Shattered Moon

The Moon island

Aturn health rapidly improved from the time when the ship was transported to the port. Padme decided that it is a perfect time to get some relax: to soothe minds and ease the body. Vestur was not be able to talk down Aturn, that Esteva would be presented to the prince. The advisor hastily launched the order of the prince. Deva has decided not to intervene in this affair. Padme headed back to her room and met Malika on the stairs. The girl wanted to surprise deva with wine she brought to her. Goddess had nor missed the opportunity to taste the drink and do some chat about this mysterious country. Drunk girl would told you that not everything here is so good: however, the stronger families, have more influence than others. She also boasting that her family is descended of the strong arm and handsome deva. Padme understood that she is talking about Rakshavyada. Malika gently asks Padme, that goddess can pledge a child for women. Deva just cunningly smiled and confirmed that this is true. Finally girls had been usurped to sleep by fatigue. Padme heard some voices emanating from the prince’s room, but had not heard anything useful.

Each hammer blow more deeply attracted the Rakshavyada to the trance. Merchant realized that he will no longer get more useful information from deva. Bastyn carefully wrote all the knowledge down on the paper. He carefully erased all the characters on the walls and floors too. He estimated how many drugs would be needed to plunge Zalyanitha into warren with him.

Manjulika confirms that deva remained to wait yet a little while and she will finally be taken to the capital. Woman offered to enjoy the last moments together. Zalyanitha agreed with joy. Hostess brings the best of wine of her house. Wine is special in that it is dissolved with moonsilver which is brushed straight from heaven. This glorious and sacred mission is carried out by evokers. She don’t know exactly how they reach the trail in the sky, bu she mentions that there is an old spaceship in the capital (no longer used). Resident of the island firmly convinced that outside world is completed with barbarians, whose admission to the island brings death to this land. The island lived its golden age many years ago, but hostess does not gived further explanation. Manjulika introducing deva to observatory which is equipped in the cottage. System of the linzys helps to depicted position of the objects of the night sky, but nothing special. The evening goes towards to the end… So, Zalyanitha asks if she can somehow thank the hostess for her kindness. Finally both womans agreed that the host name written in devanagari would be drawn as great gratitude. Deva attempts to write her name in the skilfully maner. The result pleased the Manjulika, that she has decided to hang note over the door. After all this work the people goes away for their rooms to rest. In the morning. After eating breakfast Zalyanitha invited for further travel. Deva says goodbye to a host and moves with an eagle behind the boat. Continent is quite monotonous: cultivated fields encircle the water channels. Finally they reach the capital or the centre (in local terms). Huge four-sided pyramid is located in the that centre on which the city is situated. It also arranged in a strict geometric figure, but crumbling tower a little spoils the plot. The moonsilver river flows through the city.

Bastyn asks Rakshavyada whether the ritual can be applied to multiple people at once. Deva does not answers. There is enough time till the morning, so they decided to forge something useful, but failed two times in a row. In the morning two black smiths and a boy appeared in the forge and ejected them out. Boy gets slapped for disseminating information that both guests are witchers. Bastyn asked that deva escorted him toward the abandoned building. After a few moments the two of them come in an abandoned building… Weather is woeful and around everything are rotten. After trying to climb to the second floor a few stairs breaks with big noise and swarm of dust. Deva has decided to wait immortal merchant at the bottom floor. Bastyn with easy step climb to the second floor and he begins to look for the office space. Once sorcerer gets to one of the many doors in his eyes had been started to run memories of thousands years old. Here the owner scourged him to unconsciousness and left him to die. After some time he regained consciousness and heard the conversation between master and ship captain. „One way of the other I would find out how you passed The Sorcerers gate…“ and dead captain body fell down to the floors. After that flash the Bastyn’s thoughts returned to reality. He gingerly open the door, the dust dotted the whole room, but nothing more occupied the cabin. Intuition led him to found a safe that was hidden by his master. He took the box and came down to the first floor. Bastyn with Rakshavyada toured box locks, but without the ability to open them headed back to the ship. Along the way, very annoying old woman wanted to offer cakes, but the travelers hastily returned to the ship. Together with them in the ship came Esteva . Merchant explained to deva that Esteva lost one of the guards in battle few days ago. During the conversation the dispute sprang in one of the cabins. It turns out that Atis was caught in Esteva ’s room. Rakshavyada calmed down the Esteva and Atis and asked that travellers would need to react in more rational way. Esteva blurts out that this does not happen any more and withdrew from ship without any wider explanation. Atis argues that the witch wanted to kill him. Bastyn even tried to ask a demon for help to open the box, but failed. Magician did not missed the opportunity to advise the deva. The demons is not worth to rely on and always need to look for hidden meanings. They are too old,, too familiar, too willing to get things to be done, especially if they want to escape from the silver labyrinth… Times have changed long time ago since devas walked on earth.

It took a long time to wake up from sleep, but Padme feels completely rested. She decided to go around the port and see how locals lives. Deva had met Esteva before leaving the building. Witches cold greeting was no surprise for goddess. The grand suite came to Padme when she appeared in the street: guards, whose bodies were covered in gold dust and luxury palanquin, which was carried by eight men. All of them was distinguished from the surrounding by their silver eyes. The person had been inviting deva to visit the legendary island. Goddess does not refuse this pleasure. Big bunch of gawks escorted the procession towards the main gate. Padme is boarding the boat and transported towards to the capital.

Ship was raised to the city’s main port by help of water locks. Zalenita asks the captain that somebody could take care of the eagle. Human does not wait and rushing to find asylum for the eagle. After a while, the couple of people (man and a woman) comes to the goddess. They present themselves as temporal hosts until the whole city will be ready to welcome the devas. They promise that the festival will be definitely amazing. Man’s name is Savi, woman’s – Pajel. After greeting ceremony, Zalenita explains to to the host that she wants to go around the city. The lords is not in conflict with this decision and accompanies the deva. Ordinary working people is in help of a wide range of artefact equipment. The townspeople are curiously watching the goddess, but defiantly not fit in the eye. Zalenita do not notice any child in the streets. The lords explains that the children belong to the city until their adulthood. They spend that time in learning process. Small altars are scattered throughout the city. Zalenita is convinced that one of them is reflection of Rakshavyada. The city even has central square, but the people there do not trade – they simply takes the goods they needs without any payment. Deva points out the fact that all the people have very similar facial features. It turns out that all of the island calendar is based on the appearance of the central city. Full stroll lasts until evening.

Zalenita and Padme meets each other in the morning.

After a long time, Bastyn manages to undisturbed sleep all night. Merchant slow and steady rise to the deck of the ship. Magician immediately shock from the ship into the water when he saws the red sails in front of his eyes.



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