Immortal human-like beings coming from the other side of the Silverspace trough the Moongate. On the world that they come to, they play a Game that takes several hundred or even thousand years and then leave.

Deva are divided in to three castes: Elders, Moondwellers (that are further divided in to the Stargazers and Caretakers factions) and Low Dwellers (that are divided in the White Circle, Black Circle and temporal Disk factions).

They speak Devani language. They look as exeptionaly healthy humans, with silver tattoos on their hands and feet. Those tattos are used for interacting with Artefacts, that are source of their power.

If Deva dies, and this can happen if their body is dismembered or completely destroyed, they are brought back to life by the Caretakers in to a new body.

Devas can have children and this always happen by choice. Child can be conceived by two devas if at least one is woman. One Deva can bear several children from different Devas at the same time. Devas also can have children with humans, in that case only Deva needs to decide if he or she wants it to happen. Deva-Human children are always healthy, strong ans smart, but does not posses any supernatural qualities.


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