Shattered Moon

Reunion at last

Bastyn and Rakshavyada went into the siverspace, meanwhile Padme tried to pursue p[pattern deer, but in the process only knew of the bounds of devouring ash infected area. So she went nearer the city, where stumbled upon One who gives sense to the Moonsilver – he clings to the side of the ship. After some chit-chat Padme says that she’ll try to gather who is left after the raid on the island and save them – sadly the same way as with deer, she found out that city is covered with devouring dust too.

After some work Bastyn found Rakshavyada in the silver labyrinth and frees him of parasite patterns clinging to deva. After some time and passing through number of portals, they see silhouette of a human-being sprawled on a green field. Bastyn recognized Zalyanitha in that form. As they see how the green hills crumble and black tentacles from beyond reach for Zalyanitha, they grab her and drag away towards the towers of the Unmandin.

Zalyanitha tries to gain her consciousness as they drag her, she feels something familiar near her and step by step comes back into the awareness of herself. Firs she calls for Mahormimat… they reach Unmandin and she sees gigantic shape with birds flying around his head – as Zalyanitha inquires her saviors say that this is The Wild One, the being turns his head to Zalyanitha. Party enters the gates and as soon as they do it – being of impossible radiance lands before them (event through closed eyes she sees his light). The being embraced Zalyanitha and after Rakshavyada and Bastyn opened their eyes, they saw only sparks dancing in the air and embers where Zalyanitha stood..

They being rejoices that Zalyanitha is already here, she feels how her patterns entwine with his and feels his joy – he is so familiar in some way. He expresses his regrets that Zalyanitha only now got to the Unmandin and he cannot gift her with the Throne of the Unmandin. She asks why Chandridalu chose her and what was his role – in turn Shining Being answers that she must see herself. They walk trough vibrant city an hears that someone is pleading for a judge in some situation that must be solved asap.
Zalyanitha listens to the situation with missing gold grains and solves it not into judgment that may be right, but more into restoring the equilibrium in this situation. After passing the judgment she feels free fall and finds herself on the side of moonsilver pool and sees sphynx like creature munching on something. The sphynx turns to her and she sees on the lion head – face of Chandridalu. He says that form now the hunt is his main occupation (maybe influence of the Wild One) and if she fears him, he can take off the face (and he does it, holding his face like a mask in his paw, and in place of his face – only hollow full of stars). Thay talk about the judgement she recently made that Silver circle must be given back to her and she must punish one who broke the balance of the world, she must bring back Silver circle to the Unmandin – she’ll get the army, her natural state, and the means to do so, for now he asks her to come along and enjoy what is left of the city – after he’ll say something that will not be very pleasant…



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