Shattered Moon

Yet another dream

While Zalyanitha and Padme were at the Observatory, music and fest of the Moongate passing continued outside. Padme with great effort searched the sky near the dead star for their friend, after some time she managed to focus into the hollow of the star and see lifeless Rakshavyada spinning inside – she directed Zalyanitha into that direction, to shoot an arrow. To get the better shot devas went outside the observatory, but here some older deva tried to be the nuisance and distraction (not from evil intent, just annoying over concerned deva). Padme took entertaining the deva, his name was Kalpana , onto herself and had a good chat with him. Zalyanitha meanwhile attached the thread onto the arrow and shot it into the Rakshavyada. Almost all the other Devas went to the moonsilver to make a leap during Moongate passing. Some acquaintances of Zalyanitha passed near them, and there was a little fuss about the fate of Rakshavyada
Moongate jumps, threads on the visible sky appear and everything is overwhelmed by the white light.


Bastyn sat enjoying his smoke, but heard someone rattling teeth from cold or fear – that was Pol, hidden inside the boat. Pol fussed that this is the last night and they will wake up at the desert and be left to eat the dust and blood until the very death, that was nice, because Pol could die, but Bastyn – no (hahaha). So Bastyn got some ideas to move toward the place where something has fallen to “find the Unmandin”, Pols cloak still looks splendid, and Moongate is still in the sky, bus descending rapidly. Per was bit by a nasty centipede and the journey got less pleasant every minute.


Rakshavyada woke up in agony – something is very wrong. He is not at the Caretakers tower, he is somewhere. He is frozen into stone, so when he tries to scream his jaw shatters.


As Moongate leaps Pols cloak drops and the regal feel on it is gone. It starts to get dirty. Bugs bite. Pol declares that Moongate is no more.


Zalyanitha is blinded by the light so she closes her eyes, when she opens them she finds herself on a grassy hill and on the other hill she sees ChandRakshavyadaridalu, he is calling her and there are towers of Moonvilla behind him. So deva walks toward him, finding that she cannot approach, as she tries to get nearer – he slips to the other hill and so on in never-ending cycle. The grass looks to perfect to be real, and everything gives off a false feeling. Zalyanitha tries to approach her kid and tries some clever maneuvers, but with no luck, she has a feeling that her patterns lag behind.


Meanwhile Padme is in even less pleasant setting, she get devoured by glyph creatures again and again, in the same cycle as Zalyanitha, but with pain and agony. She is left on a plane that consists only of the shallow moonsilver sea and the beings that pursue her. After some attempts to run or to fight she is left screaming and only with accumulating fatigue and pain.


Bastyn with the party reaches moonsilver sea, he tries to summon some physical object from moonsilver and simple pattern… Moonggate rises in the sky.

Rakshavyada WRU?

Bastyn decided to rent a ship with Per and other sailors to go searching his mother-tree. The sailors were not happy with this, they wanted to settle, have a good life, maybe to rule (Padme-sailor definitely wanted to rule, he even proposed to make Bastyn his minister). Pol several times argued with Bastyn that there is no need to go anywhere, they are separated from the other part of party, so lost and there is no point in traveling.


Zalyanitha and Padme talk with the Elder (the one that dreams the way): about her child, but elder avoids the answering and says that maybe after she reaches Seket she’ll find her child.
Another Elder joins them (woman with moth-like wings and black hair on her head – The one whose wings carries to the stars). She greets Dreamer and teases him a little that he, again, is found in the company of lesser beings. Also she expresses her pity that devas in her presence didn’t get invited into Seket, she almost says something more but gets interrupted by host of the ship. Here Zalyanitha asks about the previous eras of devan history and about the core of the Moongate – baffling elders by her knowledge, elders fill in the missing information a little and muses that these devas really did not get the invites.
Elders were a little drunk, so they explained a little about time travel (speed of travel into the future maybe altered, but there is no way to travel backwards) and the Moongate (hushing one another on the way, because “the devas are too young to know”)


Bastyn finds a ship mastered from reeds, but it appears to be quite agreeable and controlled with ease, so the crew travels all day, while Bastyn and the crew are getting high and chill. Only Poll buzz that there is no point in this and they do not hear that he, mortal, says – so he bitches a lot.


Padme expresses the thought that maybe there is a point to get back to the lower realms (oh well because she imagines that was somewhat adored by the party and she loved all her friends, and plus to that Padme is not entirely sure if the dream is over), but gets shamed by Zalyanitha for the stupidity. So devas decided to search for Rakshavyadasa.
In their search, they visited Rakshavyada mentor. Padme after long pointless talk manages to get info from him, by insulting the master gamer. Rakshavyada is lost near the black star. Devas thought how to get him – event the inquiring some elders on the ship and if the body was recovered – the answer was negative. With no time for a ship flight (moongates are on the verge of shifting to the other world). Padme proposes to take Zalyanitha bow and to destroy Rakshavyada body before the Moongate leaves, to get his pattern back from the space into the caretakers fold.

The breaking of the fellowship

The moonship carrying Bastyn approached another one. By some chance the one being approached was the same carrying Padme . Next to the deva of caring materialized a huge figure of the elder. The figure then told to help the guest of Moongate to be accompanied to his home in lower realms. And just like that he disappears into thin air.The first thing Bastyn did was to complain that this treacherous backstabbing so-called companion Rakshavyada has left him. Did not even tried to say a word against him being sent back to lower realms. Padme defended deva of the hunt by saying that they are simple devas and can’t say a lot against the will of the elders. She then wishfuly added so their host, elder with name The One Who Dreams The Path, could hear, that she appreciated that Bastyn could stay. Bastyn reacted that even knowing thought that he might die would be a relief for him. The last thought was completely misunderstood by the elder deva. He asked why Bastyn who is one of the reasons the game was won by white circle seeks oblivion. Elder advised Bastyn that he should enjoy his immortality and spread the teachings of devas. Enjoying such discussions and teachings they decided to visit Zalyanitha ‘s moonship so she could say her goodbyes with Bastyn as well. The One Who Dreams The Path took very little time to find the moonship, however they had to wait for a while till Zalyanitha came back from lower realms. And when the group rejoined Zalyanitha suggested a plan to land all non-devas to the city that used to belong to Mahormimat. While there was a discussion on the final destination for all three sailors and one immortal. Bastyn got a chance for the first time in his life to see Zalyanitha ’s gryphon. Unlike the eagle this one was
completely calm.
As they decided they took the moonship that belongs to The One Who Dreams The Path and flew to the place where city of Mahormimat is. Bastyn shared his dream he had on the way to lower realms which to Bastyn ’s disappointment did not stroke the reaction as expected.The moonship finally approached Mahormimat ’s city. The view was rather depressing. Black smoke was rising from the ruined harbor.Several shipwrecks were floating in once very beautiful bay. Traces showed that the city suffered more than one battles. Zalyanitha tried to fly down with her gryphon just to find no living soul there.It was obvious that leaving guests of the Moongate here would be at least ungrateful. Sailors themselves suggested to be left back in Moonisland. Zalyanitha expressed her doubts of moon island existence. Paul then asked to bring them to Unmandin. Zalyanitha wasn’t sure about this legendary city, though after Padme suggested to check anyway wasn’t really objecting. She was curious to see the place of their goal as well in this realm. The One Who Dreams The Path warned that they have very limited time so this is the final journey in this realm. This time the ship was not gracious. It moved very fast leaving kilometers and kilometers behind. On their way Bastyn asked if the black star will remain here in this world. Elder confirmed that devas has no business with it. When Bastyn asked if it would be possible to visit it elder strongly advised to avoid that star on their own behalf.
During the flight Bastyn had a chance to glance to the maps of the world. Surprisingly seas of the world looked a bit smaller. Like something enormous was pulled out and so water level was lower. Elder checked if everyone is willing to reach Unmandin. Everyone confirmed. Padme expressed pity that Rakshavyada is not with them in such way that it would be clear that she is not resisting the rules. The One Who Dreams The Path just replied that they will surely be able to tell a story for him. Then he glanced to the clock and asked for exact location of Unmandin as they have only two hours until they have to be back in Moongate. Bastyn started to search for the possible place based on the stories and his knowledge. Zalyanitha suggested to fly with her gryphon but elder assured her that his ship is much faster then gryphon. Bastyn managed to find the river they were sailing then by finding stones that he saw the gates of Unmandin were made of he approximately located the place of Unmandin. And there again they saw black smoke rising from the city with several step pyramids. Trained eyes of sailors quickly spotted something bigger than bird approaching. When it was nearer everyone realized that this is black flying serpent. As it flew over the ship deva the rider of the serpent jumped down. With no courtesy she inquired why they are here. Zalyanitha explained that they are searching for legendary city of Unmandin. The serpent rider expressed deep doubt that such city exists in this region. However she knew one tower that used to belong to one black circle deva by name Karunanandri. She then spotted Bastyn , she asked if this is the famous immortal and what would happen if she pierce him with her fiery spear. Zalyanitha coldly replied that he would survive but would feel terrible pain. The group decided to visit that tower and serpent rider offered to accompany them for a while.
The moonship quickly flew next to the round stone tower. It looked far more modest than towers of Unmandin would look. Bastyn anyway decided to explore it a bit. Inside was all wooden and quite deserted. There was a stench of death inside and the deeper Bastyn went in tower the stronger was a stench. Bastyn decided that it was built to keep trophies and lower floors of the tower was for keeping living trophies at least two weeks dead by that time. He finally emerged from the door in the first floor in the thicket of a jungle. He then returned to moonship disappointed. It was far from the things they searched. The serpent rider ordered them to leave as she did not want them anywhere around her city. Zalyanitha then asked if there is some city around where they could leave non-devas. Only then sailors realized the truth. They are about to be left. Paul even expressed his protests but they were ignored. She-rider explained the way to reach a city where all companions could be left. The One Who Dreams The Path then asked to prepare for flight but he haven’t finished his sentence when a huge ball of fire fell from the sky and the loud explosion followed it after few minutes. Padme immediately asked using communication devices if everything is well back in moongates. The reply was assuring that nothing happened in moongates only something fell into lower realms. Padme checked if it wasn’t the black star. The voice on the other end assured that the star is in its place. The One Who Dreams The Path was caught in curiosity and announced that they will have the last flight just to check on what happened there. The serpent rider did not follow them.
They quickly got nearer the center of disaster. It was a lake of boiling moonsilver in a huge area of burned jungle. In the center of this strange moonsilver lake they could spot a slowly sinking obelisk. Zalyanitha immediately recognized the obelisk from her visions of Unmandin. As soon as the obelisk disappeared in the lake the elder shoots his moonship to the direction the serpent rider showed. Bastyn suggested to wait for some time there because this must be the center of their searches but Zalyanitha explained that they would had to wait for ten thousand years to witness the rise of Unmandin from this, the amount of time they definitely do not have.

Rakshavyada recklessly jumped from the stolen moonship into open space. He had to see the Mother one more time. Immediately he was surrounded by extreme chill and only because of his exceptional stamina he could stay sane. The ghost of the elder followed him mocking his stupidity. Blood filled Rakshavyada ‘s eyes and skin froze into the stone. Ghost of the elder told that there are three outcomes of this folly: “One, you will loose consciousness failing to reach the center”. Rakshavyada could feel only his sanity slipping but only only his heroic determination lead him to the center. “Two, you will find nothing there and just waste your body in vain”. Rakshavyada ’s sight now was limited only to very very narrow tunnel leading to the capsule, the very same he met the Mother in. "Three, you will see something forbidden there and I will personally arrange that you won’t be revived". Rakshavyada finally reached the center and could see the Mother inside the capsule just like he remembered, only she looked dead. Some strange silver spike was stuck in the corpse of capsule. Rakshavyada spent his last strength to grab the spike to pull it out but suddenly everything went black only a mocking voice of the elder faded along with Rakshavyada ’s consciousness. “And four, this is all just an illusion and you are suffering in vain…”

The moonship landed in the city immediately drawing attention of all the habitats of the city. They all fall on the knees. It seems the reaction amused Paul and he shouted to kneel for all who don’t want to witness the wrath of devas. Padme put a scarf on him to belittle his ego. Unfortunatelly it meant little for Paul. Pehr and Med with sadness said their goodbyes to devas. But it was not that emotional as to say goodbye for Bastyn – the companion and friend for so much time. Padme barely could hide her tears. Zalyanitha felt a bit stronger, she wished Bastyn to find Unmandin here and build a legend. With tears and deep sadness devas returned to the moonship and as they shot through the clouds the elder told them to look into this beautiful blue ball for the very last time.

Rakshavyada woke up in the tower of caretakers. Alone, no-one attended or helped him which was strange. He could hear a faint cheering outside. Rakshavyada found some clothes of caretakers left somewhere. As he went outside he saw a huge crowd of devas cheering and jumping in the moonsilver sea. It had a huge hall in it swallowing everything. Rakshavyada knew this tradition but he did not want to be part of it and something was wrong. The hall in the sea was getting bigger and bigger and it was getting colder and colder. Soon Rakshavyada spotted that his patterns were drawn to the hall. He began to panic and ran to the top of the tower trying to find some safe place a way to run away from this oblivion. The coldness took him as he touched the walls of the tower part of him was torn from him the chill was unbearable. And then it became all black…

Prepare to meet The Mother

Few dozens of devas landing to the planet to say goodbye to the earth and it’s inhabitants. Padme and Zalyanitha are among them as winners (or members of the white circle) of the great game. Despite the fact that the moonships are in space deva’s could move from one moonship to the other by specific communication devices. Deva „who dreams the right way“ had invited Zalyanitha and Padme to fancy dinner. He wishes talk a little bit about adventures of the ladies.

Meanwhile. Rakshavyada is sailing to the island where small peace of Ramalati still exists in the moongates. He wants to invite Bastyn to explore the maze. Maybe the merchant could help him to solve the puzzle or at least he knows how to access the silver space. The immortal man is grateful for hospitality of Jembula. Rakshavyada and Bastyn are heading back to the mainland of the black side of the moon. The sorcerer presents his ideas about the silver space to Rakshavyada, but deva does not buy it. Small crew of devas assault them from the distance, but both freands are quick enough to avoid arrows. Elephant-head elder intercepts the journey to the maze and sends Bastyn to the moonship personally. The elder even does not bothers to replay to the questions of the immortal. Rakshavyada decided to change his course of actions and started to look for vacant spacehip of the elder. The success comes to the deva after few hours of trawl. He had founded small, but very attractive spacehip. Rakshavyada flies towards the black star in the speed of the light.

After the dinner Padme returns to her’s cabin to make some sleep and prepare for the landing. She falls very easily to the deep nightmare about her’s sister Kalaka. For short story… The city dvellers sacrifices Padme to Kalaka – the greater god of the city. Deva „who dreams the right way“ awakens her from the bad dream and he apologizes that had went beyond the limits of her privacy. Padme accepts the excuse and describes the dream to the elder. Padme and elder starts the conversation about meaning of the dream. Few details drops out off discussion that every game/dream brings a great contribution to the Sacet. The concept of Sacet if very complicated and does not have any equivalent around if you had not it experienced. The elder confident enough that Pade will access this mysterious place.

The moonships had reached the surface of the planet and every one of them goes to the designated places.

The moonships drops Zalyanitha to the land near her’s city. She rides on the back of the Patusapaksa. The great emotions flows through her heart and minds. She sees the black plums over horizont and deva increases the speed of the flight. It turns out that the city is on the flames. Two different groups is fighting in the streets. Deva of justice gathers the remaining members of the city to fight back the barbarians. The fight completes in a few hours… The remaining barbarians falls back to the woods. Zalyanitha makes everything to elevate spirint of the city dwellers and transmits her knowledge how to rule city to the great prosperity. In the morning she goes starts her journey to the city of the Mahormimat.

Padme lands on the ruins of her city. Only the small ooze still remains in the centrer of the city. Deva takes her spear and starts to extend the current ooze to the small lake. In the distance, Padme sees the upcoming small caravan, but she continues on her actions to extend the current source of the water. After a few hours the caravan reaches the region of the ooze. The members of the convoy are upset about the news that deva’s are leaving these lands. After this conversation Padme returns to the moonship. She wants to make few more oozes around the trade route, but… Paul awakes from the wassail and starts to protest about deva’s stuff.

Meanwhile. At last Rakshavyada reaches the entrance of the black star. His handling skill of the spaceship allows him to come near the centre of the star. It seams that the doors to the heart of the start is ripped out. The flaming elder deva appears in the communication screen and starts to question Rakshavyada what he is doing with his ship and what he wants to reach with his actions. The elder is very surprised that Rakshavyada holds many knowledge about The Mother. This kind of knowledge is not accessible to the average deva. The great hunter wants to reach the centre of start by leap of faith.

Results of the Game

As all devas in the Moon Gate were celebrating and waiting impatiently for winners’ side to be announced. Zalyanitha slowly approached the object that her teacher wanted to show. She already realized that she will miss the moment of declaring the winners. Finally she saw a figure. It was dressed in working clothes but in such quality that showed that it is not a simple worker. The teacher approached Zalyanitha from behind and just told that witnessing such sight one can only doubt that devas are the masters of the Moon Gate. Soon after both devas were going back to join the celebration on surface.

Rakshavyada ’s teacher was not waiting for him. He silently turned and went to the house of the clan. Rakshavyada just followed after. At the clan house the teacher just showed gaming board for Rakshavyada to take seat. Only this time it was not the same as at the time he first come. This one was very basic at the edge of the playing hall. This was intended mockery from the teacher. Rakshavyada ’s opponent was none other but white haired young deva, the very same that expressed her protests to reason of gaming. Rakshavyada obeyed and played with no complains. He was not trying to win, rather he kept the opponent from loosing and winning. The bells were ringing last moments of intrigue who had won. Rakshavyada ’s teacher as always with no words raised and went out of the house. Soon Rakshavyada ’s opponent white hair girl expressed her protest to play the game and stormed out to the festival. Rakshavyada himself said no word and just slumbered to meditation alone next to the game board.

Meanwhile Padme and Bastyn found a nice spot to witness turning of the moon. At first Bastyn tried to convince Padme to return back to Jembula , but for Padme was way more important to see results of the Game. Bastyn found a nice corner to chant which was not entirely weird in the whole comotion. There were some more devas gathering at same place. Everyone was waiting for the results. Slowly turned to the black side and did not stopped. It was now absolutely clear that the winner is white circle. Padme couldn’t hide her excitement on the results. She congratulated some other devas for the great game. Then both Padme and Bastyn went back. Bastyn still haven’t forgot his willingness to visit Jembula again so their paths separated. Padme was going back to her clan house to join festival and Bastyn to spend some time next to mysterious garden.

Zalyanitha emerged straight to peak of the celebration. White circle won. Everyone was in euphoria: singing dancing screaming or just generally being happy. Zalyanitha dived straight into the chaos of the celebration. She visited the statue of many arms which let to check who was chosen to reach Sakett. Even though Zalyanitha was not among the chosens it did not spoil the mood. She spot Mahormimat among celebrating devas. Mahormimat seemed not remember much of his journey in lower realms after seperating from the others. And seemed he was rather busy with his female companion to keep the reunion. So Zalyanitha went back to clan house. There she enjoyed festival among her brothers and sisters. Every winning side deva among those who walked in lower realms was expected to go there once again to leave the last gift of the devas splendor. So Zalyanitha was expected to do that as well. But not today, today everyone was celebrating.

Being alone in cold dark hall is boring even for such exceptional persons as solidity loving Rakshavyada. Eventually he also got out to see results. They were clear. Rakshavyada more from curiosity also checked if by any chance he is among the chosen to travel to Sakett. Yet it was another minor disappointment. However deva of the hunt found the message left by his companions. Was quite amazing that they came even here in dark side of the moon to leave it. Rakshavyada will never admit but he felt kind of satisfaction. So he headed to meet Padme. As he crossed the border between dark and bright sides the difference was not limited by mere colors. As soon as he entered the bright side the wall of the chaotic noice of intense festival surrounded deva. When he reached Padme ‘s clan house she had just finished her unpleasant conversation with her sister wrapped in fake politness and pretty real vile. Padme ’s sister was among those chosen to travel to Sakett. It goes without saying that Padme ’s sister couldn’t just miss the opportunity show off in front of deva of the care. Rakshavyada was just a joy in the eyes after such experience. She immediately offered to have a drink or two… or much much more. Rakshavyada accepted invitation with almost successfully hidden excitement. And there they shared the barrel sharing all the things they managed to learn from here. Deva of the hunt shared his experience in labyrinth. Padme on the other hand told about Bastyn ’s meeting with Jembula and the message she received that they have to focus on the things that were stable in their dreams. And there they stayed for the rest of the night discussing what was stable in their experience during their journeys.

The mood of the celebration reached even Bastyn . Jembula met his request of drugs with slight amusement. She happily showed all the mushrooms and described their effect. With no further delay Bastyn dived in the experience of exotic drugs and oblivion.

The morning came and all white circle devas that walked in lower realms were expected to go once again down. Zalyanitha was kindly invited to sail with the same moon ship she came with. Pehr and Med was also there. On the other hand Padme was not that willing to go to lower realms. Unfortunately it would be dishonor for the clan to skip your duty. She was escorted by Rakshavyada up to the docks and there she met Paul to accompany her on the way to lower realms. The mortal had quite some interesting time himself that night. One after another moon ships left moon gates carrying devas to earth for the last time.

Final countdown

After Rakshavyada sat to eat something for sustenance, he heard cracking sound as it came from fracturing glass and the sound approached. Deva waited for the source of sound to get near, but after seeing that this comes from shattering corridor, he began to run away. The corridor Rakshavyada ran – was getting steeper and crocking mirrors fell almost from under his feet opening a void full of starts under him. He tried to escape, but after all fell into the void only to wake up at the starting point.


Zalyanitha finished her tale of devan life on the Lower Relams – at that time elder board game it seems too was near the end, only thing left – for the remaining figure to stand at the center. Bad and Nya played against each other and Vela tried to undermine the efforts of both, because he was not in position to gain win at any point. Elders asked Zalyanitha if Bastyn is the guest or he is the resource to improve Moongate and that the fate of the world will depend on her answer.
Here Zalyanitha tried to allude answering straight, but was forced by elders to stick to only two defined answers – she chose to name Bastyn a guest.
Elders here informed Bastyn that he is free to explore Moongate until he’ll leave for the Lower Realm and that shortly everyone will have the answer witch circle won the game. Also they advise Bastyn to visit deva Jembula (dev.: the black fruit) First of the 108 bell strikes sounded – it will be approximately three hours until the answer will be defined. Moongale started to spin slowly.
Hrsumatra is confused deva, he screams and shouts that all of this is a lie, so get eaten by Nya (actually swallowed whole into furnace-like throat.

Party takes a boat and after 40 tolls arrive at amazing garden where Jembula resides (on the way Bastyn meditaes a griant of sand from the pattern, so he is nots sure if this is not the new vision – this he states to his ompanions. Jembula – deva with green eyes and dark blue skin that looks almost black lives in this garden where devan things grow. This garden is the remains of one of the worlds, Ramalati – land of red flowers. Jembula talks wit Rakshavyada and reveals that his name “Kursikan” means “the one who shields with his roots” and speculates that maybe he is dream of remains of Ramalati situated on the Moongate. Also Jembula tells more about the tree of Ramatali that gave long-life to people living under it and the end if the people were tired of living.
Mage meditates white petal out of new pattern and impress Jembula, but she does not get the significance of petal on Bastyn hand. They talk some more after what Zalyanitha decides to visit her clan and Bastyn with Padme – to search for Rakshavyada.


Meanwhile Rakshavyada enters the changing part of the labyrinth a new, he wants to win the game, but sadly he only stumbles into wild fire and has to flee. This time when he leaves the changing part – labyrinth closes after him. Here he sees his teacher waiting for him and the teacher is a disappoint.


Bastyn and Padme reaches for Rakshavyada at his clans domain, but are nor successful so Padme leaves message for Rakshavyada and gets one for herself, to get back to her clan. It’s almost the last tolls companions find convenient point to what the result – Padme says that she hopes this world to survive and that the dark side would turn away from it.


Zalyanitha meets her teacher who asks her to follow if she wants to see something uniquely interesting and important. She, together with the teacher, descends into the Moongates depth – they see the remains of older architectural layers, even the housings from the period when devas took forms of giant insects. They do not stop until they reach the very core of Moongate where there is almost no gravity and the only way leads deeper into the core, where Zalyanitha sees red and blue lights pulsing and running along some bone structures. She takes the rope that is extended into the opening and jums into it.

The conclave

Padme and Hrsumatra attracted to the mini mission to watch on Bastyn. Both of them reached the moonsliver docks. Deva of caring had mat one of sailors who was surrounded by local female devas. It seams that nice tale had been in progress. Any way, this journey was paused a little bit by presence of the Udgvalaraksa (or The Great Radiant). He is the oldest and the head of care takers in the moon gate who had refuse to go to the Saket. During the conversation the elder uttered that he is very proud of the Padme and her commitment to game. Besides he is very confident that Padme gathered more knowledge about this life (or dream) in this game. Padme only after the interview noted that she was observed by all surrounding town folks. The rescue mission had been continued.

Meanwhile. Rakshavyada gathered his all strength and mind to overcome the maze. The beginning of the labyrinth is pretty simple due the similarities to the warren version of the maze, but the big enigma awaits in the next conner of the structure.

Only one man leads Zalyanitha to the trial and both of them starts the swim to the dark side of the moon. Deva had read lots about this court and judges. Mija, Badas and Vela are the mighty elders who decides the fate of game. The peregrination took some time and Zalyanitha had a plenty of time to prepare her for the trial. Her actions will decide the ending of this world. Does it will be disinterested to the materials of left to survive alone. At last Zalyanitha stood on shore of the single island in the endless moosnilver sea and mighty elders awaits her presence. She is surrounded by some statues, but she could not recognize any of them. The little monkey beast comes down and sticks the chalice to her hands and nods that she need to go to the meeting. Few more moments and deva stands before mighty ones. The elders scans the deva of justice and pokes her to start the story about her journey or details about her’s game experience. The drink of soma helps Zalyanitha to concentrate her memories and enchants her senses too. So she starts her to tell her story… During the tale the real paints of story formats from moonsilver sea tides, but still elders returns to the game board and it seems that they don’t listen at all. This actions does not improves the quality of the tell and deva hides many details about her experience and after few more episodes she stops hers speech at all. This attracts attention of the elders. Zalyanitha announces that she does not understand the meaning of this trial and she could not continue without any explanation about this dream. Zalyanitha is very concerned about matter of Bastyn. So, elders too. Deva finds out possibility to enter the Saket and his old enemy which can make disturbances in the silver space. From this time the story returns to the correct story line.

The maze. Rakshavyada announce that the core of maze has unique rules which allows to make changes in the structure in the certain laps of time. This enigma is hard enough to complete – it took too much strength from the deva’s body and weakened his mind. The great hunter decided to rest a little bit and awakes in the warren. Deep deep pain runs in his arm. Ati tries to take every blood drop of him. Shimmer strengthen her grip, but she could not withstand blows of the Rakshavyada. The metal hand helps once more. Deva returns from the sleep and starts to walk… and enters to the part of maze with little „red“ room and big live heart inside it. Rakshavyada touches the heart and the great tide of the blood wash off to the start of the maze. Deva decided to make some real preparation for this enigma.

So, Padme and Hrsumatra managed to reach the gates of tower of care takers. It seams the old leaks in the construction remains after these long years. Partners does not encountered any problems to sneak in the building. Most of devas has been celebrating the end of great game and does not make any troubles to complete this operation, but still some care takers tracked them down and escorted to the main laboratory facility, because Bastyn requested the presence of Padme. Bastyn‘s body was pulled of the moosilver basin in the moment when Padme and Hrsumatra enters room. In the eyes of Padme Bastyn’s body is twisted in form of the treant, but this shape is not solid and returns to the original human form. Bastyn announce very clearly that his body starts to assemble to the silver space threads in the very delicate fashion: it does not make any damage to the current state of patters, just adds his meaning in it. Immortal awakens from the dream and feels moonsilver streams around his body… Padme is standing behind the poll and merchant could loosen his super paranoia. But still few tests need to complete all procedure. Silver space prints starts flow in the big mirror above heads of the folks. The image of sky, sea and grass field. Immortal man could describe every detail of every image for few hours at least. Padme starts to make some snap – it’s boring to listen to the monotonous descriptions. The tree pattern image appears in the eyes of the Bastyn… The clear silence covers the room. Bastyn makes some investigations and reveals that this pattern is very similar to his mothers. After this last image the Padme, Bastyn and Hrsumatra should be delivered to trial too.

At the Moon gate
log of session 2016-04-25

Bastyn was in the middle of the crowd, but Rakshavyada did not have difficulty following him since he was brought straight into the Tower of Caretakers. When Rakshavyada got back to the port the ship was missing, and so were the sailors. Several devas asked him to join the celebrations, thus he went to the lodgings of the back circle to meet old friends and relatives.


She was holding baby in her arms. The baby had tattoos all over him and his eyes were silver, which was different from any deva. Zalyanitha’s teacher arrived at the moonship. The teacher said that it is time for Zalyanitha to go home. She brushed up, took the baby and followed her teacher. He went into the Justice Hall of the clan and sat into judge’s seat, other devas started gathering and were watching Zalyanihta with great concern.


Padme saw Zalyanitha out of the ship and asked the captain to bring her home. When she got back, she met her family and they were all interested in her story. So she had a gathering with food and drink, and told of the adventures in the lower realms. Her sister had some snappy comments but was shushed by others.


Bastyn was offered to help devas in their academic interest of his body for a great reward. He hesitated a bit upon noticing some of the surgical equipment and agreed on one condition: Padme should be beside him and oversee the procedure. Senior deva agreed to bring a message to her inviting to come, but insisted to start the examination immediately.
The test started with evaluation of Bastyn’s mental capabilities and moved on to physical ones, where surgical equipment was used. It was painful but bearable in comparison to what he had suffered before. He was getting anxious to see Padme come but did not sustain consciousness and fell into the silver space.


Rakshavyada met his teacher who offered him to play a board game. They sat at the table with most complicated board which Rakshavyada took as a sign of respect and started to play. A moment came when Rakshavyada noticed a possibility to make a winning move, so he did it. His teacher was furious and knocked the board over shouting that Rakshavyada’s behaviour is very white circle-like, that he bevieves that he can win following the rules and expressed a great disappoinment in his pupil.


The hearing started with Zalyanitha’s tutor stating that her baby is an abomination. Zalyanitha pleaded that the child is a deva in a sense that he has tattoos. This was negated by the argument that child has come into this world not following deva tradition when tattoos are given in a ritual. The child was named Romper in the Moonlight. Zalyanitha then asked the child be treated as a guest and after a reassuring look from her tutot continued asking for hospitality. Her teacher was in the process of declaring the hospitality for the child when he was interupted by the entrance of elder. He demanded the baby claiming that it is his stolen property. Zalyanitha claimed her innocence and demanded a trial. Elder tried to snatch the baby from her arms but failed and warned her that she will be sorry about it. Entire audience was in shock. Zalyanitha’s tutor asked her to apologise to the elder and the child to him. Zalyanitha said that she cannot do this for she believes in justice. She gave the baby to her teacher and went outside.


Padme wakes up after her storytelling party and receives a message that Bastyn or Kursican asks her to come to the tower of caretakers.


Elder deva finds Zalyanitha on the shore and asks her to come to the trial and bring her child.

The Great Circus

Every character had they private meeting with game master

All travellers wakes up in the some-kind of maze, but in different locations. Soft mold covering everyone of them. So, the new stage of the journey begins.

It takes time to remove mold from the Bastyn‘s body. During this action merchant had lost countless times of consciousness, but he managed to free his body. Various kinds of earthworms crawled on his body. It’s good time to restore some strength from these little creatures. It’s been a long time the when he had took a meal. Only pitch blackness haunted Bastyn‘s minds. Immortal man started to move forward. In the way he found several crossroads, but he decided to use his left hand as main streamline. This decision leads him to weak source of light. The tension in the merchant’s mind had loosen a little bit. He started budge to source of light as new streamline of his journey when the frail whispers had reach his ears. Approaching the larger source of the light the whispers had gained some meanings. Merchant arranged some kind of a weapon during his walk. Bastyn was found by man, but from the his view of point he could not told who he is. He could only distinguish the main features: cloak contours, long hairs and masculine figure.

- Do you want to be left here for all?
- No – man’s voice was very familiar to Bastyn. Maybe, it was Satrurn.
- Follow me.

Yes it was the Mighty Dragon – the prince of the great empire.

The great amount of light began dazzle merchant’s vision…

Meanwhile. The same soft mold and pitch blackness all around the Great Hunter. The whole body is numb like after long hibernation. Arms, legs recovers in great swiftness, but biting cold remains. Rakshavyada tries to recall his friends, but without any success. He wants to create some bonfire, but could not find any dry trumps, but only paces of the rust metal scurry in this place.

Padme tries to free her body from the soft mold, but this task is not achievable. She hears voices all around her. This time of weakness drive her mad…

Few moments and Zalyanitha set free her body from the soft mold and a few moments to adjust her eyesight to the current amount of light. It seams that she had holded in the some kind of structure made by man. The name of deva had reached her ears… Deva of justice could not designated the source of the sound, but she starts her walk out of this maze. Someone is calling her, but she could not reach of find the caller. The more she wander around the more he reveals that she is in the some kind of great template or something similar…. After some time she finds the gate which opens and the great amount of light began dazzle deva’s vision…

All travellers and Hrsumatra were placed in the sarcophagus. Zalyanitha, Rakshavyada are the first freed devas. The elder gives them water and returns to his mission. Both devas gather they strength while the deva’s elder and some humans (Med, Per and…) works to free the others from their prisons. Rakshavyada tries to shut down the sarcophagus when he sees the face of the Hrsumatra.

- That’s enough! The game is over. – the elder deva reminds the place of ebullient yongster.

Air fills the lungs of Bastyn. Immortal man carefully opens his eye. The strange deva looks at him with great amazement. Few more moments and merchant body is ready to retreat to safe place.

- How could it happen? – the strange deva asks question. At this moment Bastyn springs out of sarcophagus with best of his ability. He takes some covers and looks around. Five sarcophagus repose on the some king of platform. The solid moonhip lingers near the stage. Rakshavyada, Zalyanitha, Hrsumatra and sailors are there too. Deva of justice is still in pregnancy. The unshattered floats in the sky… Could it be? One more trick of The Mad One? Immortal man hides behind back of Zalyanitha and Rakshavyada.

Padme is the last deva to be freed from the imprisonment.

The elder invites all to his board.

- Now we are ready to leave this universe.

All deavas and immortal man goes to the deck. Bastyn reminds Rakshavyada that sailors should be brought together. The elder allows to take simple man to the ship. The elder name is „Who dream of the way“. Ship owner announce that the journey to the moon would take couple days and all drinks and food are at quests dispose.

- For now we could make light party and talk a little bit about the game.

All members accepts this invitation with great pleasure except Rakshavyada. He would like to make some meditation about current situation and set his mind free from Hrsumatra.

It seams that elder is very interested in Bastyn, but immortal knows how to keep his secrets under sonorous philosophy about unending life, but few strong drinks brings him to very good and harmless dream. Padme is the one who lining the truth about merchant.

The moon. The great nation gathered in the embankment to entertain.

  • Zalyanitha is ready to bring a baby to the world.
  • Rakshavyada frees sailors from the controlling devices and explains how to behave.
  • The elder and Bastyn stands in the big crowd. Not the pleasant one. The feeling is like in the circus performance with immortal actor.
Repeating the most embarrassing moments

Party stood before the spindle and everyone in the hall stared at them… Suddenly doors swung open and two angry elders with their entourage arrived. They asked what the hell is going on and that they had everything settled with devas long time ago, even the devas people were allowed into the island, so what the hell?
Zal-Bastyn climbed into the spindle construction and grabbed the hoop, breaking all the construction of the loom. Zal-Bastyn declared that she is taking what was stolen from her. Elders – speechless. After what party left through smaller door to the room where the devan elder was dealth with. They all sat into the boat, Padme was placed on the floor and covered with some blanket, and sailed out to the channels.

After some time guard noticed them and reacting to that Bas-Rakshavyada skewered one of the guards with the improvised spear… that way drawing attention of everyone to the party. So there was no way but to flee in an undignifies manner – Bas-Rakshavyada broke mechanism of the channel leveling sluice and boat with all sitting in it went down with a torrent of moonsilver.
Two pyramids appeared in the air, the serious chase began. So devas with friend too took the pyramid and flew for the port, to gather remaining sailors. Pursuers tried to get them, but in vain, devas even managed to knock-off cannon from the battlements by the gate.

At port firstly they went to the barracks where they had stayed after arrived into the island. Here they learned that remaining sailors opened a tavern “Green Mermaid” and are at that site. So they picked up unwilling sailors at the tavern. Sailors were greatly distressed and unhappy, even hysterical. Rak-Sailor as it is in his nature continued to raksplain the situation as illusion of the Mad One and so on, but sailors were not comforted by that.


Suddenly everyone woke up at the Marble temple of Devas and saw floating pages of the Silver Book on the water… also falling from the sky. Pad- Zalyanitha and Rak-Sailor began to catch the pages and read whatever they could. Meanwhite Bas- Rakshavyada and Zal-Bastyn went into the tower to find Mad One presenting himself as Sarvajaja – ripping the Silver Book and scattering the leaves. Here he asked devas if they reach the Unmandin are they going to spoil the knowledge, loose everything that is important as they did before or what. Zal-Bastyn said that they need to make their mistakes by themselves at what Sarvajaja laughed and said OK – disappearing over the edge of the tower.

Travelers saw opening in one of the towers and went that way. That was burrow leading into the hall of the Mother of All Crawling Things. The Mother of the Crawling Things was present to. She asked where they wanted to go into what everyone answered “Unmandin” (actually some of them were not so sure, but had to comply with majority) . after creature said “so go where yu wish to” ceiling caved inn and everyone were covered with soil and other debris. Devas and sailors lost consciousness, but Bastyn was not so happy – he agonized as immortal mages buried alive ought to – losing consciousness, suffocating and gaining awareness continuously.


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