Shattered Moon

Bloody attack

Zalyanitha finally reunited with others. As other devas she was also changed and gifted by Mad-One, but she had been soon identified as Zalyanitha. The group soon realized that the only person missing was none other but Rakshavyada himself. Meanwhile Rakshavyada woke up after meeting his mother in the field. He slowly went towards the ships. When suddenly he saw a flash of light. That was none other but Zalyanitha ’s new power that she got from Mad-One. Rakshavyada then realized to which of the ship he needs to go. While he went to the ship rain started. Soon Rakshavyada saw that the rain is sticky and it has some strange red color. It was rain of blood. He reached the ship with where the rest of the group was. After introduction with Zalyanitha they made plans what to do next. The plan was to release the rest of the Moon-Islanders somewhere safe and then head off to the heart of the Red Empire to retake silver ring. Suddenly there was a scream from Padme ’s room. Rakshavyada ran to check what happened and then a figure materialized from the puddle of blood. Rakshavyada attacked it but while did not a lot of damage but it was enough to save Padme. Then Rakshavyada asked Padme to cover her ears and used his voice of pain neutralizing the bloody figure. Others were also attacked by those bloody figures. Rakshavyada summoned guards and ordered to attack invaders. Padme suddenly realized that these figures may had attacked moon-islanders as well so the group hurried to their room and save them from these monsters. After the battle was finished the group saw that the blood from the rain formed some kind of net covering their ship. While guards followed Rakshavyada ’s command to attack them, their effort was quite futile. The blood net began slowly crush the ship. Rakshavyada used his voice of pain to get rid of this nuisance but unfortunately it was not enough. The ship had fallen.



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