Shattered Moon

Begginings and end of Devas revenge

Bastyn swore somehow to have Saturn‘s ship out of the Moon island. First decided to visit the captain of the guards in headquarters he was living in. Tried to ask everything about the law of the harbor, what crimes would be to receive a ban in the harbor of Moon island. It seems that most of crimes that would prohibit an access to the harbor would be related to trade type crimes such as stealing, deceiving or fraud. When Bastyn asked more specifically on various evil mages coming from the outside world if they would be a reason enough to be asked to leave the harbor. Unfortunately the answer wasn’t really satisfying as the captain as true habitat of Moon island believed that anything that comes from outside word is evil, hence he enlightened Bastyn on the order they are keeping here. The punishment of the crime is decided by judges of the harbor and it might vary.
Having all this new information and deep in thoughts Bastyn decided to visit Aturn, the Red Prince. Though the prince was not happy at all to see Bastyn in his apartments which he shared with Esteva. The mild annoyance expressed by Aturn was nothing compared to his mood when Bastyn inquired on his relationship with the brother, prince Saturn. Naturally he refused to answer that, saying that this is a very long story he is not willing to reveal. His older brother Saturn was always most loved son of the Emperor. And everything related to him disgusts Aturn. The question why Saturn is so well informed on everything related to their group Aturn answered simply that his older brother is very powerful mage and his abilities should not be treated lightly. Then Bastyn expressed his idea to incriminate Saturn at least in this harbor. The idea was met very differently between the couple. While prince was sure that it would fail, Esteva kindly asked to at least hear Bastyn out. After sharing his findings on the law with the couple he did not convince Aturn, ergo he agreed that Bastyn might at least try his best. Bastyn leaves the apartment expressing his thoughts loudly that he needs to find Rakshavyada, who he always nearly misses for about two days now. Deva may have some ideas on his plan.

Meanwhile in the Heart city, the capital and core of all Moon island, the last glimpse of culture and civilization in this cruel barbaric world. Two Devas – the Deva of law order and justice Zalyanitha and the Deva of healing protection and caring Padme – were opening the bronze sarcophagus which they believed to have the elder of Devas. The example and source of the wisdom even for Devas themselves. As soon as sarcophagus opens a bit devas hears air rushing in through the gap. Padme’s hand immediately shoots through the gap to cover the mouth and nose of anyone that is inside there. After Zalyanitha opens sarcophagus they can see mummified body inside watching them with living eyes. Zalyanitha finds a heavy baton nearby and begins to bash the mummy inside with firm hand of justice till there is nothing just a puddle of blood and fractions of skull where previously was a head. Padme was watching this with her eyes of caring and protection then she noticed that someone third is here at the entrance of the hall they were in. She immediately changes her expression contrariwise to fear and gasps “Oh Zalyanitha!” instantly sinks her face to her palms and begins to cry hysterically. Zalyanitha swings baton for the last time and turns to the entrance. There is a little piece of skull on her pregnancy belly. She realizes that the new witness is no other than one of the elders of the Heart city. There is a long awkward silence until Zalyanitha states in high devani “Justice has been served”.
Finally elder finds his voice to say “The sarcophagus meant to be a present for you”. Zalyanitha kindly thanks for it and asks where they got that from. While the elder was telling how hard was to find the sarcophagus at merchants in the seas, and how expensive it was to buy it, other elders were gathering to see what is happening here. Zalyanitha suggests to bury this sarcophagus somewhere in the beautiful place with a lot of honor as befits for such noble person while she washes her hands covered in blood. There was some chaotic discussion between all the elders in their language that was finished by one of them stating in devani “The one does not question the path of Deva. Deva does what needs to be done.” The same elder tried to move closer to see what was in sarcophagus saying for devas that the residence is prepared for devas to stay in. The Villa of orchids is waiting for honorable guests. A short glimpse of content of sarcophagus was a huge mistake for the elder. He rushed after meek “excuse me” outside covering his mouth and looking very pale. Zalyanitha then covers sarcophagus repeating her request to bury it. Elders agreed hurriedly and after Padme asked for some time in privately with the deceased to prepare him for final journey disappeared through entrance quickly.
When there was nothing in room just devas dead or alive, Padme opens once again the sarcophagus. Deva elder was almost no different from regular devas except he had different styled patterns on his body and of cause the small changes of being mummified and having the puddle instead of the head. She tries some of elders blood which was like ambrosia compared to all other bloods. Then she covers the body with part of her sari and closes sarcophagus. After washing her hands both devas left the hall just to find elders waiting for them just outside the door. Padme kindly requests a new sari which she gets almost instantly. Deva of caring and deva of justice decided to continue their day in excursion to see the Heart city, the capital and core of all Moon island, the last glimpse of culture and civilization in this cruel barbaric world. The place where devas are still worshiped as bringers of wisdom, teachers of culture, caring and just.

Meanwhile Bastyn returns to the harbor to make some intelligence on Saturn’s ship. He evaluates the guards of the ship and decides to ask around while doing his trade around. Not surprisingly a person which such talent and long time experience reaches success even in such a short time. Even finds some rumors of black market in harbor, yet nothing concrete as no one would like to risk on ban having business with illegal trade. Yet when he asked about red ships he got tons of information about it. It seemed that these ships are main trend of the gossip there. And one of the owners Saturn is bad news anywhere it comes.

Meanwhile Rakshavyada went to finally meet Ati with all his demons. He had to wait for the demon for quite a while till he appeared heavily injured with only the hammer. Rakshavyada asked what happened and once again Ati throw accusations to Esteva, that she plays double game with them and she cares of nothing but herself. She needs to be blamed that Adi was given to Saturn by none other than Esteva. Deva of the hunt first to try appeal on Ati‘s desire for security of his master and firmly told that he will go to the ship of Saturn to take back that his. There was only helplessness in Ati’s expression. And so Rakshavyada has nothing else to do just to do what he intended to do. But first he had to terminate the game of hiding and seek out assistance of Bastyn. Luckily he found him just in headquarters. Rakshavyada suggested a plan to sink Saturn‘s boat for good of it and asked if Bastyn knows where to get proper tools to do that. Bastyn suggested flammable substance yet Rakshavyada was for drilling holes. So they acquired necessary tools for their plan and swam to the ship from the seaside and executed their plan. Rakshavyada began to drill hole in the ship while Bastyn tried to burn it. As soon as both of them approached the vessel they were attacked by something from the deep sea. The struggle with tentacles alerted someone from the ship. The someone was none other than Saturn. So both deva and immortal had to quit doing what they started. The mocking voice of the prince said that entrance to the ship is from the other side. By the time both Rakshavyada and Bastyn reached the shore. A servant of the prince passed the message that prince requires to meet with them. Rakshavyada agreed but only if they meet in harbor, refusing to step in the ship.
So they met. Prince was carrying some object wrapped in cloth. It was Adi. Saturn confirmed that the sword was brought by Esteva to his ship. Rakshavyada firmly told that the sword belongs to him and none other and he might ask the demon inside about it if he is such a powerful mage as he is rumored, so he has a right to ask harbor guards to search the ship and accuse the owner of the theft. Saturn was not agreeing nor disagreeing on that he tried to look disappointed that the deva of hunt needs guards to protect him, so he just tossed the sword to Rakshavyada and turned around and left with words “it would be sad to plug fangs of the tiger before hunting it down”. Rakshavyada masterfully hid his anger, and after Saturn was beyond the earshot he just hissed to Bastyn “”/wikis/esteva" class=“wiki-page-link”>Esteva will die, if prince will object he’ll die too" and both of them headed to headquarters.

Meanwhile Zalyanitha and Padme were deciding where to go next on their excursion. They refused to see the loom so they sailed to see the hill of orchids. Amazing place full of most beautiful flowers that seemed to face their blossoms to those who observe them. The hosts of the tour Kertmi and Mitranagi offered them to see the wall of mirrors. This one was simple wall out of the mirrors with the main laws of Moom Island:

No man can enter Moon island
No man can leave Moon island
Moonsilver must flow
The loom must spin

After that Kertmi and Mitranagi offered for honourable guest to show how Moonislanders are entertaining themselves. It all sounded very kinky and raised very different reactions on devas. While Padme was slightly amused Zalyanitha was alerted, expecting some kind of danger from that. Well soon they will find out.


The last law was: the loom must spin. Fixed.


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