Shattered Moon

The treason of the Purple Queen


Little hunt trip had passed with great success. Bastyn has closely followed the prince and was analysing actions, thinking patterns… of this young nobleman. He still had strong doubts to pass immortality gift to Aturn. He wanted to reveal the elegance of immortality, but reserved that lesson for another time. Travellers even managed to get back up to the palace for dinner. Aturn did not showed in that evening no more. After the diner crew members did go to their rooms. Lers was waiting for Zalyanitha beside her apartments and provoking the nearby guards. The stableman looks a little confused and in the hands of a strong grip he holds small book. The book’s cover coated with the winged horses and named as „Songs of the wind“. Texts had been written in devani, but by humans. Lers wants to bestow this book to Zalyanitha, but timidly asks to ride with her’s eagle. Deva agrees only to give a fly to him. The man agrees without any hesitate. The two of them headed back to the park where eagles are stored. The stableman securely attached to the saddle by deva. Zalyanitha shoots the eagle to the sky… Lers shouting in excitement upon landing on the ground what makes pay attention to the Bayrage. The girl curiously overlooking a male even asks deva if she can take out this men for marriage. Zalyanitha explains to her that he is one of the Purple Queen’s husbands. Deva asked the stableman if he would want to set up the museum, but the collector does not understand what she have in mind.

At that time, Bastyn at the door of his room heard the altercation. Judging from the voice Aturn is involved in quarrel. Merchant put his head out of the room and eases guards standing there. He invited the prince into his apartment. He reports that in the palace is one man who may know where to get the bee venom. Bastyn and Aturn headed back to the library. The prince asks how many years has Bastyn, but the merchant gets away from this issue. In the library the prince takes conversation with one of the librarians. Man accompanied them toward to the mysterious door. Walking towards the door of the mysterious Bastyn noticed that this little part of the library is used seldom: loaded with dusty books and perishable papyruses… Immortal with big caution has entered the room behind the door. After a few minutes, Bastyn finds out that the room is residented by an old and blinded magician. Merchant has heard many rumors about this certain sorcerer. This man asks his heart as payment for the information where he can get a drop of bee venom. Bastyn asked for time to consider his proposal. The old man agrees to wait until morning.

In the evening, all crew members are spread to their rooms.

In the next morning, all travellers ar awaken by some strange sound radiated through the window. Bastyn sees the crystal tower when he looked out of the window. After a few minutes it starts to crumble to pieces. At that time, merchant had heard uproar at the door. It turns out that Vestur wishes to announce that the Purple Queen issued them to the Emperor. Immortal merchant attracted towards Padme apartments without any delay. Of course, he borrows a sword from a one of the guards. Padme hurriedly rolls up in a sari and moves toward Zalyanitha room. At that time, deva of justice heard the voice of the prince at the door, she calmly take pride in their things unto. The door to the uproar broke out in fight, during which Aturn is fatally injured. Zalyanitha herself calmly through the window perch on the eagle’s and aside from the palace. Bastyn and Padme appears at the door of sees Zalyanitha flabby body of the prince. Merchant hurriedly walks into the room of deva, but does not find her in place. Bastyn ran to the window and sees flying eagle (with Zalyanitha) in the sky. He informs her that Rakshavyada should be warned about the threat of the Purple Qeen. Prince’s life is fading from his body. Padme and Bastyn with drugs help are distancing the death moment of the nobleman. His body is attached to the back of merchant. Group rush towards to the rest of the eagle, but sees that big bird is not the place. This fact does not prevent them get out beyond the walls of the palace.

Zalyanitha gets down to the smithy. Deva tears down a dead-end wall around the building.She wants to warn Rakshavyada what it’s time to get out of the city, but deva affected by poppy do not realize what’s going on around. Zalyanitha without any hesitation states command to the eagle to grabb the man with claws. Hunter just yet firmly arrested the sword blade and the hammer in his both hands. She brought friend to the ship. Zalyanitha immediately flies to help Bayrage to chase the guards from Padme and Bastyn. They hastily descend down from the elevator constructions and soldiers firing arrows to them. The all crew members without ultimately troubles successfully reaching the ship.

Padme and Bastyn are ready for surgery of the prince. Of course, the merchant was chased out of the procedure by nobleman doctor himself… Padme was able to save the life of Aturn.

It turns out that Bayrage has usurped the one of the Purpule Queen husbands – Lers. Warrior faces are radiant with joy again. She announces that he wants to leave the travellers.



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