Shattered Moon

The Great Circus

Every character had they private meeting with game master

All travellers wakes up in the some-kind of maze, but in different locations. Soft mold covering everyone of them. So, the new stage of the journey begins.

It takes time to remove mold from the Bastyn‘s body. During this action merchant had lost countless times of consciousness, but he managed to free his body. Various kinds of earthworms crawled on his body. It’s good time to restore some strength from these little creatures. It’s been a long time the when he had took a meal. Only pitch blackness haunted Bastyn‘s minds. Immortal man started to move forward. In the way he found several crossroads, but he decided to use his left hand as main streamline. This decision leads him to weak source of light. The tension in the merchant’s mind had loosen a little bit. He started budge to source of light as new streamline of his journey when the frail whispers had reach his ears. Approaching the larger source of the light the whispers had gained some meanings. Merchant arranged some kind of a weapon during his walk. Bastyn was found by man, but from the his view of point he could not told who he is. He could only distinguish the main features: cloak contours, long hairs and masculine figure.

- Do you want to be left here for all?
- No – man’s voice was very familiar to Bastyn. Maybe, it was Satrurn.
- Follow me.

Yes it was the Mighty Dragon – the prince of the great empire.

The great amount of light began dazzle merchant’s vision…

Meanwhile. The same soft mold and pitch blackness all around the Great Hunter. The whole body is numb like after long hibernation. Arms, legs recovers in great swiftness, but biting cold remains. Rakshavyada tries to recall his friends, but without any success. He wants to create some bonfire, but could not find any dry trumps, but only paces of the rust metal scurry in this place.

Padme tries to free her body from the soft mold, but this task is not achievable. She hears voices all around her. This time of weakness drive her mad…

Few moments and Zalyanitha set free her body from the soft mold and a few moments to adjust her eyesight to the current amount of light. It seams that she had holded in the some kind of structure made by man. The name of deva had reached her ears… Deva of justice could not designated the source of the sound, but she starts her walk out of this maze. Someone is calling her, but she could not reach of find the caller. The more she wander around the more he reveals that she is in the some kind of great template or something similar…. After some time she finds the gate which opens and the great amount of light began dazzle deva’s vision…

All travellers and Hrsumatra were placed in the sarcophagus. Zalyanitha, Rakshavyada are the first freed devas. The elder gives them water and returns to his mission. Both devas gather they strength while the deva’s elder and some humans (Med, Per and…) works to free the others from their prisons. Rakshavyada tries to shut down the sarcophagus when he sees the face of the Hrsumatra.

- That’s enough! The game is over. – the elder deva reminds the place of ebullient yongster.

Air fills the lungs of Bastyn. Immortal man carefully opens his eye. The strange deva looks at him with great amazement. Few more moments and merchant body is ready to retreat to safe place.

- How could it happen? – the strange deva asks question. At this moment Bastyn springs out of sarcophagus with best of his ability. He takes some covers and looks around. Five sarcophagus repose on the some king of platform. The solid moonhip lingers near the stage. Rakshavyada, Zalyanitha, Hrsumatra and sailors are there too. Deva of justice is still in pregnancy. The unshattered floats in the sky… Could it be? One more trick of The Mad One? Immortal man hides behind back of Zalyanitha and Rakshavyada.

Padme is the last deva to be freed from the imprisonment.

The elder invites all to his board.

- Now we are ready to leave this universe.

All deavas and immortal man goes to the deck. Bastyn reminds Rakshavyada that sailors should be brought together. The elder allows to take simple man to the ship. The elder name is „Who dream of the way“. Ship owner announce that the journey to the moon would take couple days and all drinks and food are at quests dispose.

- For now we could make light party and talk a little bit about the game.

All members accepts this invitation with great pleasure except Rakshavyada. He would like to make some meditation about current situation and set his mind free from Hrsumatra.

It seams that elder is very interested in Bastyn, but immortal knows how to keep his secrets under sonorous philosophy about unending life, but few strong drinks brings him to very good and harmless dream. Padme is the one who lining the truth about merchant.

The moon. The great nation gathered in the embankment to entertain.

  • Zalyanitha is ready to bring a baby to the world.
  • Rakshavyada frees sailors from the controlling devices and explains how to behave.
  • The elder and Bastyn stands in the big crowd. Not the pleasant one. The feeling is like in the circus performance with immortal actor.



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