavyada. He, after some wondering in silver labyrinth, reached her too. As he sailed in the boat towards the shore he saw the pattern-threads trailing from Padme into the pyramid on the other side of the sea. Hunter also saw that Padme had not one pattern as decent deva, but four separate pattern woven into her: the costume, tightly weaved into her main pattern. The other – tongue that gave her knowledge of languages and silver bell – smaller and less interconnected.


Padme realized that with Rakshavyada into her warren came lush vegetation of different forms, seaweeds and flowers crawling onto the shore from the sea where Rakshavyada came from, the other thing she saw – that Rakshavyadas pattern is pure and intact.

Rakshavyada began to unweave Padme from the costume pattern, but the threads snapped and cut Rakshavyada himself, the pattern wrapped around Rakshavyada like a cocoon. Blood began to flow and something broke off Rakshavyadas pattern. That thing tried to attack Padme, but she managed to kick it of into the sea. Even in pain Rakshavyada continues separating the patterns – at some point the mist rises and the loose ends of the pattern slips into the sea. The pyramid at the horizon is gone too. Rakshavyada falls backward into the sea and disappears. Padme follows him.


Meanwhile Bastyn sees alarming things – one of Rakshavyadas hand is covered by black veins and tries to smash the companion. The veins animate into some thing, the thing maybe similar to glyph beasts Rakshavyada created some time ago – it tries to break with Rakshavyadas arm. Padme wakes up and tries to hold Rakshavyadas hand in place, but the hand breaks… at some point Bastyn goes into the warren to look for help, but finds no demon capable of helping, so company decides to get Rakshavyada by the loom and there somehow to fix the hand.

Vengeance will be served


Rakshavyadha tried to enjoy the discussion on question on stayingor leaving by being somewhere further from the noise meditating nearsea. Obviously there just cannot be everything perfect as Malikafollowed deva annoying him with all the questions, notes orobservations. Eventually Rakshavyadha‘s patients was victoriousand Malika fell asleep in boredom. After few perfect hours ofsolitude with only sea, wind and peaceful Malika’s snoring.Rakshavyadha decided to go back. As he reached headquarters of theguards where they all stayed the last few days. He found out that none of the devas or Bastyns where present. No guard actually dared to ask the guests of their plan. There was only a brief note written indevani that just showed of authors’ doubt of what was needed to benoted there. Rakshavyadha just understood that Padme and Bastyn decided to sail out of this horrible place along with Aturn and Rakshavyadha is free to choose either try to catch up with them or stay where he is not wanted. That was a question worth another round of thoughts.

In the Heart city in the most luxurious place called by locals in the name of Villa of Orchids deva Zalyanitha surrounded by servants and comfort in the haze of drugs was trying to convince doctors that she has to meet those people in the deep city. Naturally doctors-servants where using all the methods that would not be in anyway disrespectful to keep the deva in her bed as she is too weak. They asked nicely, they politely demanded, they strongly recommended and all the struggle ended for them to beg on their knees. None of these stopped Zalyanitha on taking her clothes and personal belongings along with some extra souvenirs. Doctors being helpless in being heard at least summoned palanquin for the mistress, which was gladly used by Zalyanitha as she really felt even weaker than a mere mortal because of injuries she suffered and effects of drugs used to treat her. As she moved out she has spotted a flying pyramid approaching and Kadesh‘s head leaning though balcony. That was enough for Zalyanitha order her transport to move faster. Deva’s palanquin finally stopped near the great eagle. Zalyanitha took out all her loot out of palanquin and with all the remaining strength gathered mounted the eagle and flew to the direction of the harbor. Now she had promised herself that injustice done to her by those of deep city will be repaid or she is no deva of the justice.

Meanwhile in the harbor of Moon Island, in the most lavish restaurant Padme and barely moving Bastyn came to greet their guest, none other than Saturn the prince of Red Empire. Prince naturally asked why they asked him to meet them here, which was explained by Padme that she was let alone not seeing the prince in person. Saturn naturally as always being cocky hence extremely polite noted that they could visit him at his boat. Also he remembered that Bastyn has rejected his kind offer to meet him and yet now heasks him to have a chat now. Here Padme decided that helpless Bastyn has much more chances to seduce the red prince than she in her armor. She politely apologized to leave them and letting them to talk privately. Barely alive Bastyn suddenly changed his expression from very to extreme painful hence what he could do. As soon as deva was nowhere around Saturn‘s politeness vaporized into thin air. "I’ve done research on you Bastyn, I KNOW who you are". As a prove that he is not bluffing he asked “Does the name Kursikan ring a bell?”. It actually did. And then Saturn with words, that he won’t any longer invite Bastyn to his boat, he will capture him, left the restaurant. Padme and Bastyn swiftly went after him just to see guards of the place pointing up to the sky and mentioning something about “flying”. “We are screwed” Padme and Bastyn said to each other.

By the time Rakshavyadha had his plan on what to do next he suddenly heard heavy steps approaching, Rakshavyadha immediately make his weapons ready, that was Zalyanitha. She moved all in pain was wrapped all in bandages. Deva of the hunt helped her to his room asking what happened, where are others. Zalyanitha was only telling that the city had done her harm and she would like to introduce them with justice ergo she would be willing to ask help in this act. But she has to regain her strength before. So they both have to get out of here first. Rakshavyadha had only one thing to offer, to check harbor and perhaps find a boat either Aturn‘s or Ati’s and immediately left leaving Zalyanitha to rest and be taken care by Malika.
As soon as Rakshavyadha left the building, he met Padme and Bastyn returning to headquarters. While not showing Rakshavyadha was quite glad to see his companions. They briefly described the problem that Saturn is heading to the place where Aturn is waiting for both Padme and Bastyn to leave this forsaken place. The elder prince will most likely kill his brother who helped so much for all their group. All of this raised a very strong emotion of indifference for deva of the hunt. They moved their discussion to the room so Zalyanitha could also participate. It seemed that deva of justice had similar thoughts on all imperial family affairs and had no sense of debt for the valiant prince and long-time companion Aturn. Eventually Zalyanitha agreed to summon her flying pyramid to help catch Saturn‘s boat. Rakshavyadha was convinced by Padme that he wouldn’t like to miss this “hunt”.
So they flew with the pyramid to the coast of Moon Island. The crew of the pyramid luckily was comfortable enough to fly with the very same person they swore to execute for pushing out the deva out of the very same balcony of the pyramid. Crew knew that one cannot question deva’s choice for the passengers. Especially because the same deva pushed out of the balcony was flying along and everyone perfectly knew, the previous barbarian terrorist committed suicide immediately after seeing them taking actions. There couldn’t be the same human, all that just proves the point that all these filthy barbarians look the same. Furthermore there was another serious matter – deva was orders conflicted with one of the sacred rules of the Moon Island to leave the island and chase a leaving boat with red sails. A massive mortal fear and feebleness seemed to convince the mistress, oh praise the deva. All three friends of the mistress took shuttles leaving pyramid floating on the edge of the coast.
Because Rakshavyadha was alone in one of two shuttles, he reached the boat first just to ensure that this is the boat of Saturn. Padme along with Bastyn soon followed. Swiftly Padme thought of simple plan and asked Rakshavyadha to hold the boat while they will try to fly and warn Aturn. That was like music to Rakshavyadha‘s ears and with no hesitation he started to throw the returning spear to the crew of Saturn’s boat. “Coward”, “wretch” were the softest words that was heard from the lips of great red prince. There were much more sophisticated words in devani to curse Rakshavyadha and all his friends for such ignominious act as the deva was doing. While the crew was quick to take cover from the accurate Rakshavyadha‘s eye, there was no soul to stop the deva to damage the boat itself. Sails were ruined, ropes were cut and prince’s face took the colour of his cape. Finally he draw black sword and challenged Rakshavyadha openly to regain some remains of his honor and take a duel in a fair fight. Poor naive and stupid mortals. Their narrow self-centered mind cannot see further than the rules and frames they are designing for themselves – there was never been nor will be fairness in the nature in the hunt. Rakshavyadha aimed and threw the spear straight to the prince. Saturn suddenly demonstrated some lightning reflexes and instead of piercing his red mortal heart the spear merely scratch him. Rakshavyadha decided that this is enough of the wisdom he could share with mortals they may have not understood it yet they will remember. He returned to the pyramid to wait for other two to return.
Meanwhile Padme and Bastyn reached Aturn‘s boat. Everyone there were very happy to see them even with all the grave news of Saturn’s approach. With no delay they speed up the boat to sail to Unmandin. Padme asked to tie her somewhere as she expects to loose herself while getting away of the island. Bastyn kindly offered much more sophisticated way to ensure comparability of the trip by giving a dose of drugs to put Padme into deep sleep.
So Padme entered her warden. She could see her patterns and some thread of the light connecting her to pyramid somewhere further in the sky. She tried to pull off these threads hence as much as she pulled of twice that were appearing. She could see that these threads became more and more stretched to the point of extreme pain.
Bastyn could see that suddenly Padmes motionless body started to move and drag itself to the direction of the island. He immediately ordered to stop the boat and with all his disappointment concede that they unable to leave the island with Aturn or they have to risk a life of Padme. Prince and Esteva seemed to understand it and first thought to wait for them in the island of Mad, the island that is last to have fresh water before the wide sea. Bastyn offered them rather to wait for them in Rat Kingdom which was approved by Aturn, that would be better possibilities to avoid the meeting with his brother. Bastyn and Padme took a boat said their goodbyes and slowly rowed back to the island.

Should I Stay or Should I go?

For a very first time Padme went to her warren on her own will. Here surrounded by a sarcophagi she realized that even in her dream state she wears her armor. A tiny spidersilk-like thread were running from the back of the suit. Deva tried to tear them away but instead tangled in the threads even more. Finally she decided to follow them instead. The silver trail lead her outside the building, to the coast of a silver sea. The threads were wavering away in to the sea, where near the horizon a white pyramid-like structure was rising from the moonsilver. Padme took a boat, docked nearby and ordered it to go to what she suspected is a Hearth of the Island. But as she was getting closer, a fog began to rise, at first hiding the city, then everything else in to a milky whiteness.

Padme opened her eyes, she was back to the waking world.

That night In the temporary base of devas the discussion was raging through the night: what should the devas do, should they go – option that Padme was pushing, or should they stay and rule the last bastion of deva’s heritage – the Moon Island – option that Zalyanitha was firmly behind. Rakshavyadha made his position clear by not being present.

After a few hours no one achieved nothing – Padme told that she is going to leave and left the room and Zalyanitha ordered the guards to organize her return back to the Hearth of the Island. Her wish was swiftly granted and she was carried to the ready boat and instantly surrounded by silver-eyed slaves, doctors and Kadesh. Despite her wish to be carried to the city, the boat brought her to the villa where she was drowned in the car, luxury and relaxing-drugs and quickly sunk in to a peaceful sleep.

Meanwhile Padme, carrying Bastyn on her back (as he asked not to leave him in the island, but was too weak to walk) came back to the Aturn’s ship. The couple was greeted by excited prince who told that ship can leave as soon as it will be loaded with provisions. But there was another problem, although Aturn’s ship was incredibly fast and could outrun the big but slower ship of his brother in a open sea, it was still vulnerable while maneuvering out of the port, before catching the wind.

After some pondering, prince suggested that maybe devas could invite Saturn to the port, winning some precious time for the Aturn’s ship to leave and then devas could catch the ship by air (using the eagle or a pyramid ship). And so Padme and Bastyn composed a letter to Saturn, inviting to meat them at the posh Inn in the port at the sunrise. The couple went to the meeting place in advance, ordered the room where Padme should seduce the Red Dragon, but then deva realized that this could not work as expected because she was still wearing the beautiful but not so convenient for seduction suit of armor. But it was to late to change something as the sun was rising and a servant from the Inn announced that the prince had arrived, and he refused to go directly in to apartment, asking instead the heroes to go down and have a breakfast with him.

The warm rays of light woken up Zalyanitha, she felt much better, the smoke of intoxicating incense helped to relieve her pain. But then she realized that the Ring she was keeping or her arm like a bracelet was not there. After short inquiry Kadesh arrived and explained that the One Who Gives the Meaning to the Silver took it. And despite insisting that it is for the better and that the dewa must rest he finally gave up and agreed that Zalyanitha should speak about this with the One Who Gives the Meaning to the Silver.

As he left to arrange the meeting one of the doctors, who come back to take care of deva’s wounds, remarked:

“The lady deva must have a really good reason to speak with those strange men from the depths of the city”.

Back to the journey


Headquarters of the Moonisland port. Only Padme is passed her cool head in the storm of the action while the others decided to take a „rest“ in the they own way: Rakshavyada plunged into deep meditation, Zalyanitha is lying bed and smiling blissfully, but the most sadly picture in the room is stabbed and bleeding Bastyn‘s body. Deva arranges wounds of the Bastyn hoping that he will recover soon as possible and will help to remove the helmet. Padme tries to recover Zalyanitha too, but little more time is necessary for both patients to fully regain they strengths. The goddess sends a soldier inspect the ship of Aturn. She also invited Malika that she to take care about Rakshavyada, but the horrific image of the room takes girl’s breath away.

Zalyanitha ‘s warren. The wind chill awakens her in her bed of the great halls. Water leaking into the room through the holes in the roof, and cold is coming inside through the preserve windows. Deva attempts to close them, but fails. She observes the silhouette in the street. It seems the silhouette is the teacher of old times. The shadow motioned her to follow. Deva running to the street through the abandoned rooms and there are no any child shouts of joy any more. No one waits her in the street…
Deva attracted to the side, where went her’s teacher. Only echo seeks her then deva is walking through the empty streets. She wanders to the central square of the city. The black obsidian obelisk stoods in the middle of huge moonsnliver pool. Artefact sculptures of man (or decease) straight they hands into the obelisk. Deva goes around the swimming pool. Obelisk begins to resemble as a throne. Zalyanitha sees a figure seated on the throne. She is trying to get more details of the figure. Severe pain overtake her and she regains consciousness. The room…

Padme proves to Zalyanitha that she is in the armour. Conversation between two devas sprints up. The both goddesses slander latter events of the day. Zalyanitha plains to Padme, that Rakshavyada is dangerous and carries the seed of the Wildone and he cannot be persisted in any „close relations“. Padme plains that Bastyn damaged her’s armour. The deva of carring revels that she want’s to find Unmandin and that ancient knowledge will help her to fix wings of the armour. Zalyanitha suggests her to punish the Bastyn in the same way as he did it to her, but Padme rely on fact that merchant is more useful in one peace and the payment will be taken in future. The communication between two devas was so intense that goddess had not noticed how recovered Malika. The girl remained in the room in pure silence. Knock at the door spreads in all the room.

Padme had opened the doors. The elders of the city came to talk with devas. Wisemens wants to know what happened in heart of the city. Padme can not tell anything in more details, but she will do after when she restores the order in the headquarters. She asked that elders should bring people here who are able look after the armour. The wisemens asking about a the ring, but deva does not know anything about it. She mentions that the clean clothes and the food is mandatory things for recovery of the devas. Sages is removed from the premises of the headquarters.

Padme and Zalyanitha continues the conversation. The deava of justice revels that she will keep the ring at her side and she does not want to give it to the elders of the city. Padme one hundred percent convinced that the city does not want anything good for any deva. The city elders wants to keep crumbling city in one peace by any costs including slavery of the devas. She also believes that people are much more dangerous than many many years ago. She also remembered to Zalyanitha variuous events of they journey where humans hunted them down and tortured and this city is no exception. If the Undoing had been coming, it is better way to die of the death of her own choice. In this last sentence the conversations sleeps away. Padme clockwork clean clothes on the Bastyn. She took the opportunity to inspect the patterns on his body. Malika remains in silence… She attempts to speak with Rakshavyada, but he does not respond and she fails to sleep.

Scholar comes to the headquarters in the early morning. Padme tooks him to the next room. The bold man name is Kadesh. Man ispects her armour… He looks very worried. Deva asks him to remove the helmet of the armour. He explains that he does not have the necessary tools with him and strongly suggests her to go to the heart of the city. He also mentions that Rakshavyada must leave the city. Padme explains that she wants to send „feral“ deva out the island on her watch. Scholar insists deva to go back to the city, because it’s the only way. „I do not need any charity of…“ and Padme leaves the scholar alone in the room.

Padme attracted towards the port to visit the Aturn ship after Bastyn regains his consciousness. Both of them are moving slowly. So, they have time to talk about current events and take a picture from the guard post. Merchant describes what happened between Rakshavyada and Aturn. Immortal man inquires whether deva is be able revive the tongue and ear in any way to, although short period would be accepted too. Padme could put the tongue in merchant’s mouth, but Bastyn disagrees. Besides the sorcerer could not help to remove the helmet from the deva. Esteva meets them on the deck of the ship. Trey consults what measures to be taken that prince embrace them back to the ship. They also discussed the possibilities for the manner in which they escape from Saturn. Dummy asks that the devas must to return to the ship at any costs. Padme goes into the Prince’s cabin and Bastyn stays with Esteva. Merchant shows her a picture of the council of the Five and explains that the ring had born few hours ago. Dummy girl became very very worried and she leaves him alone. Immortal man burns the picture and reads the Toride’s letter. He smiles… Unutterable naivety are the people who do not know what is happening around. Padme agrees that the Prince will take them back to their ship with the exception of Rakshavyada. Unless deva of hunting apologize him. Afternoon the whole team with all things must already be on board and then they will leave the port.

Zalyanitha and Malika communicates about small matters until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. The bold man walks into the room without a call. His gaze trips over the ring on deva’s arm. Wiseman inquire whether she prefer to recover the island under adequate supervision. Zalyanitha agrees with bold man suggestion, but she wants to be in Padme care. Deva shall open a conversation about the situation happened to master Padme: why everything was concealed and so on. The elder explains that misunderstanding was a mistake. He ensures that the guilty will be punished. Zalyanitha also discovers that patters of Padme and the Artefact are matted in one. Deva of justice also wants the explanation why Malika was driven from the city. The wiseman can not explain in detail, but he is sure that it was a purely political decision. Unseen seers are not interfere in the management of the city. Man timidly asks whether the city can recover the ring. Zalyanitha inquire whether he asks a gift. The bold man answered positively to deva’s the question and adds that that the devas are indebted to deliver two gifts to the city. Zalyanitha pretends that she does not understood the hint. The conversation starts to go in bad direction, so, the deava asks the man to leave the room, because she needs some rest.

Dramatic reunion


Rakshavyada and Zalyanitha were following the elder deep into the maze when Zalyanitha felt that she is getting worse. Elder was saying a chant which had lines in it about asking for forgiveness for interruptions and failing to deal with problems. Rakshavyada was watching the wall unfurl when Zalyanitha started coughing blood and flower petals. She sat down to rest since the pain was getting stronger and stronger. Rakshavyada called for help when he saw the roots and stems growing from Zalyanitha’s belly. He cut her with his sword and Zalyanitha lost consciousness. Her final image was someone pulling a silvery ring from her belly.
In the meantime the wall openned and the mighty voice boomed „who disturbs my peace?“. Rakshanyada entered and told him (?) that he was looking for Padme. The voice answered that Padme’s essence is merged into him and that he should stop looking for her. Another thing: Rakshavyada brought the seed of the Wild One into the city and for that he is banished. He should never come back to this island that embodies all of deva legacy.
Zalyanitha saw her lover at the moon-gate. He was enfuriated and shouted: “What have you done! You have doomed us both!” Zalyanitha was angry too : “Was it YOU that caused me this pain?”
Bastyn lost his temper and jumped down to the ground. He was trying to blend in with the locals and follow Rakshavyada’s and Zalyanitha’s footsteps.
Rakshavyada left the hall with many sculptures and the sinister voice. He saw something fall down from the sky. The fallen figure got up and started talking. Turned out that this was Padme in full-body armour suit. Bastyn was also there although it was hard for them to find each other because of so many branches growing from Zalyanitha’s body. Rakshavyada said: “I’m going to help”, took a deadly amount of drugs and fell on the ground. Padme and Bastyn cut out Zalyanitha’s body from the branches and carried out into the light. They dragged Rakshavyada too. Padme carried them into the pyramid one by one. After that job was done she said: “I’m gonna catch up with you guys, I just have to get some moonsilver first”. Bastyn took a stick and hit Padme in the back so hard that it broke two wings. Padme fell. The crew inervened and soon Bastyn disembowelled himself to avoid combat.
The party soon arrived at harbour. Some of them even conscious. Padme was determined to get her wings fixed and went to see super-deva with sinister voice (The One Who Gives Meaning To The Silver). The conversation was full of sorrow because it turned out that the knowledge how to mend the wings is lost and there is nothing anyone can do. It was very hard to accept for Padme because there was nothing else worth doing except transporting the moonsilver.

The rest of the party was also confused about what the next step should be and were discussing what to do with Padme when she came back and suddenly stroke Bastyn with all her might and beat him bloody.


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