Shattered Moon

Tension is growing

The dancing dagger by wildweasel339 d4frime
Batsyn va Tivil asked devas if he could provide payment for the mercenaries – he was gravely upset about the matter of city defense and stressed that local guards and soldiers are of no good. The enemy uses unnatural ways and sick magic, the merchant was sure that this is design by someone or something to gain some mysterious goals on a larger scale, using tools he could not understand fully. Rakshavyada and Zalyanitha declined, stating that devas already raised funds from the denarch and that Mahormimat is already on the errand to arrange the transaction with mercenaries. So merchant had nothing to do just to withdraw to his trading post saying that devas know where to finding him if he’s needed.

After this encounter Zalyanitha decided to go and chech the ruins, she thought that she could find out something more at daylight time. And actually she found out something more – as she approached what is left of the magnificent stone dome, she saw some human being who was trying to flee her gaze and hide himself. It was the shaman and he was not lucky in his escape – elders leg sank through the rubbish and got stuck in something, so he was immobilized and was left ath the mercy of Zalyanitha.

First of all Zalyanitha tried to question what he was doing and why he ran – as trustful one saw – he had two human tracheas in his hands, likely scavenged from that dead attackers who were deposed at the location. Shaman answered unwillingly that this was gifts for his wind spirits and pleaded for help. After some time seing no use to question the old man Zalyanitha asked that Rakshavyada help the shaman. He helped willingly so shaman was transported to the field hospital with deep lesion on his leg.


A the makeshift hospital Padme greeted Shaman and tried to win his affections on matter of his shamanic ways, but he remained steadfast and showed no inclination towards taking female apprentice or helper.

At some point Padme noticed that Rake is missing, and felt the need to get her own protégé as it felt good to have someone who admired deva and did her biddings. Padme found Rake at denarchs house – she was clearly in trouble upstairs, so deva snuck through the guard by excuse of joining couple in their sexy time. Upstairs deva of caring found Rake screamed at and beaten, so at first she tried to as Jaran nicely for Rake as if Padme needed help with shaman, but quickly lost her temper and used Voice on denarch. And it felt good. Actually it felt like the old days, when she could command masses and was revered as a living god. Using the time while Jaran was shell shocked by her voice, Padme gabbed and dragged out Rakshavyada.
After this deva had to endure long and stupid chatter with the girl about men and other irrelevant stuff. It got better only then she managed to usher wounded shaman into his hut and get drunk on distilled spirits of shamans. That was a little more interesting and fun, after all shaman was more o=inclined towards deva.


Meanwhile Zalyanitha tried to question children brought up by mercenaries, bu got nothing from it children were too small to understand matters of adults, during the conflict they were hiding in the burrow of some animal, and heard only voices (one was commanding and angry, but that’s it). Also Zalyanitha arranged shaman’s surveillance by one of soldiers.


Rakshavyada went to the city gate and fount unfamiliar man standing the guard, as it turned out – father of one soldier, the soldiers were gone somewhere. As it turned out – soldiers with the permission of captain tried to loot the inns spirits cellar. Rakshavyada was angry and arranged more reasonable drinking schedule and way for soldier’s motivation.

There was yet another undead dancer at the gate, but it was cut down and thrown out of the gate quickly.


Late evening finally Ver Khans eagle riders reached the city – they were fewer than devas left them, only 15 out of 18, one was most likely dead on the way and other – left behind, because could not keep the pace with the group.
The commanding rider Sult demanded for the shelter and food and she got it… after all arrival of riders lifted spirits of soldiers – actually women themselves where the eye candy.


Early morning Zalyanitha decided that it is not right to have bodies of people lying in the dumpster and organized funeral that only by good luck didn’t end by the riot – the group on goal to bury the dead encountered three men who were carrying body of the dead-undead dancer to the dumpster and it turned out to be the body of one mans, that Zalyanitha was leading to bury the bodies, cousin. Only by the diplomatic efforts of Zalyanitha was resolved and bodies were laid to rest in shallow watery graves outside the city gates.

The people at the city were restless, while Zalyanitha managed to pacify one hotbed of trouble, Rakshavyada stumbled into the other – there was Sult, soldier and three soldier’s fingers on the ground… Stupid man tried to lay hands on magnificent warrior-maiden, and had to face the consequences. Rakshavyada managed to show stupid soldier that he was not right and routed him to the hospital.

But sadly this was not the end, at the gate brave hunter saw that guards have vanished and the gate widely open… that was outrageous. Deva hunted down the deserters (three soldiers and three women of theirs) and with the reasoning and threats of death on site brought them back to the city.

That was not the end – a soldier approached devas and said that he needs to talk to them it is important…



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