Shattered Moon

Fellowship has broken

…and both of them headed to headquarters. As they went group-mates discussed what to do with Prince and his “staunch” counsellor – Esteva. They have concluded that Aturn must find another way to Sorcerers gates without help of devas. Strange memory of the generative Zalyanitha had heavily hilted Bastyn. He took the child birth with his own hands. The child with a mark of silver circle on his forehead. The merchant noted that the Rakshavyada is no longer at his side after he regained balance from flash back. Bastyn had to hurry a little to catch up with deva at the door step of the headquarters. Rakshavyada didn’t explained the meaning of infant with the strange mark on his head. Only, not clearly mentioned that devas had been drawing tattoos to their children at early stages of they life.

The central city. A highly respected devas were invited to the very special evening party. This party participants are allowed to do anything else prohibited by law: to watch death games, use drugs and do other filthy affairs to other folks and themselves. Only this night, city dwellers are able to fill their morbid desires. Therefore, guests are coming dressed in a wide range of masks. The masks hides not only their faces, but also their bodies too. A tenured players of this macabre game could recognize each other from the masks they worn, but in spite of that, they must comply with traditions. Padme and Zalyanitha came to this corrupt party. The event itself was distributed to several pavilions. In one of space the few people actively participated in the orgy. The sumptuous dinner have been presented in other apartments. Who cautiously tasted wild boar meat, who spent time playing logic games or just talking with each other. Padme did not miss a chance to eat meat. Deva was grieved enough for ash taste salads including all other green food. Zalyanitha also did not miss the chance to partake of meat. The crew members separated from each other during the meal. Padme tried to start a conversation with the local people, but failed. So, she attracted through a mysterious door. Was much more difficult to Zalyanitha to make contact with others participants, because most of us here did not speak in devani or at least in trade. Nevertheless, the deva was approached by the person who speaks fluently enough in native Zalyanitha ’s language. Mysterious person explained the origin and meaning of the masks. He also explained the meaning of this festivity.

The port. As they approached to apartments of the prince, Bastyn expalined to Rakshavyada that the biggest danger of the Esteva lays not in her hands, but in spider companions. They lives in her eye sockets. Deva came into the room with bare blade of the his beloved sword. The conversation between Aturn and Esteva had been interrupted. The prince’s face was distorted by dissatisfaction smile. Some arrogant phrases from the nobleman, but it didn’t not stopped deva to start interrogation of the Esteva. Rakshavyada did not received an adequate explanation how his sword appeared in the hands of the Saturn. Deva clearly stated that Aturn and Esteva is no longer in the partnership of the divinty. They may stay at this headquarters until the owners will asks them to leave this place. The dead silence spread throughout the room…

Rakshavyada and Bastyn returns to the room of the deva’s. The stalwart deva would like to visit in the same smithy and asks that merchant help to arrange the deal with blacksmith one more time. Immortal man agrees with request of the deva. The mighty Rakshavyada may be able to forge the key to his secret box. With this idea the trader attracted towards the master apartments. Along the way, he faced the soldier which does not give respect as all others.

The evening party. At last, the both devas had been appeared in the mysterious room. Man sitting in the centre of the hall reading poetry in moon island dialect. His face is covered with the sage mask. The crowd intently listens each soared word. Nevertheless, the human-sized altar is burning a fire enough to heat the same room. Narrator hand motioned several times and several slaves went to the flames without any hesitation and screaming. The old man himself drank white consistence drink before finale of the poem. A few more moments and death swallowed himself. All participants have been subsided for several moments. Between Zalyanitha and his interlocutor begins a discussion about that this macabre banquet is not the issuse to maintain a high level of public spirit. Besides, community should not forget the superb performance by Padme . An epos about a tragic love had enthralled the all people around. Early in the morning, one of the guest mask’s magic stopped working in proper way. Padme helped to fix broken mask and solved the tricky situation…

Ati persuaded Rakshavyada in many ways to visit the black market. According to him, there will be a good opportunity to buy very exclusive item. Deva does not say any straight answer that him would come to the place or not. Meanwhile, Bastyn had discovered that abandoned building is leased for other two centuries by person who was his master few thousands years ago. The immortal merchant acquired the necessary tools to open the mysterious box. This time the prisoner did not disappointed him.


The deal that Atis was telling about will happen in Northern Market, not black market.

Fellowship has broken

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