Shattered Moon

Found again and given away

Finally the imperial army arrived at the steps of the Hearth of the Island. There was a short rest before the last battle, and meanwhile Devaturn tried to bind Zalyanitha in slave-chains, to keep her from disappearing. Demon was not excited about this idea and made quite a scene in the middle of the camp, that gave some lough to the soldiers but worried mages, who still had fresh memories of fire demon rebelling a few days ago.

Finally Ghaona interrupted the quarrel when Devaturn was ready to put his whip in to work. She reminded him that Zalyanitha will be needed next day, so it is not a good idea to maim her right now. Former deva was shut in to a tent with two trusted guards to keep an eye on her.

Next morning only the sounds from the outside betrayed to Zalyanitha that the battle started. Unexpectedly there was a sound of soldiers marching next to the tent, and then a voice of Achnat was heard, he was explaining to someone that he had orders to come here, then a short scream of a dying man and then the lieutenant himself burst in to a tent, shooting the soldier guarding Zalyanitha. He was expecting to find Devaturn here and kill him, alas the mage was not inside the tent. Zalyanitha and Achnat quickly hided the evidence of the crime and later claimed that this was an attack on the camp made with the help of the Moon Island’s magic. After that the demon had a chance to observe the rest of the battle. Small army was firing from the steps of the city, while the imperial army marched closer and cannons were bombarding the city. Unexpectedly ground burst and a white marbe body with numerous heads and hundreds of arms emerged from the underground – One Who Gives the Meaning to Moonsilver joined the battle, but even he was not able to win against the disciplined imperial troops who quickly adapted to the tactics of powerful but outnumbered demon. The battle was won when finally a cannonball hit One’s Who Gives the Meaning to Moonsilver head.

After the battle Devaturn returned and found his demon running free, the ruse to blame the death of Zalyanitha’s guards to the schemes of the Moon Island’s sorcery did not seemed to convince the mage, but there was no time to make an investigation, Ghatona was arranging an expedition to the city.

The glyph sorceress and her henchmen mages, Devaturn and about fifty of his soldiers and Zalyanitha where supposed to go, but then Achnat joined as an volunteer with a small group of his soldiers. Which again, seemed to spark an suspicion in Devaturn.

After a half day of climbing the half abandoned pyramid-city with a few small clashes with the scattered local soldiers, Zalyanitha led the group to the top step of the pyramid, to the entrance leading to the chamber of the One Who Gives the Meaning to Moonsilver. The entrance was lightly guarded, but the skirmish did not took long and shortly the party was inside, leaving dead bodies of the defenders behind.

The corridor, as Zalyanitha promised, lead to the hall where the armors, that once became a prison for Padme, where kept. Here they meet a bold and old members of the secret caste who directly served the main demon of the island. They cursed the name of Zalyanitha when she introduced herself, but did nothing to stop the party.

Instead they where stopped by a wall separating armor-hall from the demon’s chambers. It was quickly decided to use a gunpowder to blow the wall, and right the Zalyanitha felt the gentle push towards the exit from Achnat. Demon got a clue and quickly went outside together with most of the soldiers and Ghatona. A shoot sounded and then explosion. When Zalyanitha and the glyph sorceress went back, they found wounded unconscious and killed soldiers among the dust and debris. Zalyanitha found a senseless but mostly unharmed Achnat.

For Gatona the explosion and causalities mattered not. She went directly to the wall where now was a hole big enough to enter. She allowed Zalyanitha to enter first and then followed. One’s Who Gives the Meaning to Moonsilver was there, battered after the battle and bitter. He recognized Zalyanitha, who confronted him by reminding that despite him stealing the ring from her, he obviously failed to resurrect the loom, and to save the slowly dying Moonisland. Angry the ruler of the island agreed to return the ring, but threatened to sink the whole island together with the army and even it’s own citizens if invaders will not leave the island. He dropped the ring at the feet of Zalyanitha, bent and twisted, it felt lifeless to the touch of the demon. She went back, where Ghatona was waiting silently, with her hand held out. Zalyanitha gave her the ring without a word, and in silence the glyph mage left.



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