Shattered Moon

Abandoned Labaratory

The Devas has opened the door. And there they found an enormous cut tree. Above the stump there was a big 5 meters wide nut-like object hanging off the chain. There was some torture tools around. Mahormimat came on idea to climb on the tree and reach the treetop house from where the chains where hanged. Using the rope he climbed up to the one of the trees where he found the door. Mahormimat tried to open the door and from one of the faces above the handle came out a strange dark brown liquid. Zalyanitha followed Mahormimat up to the tree and they lovered the rope down.

While they scavenged inside of the tree top house Rakshavyada scouted all the remaining houses on the ground. Deva of hunting discovered that some of the houses were prisons for some people, chained to the wall. Those unlucky people has just been left to dye out of thirst. In the treetop house Mahormimat and Zalyanitha found various boxes and vials and a big chest with two faces near handles. The vials contained mostly useless things but one had some moon silver and another some honey. Some of the bottles could not be opened. So these two began to drop everything down to the ground for Rakshavyada. When Zalyanitha and Mahormimat tried to move the chest, once again the brown liquid appeared hurting their hands. So they dropped the chest which made a hole in the treetop house’s floor and fell down to the ground. Luckily none was harmed.

Out of all the mess that fell out of the chest there were only few things worth keeping. A beautiful foliant, a little fancy box, a map of the island, another map with the giant nut drawn, a page of some journal with the detailed description in unknown language of the ear and cover of Tome of Ebony Bindings by Granthapasita. The rest did not looked like it was worth anything. Even Zalyanitha when got down did not managed to help a lot. Mahormimat on his way down however spotted some green light in the forest. But he did not pay much of the attention, scavenging goes first.

Next Devas moved to the house with the nut. Rakshavyada was brave enough to check the nut first. And suddenly he discovered that actually the nut was a prison for some poor person, who has been left there and consumed by madness. Devas decided to free the person using the tools that Rakshavyada found somewhere in the houses on the ground. While Mahormimat was fetching those tools he spotted again the green light and the source of it: a six meters tall creature. Devas mostly ignored Mahormimat’s warning and continued freeing the prisoner. But after Rakshavyada succeeded to break through the nut shell all Devas saw the monster. The mad prisoner began to lough hysterically shouting that the guardian will eat all the intruders and eat their dreams.

The creature was to big to go inside the building and seemed to reach for something through the doorway by inserting his hand through the door. Zalyanitha tried to give some honey for the monster, but it seemed the guardian was not very interested in that. The creature tried to see through the entrance and then a strong beam of yellow light appeared.

Devas decided not to hang around any more and all of them jumped to the big worm hole near the base of the stump expected to run away from the guardian and maybe getting out through another worm hole.


And nice rapport by RaksaViadha. That is +1 moon :)

Abandoned Labaratory

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