Shattered Moon

Meeting the Ver Khan

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The celebration of Baturn Khan was completely missed by Rakshavyada. He was meditating trying to figure out how to get Adi back. It seemed that nothing can be achieved without a conflict as Zalyanitha will not give her prize. And of cause Bane of Deva’s was not giving any peace for Rakshavyada as well. This night was not different as well. Adi revieled the way to have herself reforged. She told that no other mortal can know this secret. Rakshavyada can do that only if he meets the one who created her. First of all he must remember the patterns of both Adi and It. He must collect all the components and perform a really complex ritual. And if Rakshavyada will not make any mistakes he will be able to meet the creator of Adi. And he then must ask to return Adi’s body and to merge with him. Rakshavyada promised to do that or die trying. Which gave the first pleasant smile out of Deva’s Bane.

The next few days after the festival were quite boring. Rakshavyada tried to make peace with Zalyanitha by asking to look to Bane of Devas so he could remember patterns and say goodbye to the sword and never bother Zalyanitha again. Zalyanitha of cause showed not a slice of trust towards him and offered to repaint the patterns somewhere secretly to him, while secretly feeding the sword with drops of her own blood hoping to see Bane of Devas in visions and binding it to herself. Mahormimat found some new friends among tribals by trading off some of Hatler’s aroowheads to some beads and empty egg shells. This of cause was greeted by masterfully hidden Hatler’s annoyance. The wrestling champion seemed to like Mahormimat too. So Mahormimat was having the best time of all deva’s. As for Padme she was already a bit bored of village life. The only interest was to actually spot Zalyanitha’s sneak out to feed the Bane. Hatler seemed to share the same eagerness to leave the village with Padme. But he was patiently hiding his thoughts. And only was sending pigeons with short raports somewhere.

Finally after few days Khan Basturn finally shared the place where devas will be able to meet Ver Khan. After brief parting deva’s party had gone to the place. Firstly they where spotted by eagle riders which where not at all hospitable. And once again Padme said that she has gifts from Aturn for Ver Khan and insisted to give them noone but him. Scouts of cause argued a bit but eventually evaluated Padme’s stubbornness and sence of honor. A few days more and the tribe of Ver Khan had come.

In the tent of Ver Khan they saw an old man, a girl and the man hiding his face. After presenting all the gifts finally Ver Khan spoke to devas. Only then devas realised that actual Ver Khan was the girl. Padme happily offered devas services to their tribe to show the gesture of freandship and asked to show the way to Crimson Harbor. Ver Khan was happy to accept all the help devas could give. So they helpped to collect black mud from the marshes to fill the buckets that seemed to be used to drop on enemies. Devas really performed very well in helping earning some sympathies from common tribesmen. Devas got the tent to live in and food to streanthen themselfs. Even Padme got her precious blood.

Next morning Ver Khan girl let not for devas to continue helping tribesmen and to Rakshavyada’s satisfaction invited devas to hunt. The first day of hunting was quite successful to Deva of the Hunt. He proudly presented a small antelope while others got only some rabbits. The second day was promised to be much more exciting. All the hunting party was stalking to hunt a pack of antelopes but suddently they where attacked by tigers. And there all the devas showed that they are much more above some common tribesmen by scaring out all the tigers, saving the Ver Khan along with her brother and even hunting one of the tigers down.


Nice review. Just please use references.

Meeting the Ver Khan

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