Shattered Moon

The chime of silver bells


The Muse of the bard was in horror then he understood that said girl showed her painting to prince Saturn. Saturn now knew too much, so Bastyn had nothing left just to faint ignorance and listen to Saturns tales of devan adventure that occurred before he met them. All ended then prince left – the lest of the party got very drunk.


Next day Bastyn, Zalyanitha and Rakshavyada meets. Zalyanitha is not looking good, she’s in pain. Bastyn told them about dream that is more of a memory than a vision, about the child-Chandrakridalu, who was the one bestowing the gifts on devas and beasts, gifts that invert the essence – making artifact beings just beasts and normal beings to exalted ones. Bastyn seemed pretty sure, that the child in vision was her child. Allso that Esteva in herself is giant shimmer-spider. Bastyn warns devas, that he thing their patterns are fading and Zalyanitha‘s pain is connected to that. Bastyn even does the ritual and check through demon if Zalyanitha is pursued by someone, she’s not except the usual stalked in the darkness and decay of the Universe. In exchange he had to crush the happiness of a person, that he manages with brilliance – buying and spilling into the ditch the one-of-the-kind perfume Malika wanted a lot and maybe even hoped to seduce Rakshavyada while wearing it on her.
Devas and immortal agreed to conduct a ritual, for finding Padme. Bastyn managed to cache quite strong demon in form of silver screen of threads and bells, trading his own secret – place where portion of his written memoirs are hidden for the place of Padme. Now they need to follow sound of bells. While leaving his warden Bastyn catches a glimpse of something that is behind the said screen – something in the darkness, someone with three eyes…

While Bastyn is bussy Zalyanitha ask of Rakshavyada to make her a deva. So they make deva a lot. With success. So there are twins at the moment.


Deva of truth convinces the sky ship operator to take Bastyn into the heart of the island, and after some discussion, she proves her point and party advances in search of Padme. They follow the sound of bells into the city where Zalyanitha confronts the captain of the guard and forces him to help the search; event enforces the idea to search villas of the nobles. She points out three bald men that are in suspicion – guards are not amused, the bald peolpe caste holds very special position at the island. Bastyn point to the center of the city, the pyramid.

At the pyramid, they meet the alchemist woman, who tells them of black dust and the process it is filtered from the moonsilver. Rakshavyada feels the cold through the glass of the container and associates it with glyphs in the Cave and the end of the World. Woman asks at some point if this dust maybe are not the impurities, but the thin into what moonsilver transforms itself. Alchemist is worried and declares that there must be the way to stop the process, but Rakshavyada, as he like to do it, preaches the end of the World and crushes her hopes. Devas continue the search in the pyramid.


Padme wakes up on the table, to the horror of the ones who were looking after her body – she is conscious and even manages to force her armor to get up. She is furious when bald men run around and soldiers point their pattern-spears at her. She shouts stunning everyone and walks to the door, forcing the armor and herself to move by the power of will alone. As deva reaches the door, it swings open – the bald woman stands before her and blows the black dust from her palm into Padme face. Padme covers her face with hands, only hoping that the dust would cling into the silver of her armor and she’ll manage to get it of before her patterns are touched.



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