Shattered Moon

Fight for Zalyanitha

The bringing back young girl to senses does not helped so much, but Rakshavyadha managed to investigate the situation on the island by making conversation with imprisoned moonisland locals. Deva had received the information that the great army had defeat the moonisland main military forces and the enemy had claimed the heart of island. Any attempt to find out about „The Ring“ had failed due the locals limited knowledge. The great commander had ordered do not attack these local group and leave them be. So, they gathered they belongings as quick as possible and attracted to the sea. Bastyn had been traped in the sense that current surroundings are lacking the grace of silverspace and patterns beauty, but the commotion around the ship kicked him out of the thoughts. It seams that Rakshavyadha is deploying the troops and will be ready to start the march to the capital city in few more hours. The march started… The great commander does not wanted to wait for the troops and flew in his pyramid ship quickly as possible. The bad feeling chased Rakshavyadha all the way.
Unbearable pain piercing the Zalyanitha body on every move, breath… The affliction took away her identity and left her to suffer forever until she runed in the young woman. The woman grabbed deva’s hand and had started to drag her to other direction. The stone tower appeared on the horisont and it gave the new strength to Zalyanitha. Both woman’s gave the last strengths to reach the safe place. Many candles creates the quite good source of light. There are many written documents all around the place in any format: books, scrolls, sticks… The young woman presents her self as Varina. Varina… After a few moments deva remembers her name. Varina announce her that she could help her to get the new body and life for very small price, but deva should hurry to make the decision. It does not took very long time to make the agreement. Varina had thrust the arrow to the heart of the deva… Instanlty deva had waked up in the some kind of the body. Apparently not the woman’s flesh. It took a while to senses come back. The body has been well established in the metal cage, the eyes are covered with a cloth.

- Welcome back – the woman’s voice is not reconizable by Zalyanitha. – As I told you, no one gets away so easily from me, especially from me…

Gatona? Yes, it was Gatona – the grand mage and enemy of the deva in her past life. Gatona has introduced deva about her love experience and how it ended miserably and why she choose to be tough as stone.

- When the deva’s bane worms reach you heart you and starts to eat your pattern you will know the the real pain.
- Do it now! At least I will not hear you voice again – deva starts to yells at a mage.
- I don’t think that your courage will save you, but I appreciate that.

Zalyanitha feels the cold kiss of death.

In the fall of the night the pyramid ship reach the entrance of the capital city. The city is dark, but the lots of campfires spreads around the city perimeter. No more hesitation, no more cover, just go to the fray and do more damage as possible – that’s the short term plan before we start to rescue the Zalyanitha. Pyramid ship and ranged fighters is quite good tool to make this plan to work. The fight begins. It’s quite easy to destroy enemy troops by ramming them and shooting. Bastyn announce to Rakshavyadha that the mage quarters should be destroyed before the enemy mages could manage to summon demons or glyph monsters to attack the ship. The ship settled the course to the mage barracks and rammed it with full strength. The pyramid barb scattered the tents, bodies, mage artefacts with ease. They also ended the Zalannytha’s torture by destroying her current body. The enemy troops started to run from the battle. Padme had noticed the strange activity in the destroyed mage camp – it seams that some kind of enormous butterfly started to mold. She informed about that formation to Rakshavyadha and Bastyn. Rakshavyadha gathered all strengths to shout his „pain voice“, but failed and there was no time for defensive maneuvers. The glyph monster hit the ship and destroyed the engines. The pyramid started to fall. Rakshavyadha and Padme managed to take some cover and avoid majority of falling derbis. Bastyn was no so lucky. He landed to the ground and broke spine, legs, and hands… After a few moments the glyph monster started to mold again. Rakshavyadha shouted at him once more and it affected the monster. The majority of the glyph particles started to fall down in the large enough radius. The damaged butterfly started to chase the great hunter. It was a small time frame to take actions to Padme. Bastyn screamed in pain and Padme was able to find him in all that mess. The glyph cloud started to fall. Padme with all her strength houled the Bastyn body and at the last moment they found the underpass. Meanwhile, Rakshavyadha lost his fight with monster, but was allowed to leave the battle field…



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