Shattered Moon

Love and sacrifice

The mad phantastic fleet was leaving Madlans, and meanwhile Bastyn was wandering between his body and Silverspace, where Mad-One was talking with him. The immortal wanted to recreate himself in pattern, to which Mad-One explained that it is only possible if Bastyn himself would be destroyed. But, instead he offered another gift, something that Bastyn will like – a silver bean. “It will help you to know the Silverspace, but be carefull, it will not ask you of anything except of being used, but be carefull, as soon as you will forget that he is not you, he will become you”.

As soon as merchant took the bean it let it’s silver threads into his palm and when Bastyn suddenly regained consciousness, on a deck of a upside down pyramid-like flying ship, he found a beautifull silver pattern that reminded of a bean and an embryo inscribed on his palm.

As soon as he could, the immortal vent into his warren, where he again discovered a silver bean in his palm, after experimenting a bit, he put it on the pile of gold and it started growing, the sprout becoming more and more human-like, and soon he was facing an exact copy of himself. Not only it looked alike, it felt like it was an extension of Bastyn.

And with this feeling the Silverspace opened to Bastyn. He knew any direction, he could find any demon and any place. He went back to Unmandin – a place that was half in physical realm and half in Silverspace. Here he meet Mad-One and talked about a possibility of finding what his Creator – the World Roots was looking for. Mad one had no good news, he explained that immortal could go to the very edges of Silverspace, but that means going where Nothingness and Nightmares reigns. And merchant finally decided against it.

Next he decided to give Zalyanitha a visit.

  • * *

Zalyanitha was not doing well. Guarded in her tent, she was waiting for a trial. A group of mages come, they undressed her and checked like a valuable property. Ghatona also was there, but she was not interested much in the process. Only when everyone left, she stopped, and told that she regrets that such a nice body that Achnat has will be wasted when there are so many ways to use it for a pleasure. “Are you afraid?” she asked deva. “No”, was the response. “I see”, and Zalyanitha vas left alone, to wait for a next morning when the trial should commence.

To her surprise, when she fell asleep, she meet Bastyn. After surprise was gone, she told him what was happening with her, and Bastyn quickly explained that they are coming to her rescue with a help of Mad-one. He did not knew how quick it will be, but he assuret that it will be quick enough.

  • * *

Next morning the trial started. When Zalyanitha joined, Achnat was already sentenced, his custody was to bi given to Ghatona, where she would administer him a death sentence. Next order to be resolved was what to do with Zalyanitha, who was held as a valuable demon. So there were many contenders to take her custody. The argument was finally broken by Ghatona. “Fools!” she exclaimed, “You do not see what is standing before you, you are fooled by her looks, but this is an old demon, who corrupted a noble to kill her master and who, after many years bought a revenge upon those of her own kind, I had been listening to the conversation between her and the grand demon of this island. No one could tame her, and so she must be destroyed.”

At that moment Zalyanitha saw her only chance, she pulled out the broken arrow holding her pattern pinned to the body, and with her last breath, trusted it into a heart of surprised Achnat. “You, bich” hissed Ghatona.

“You never knew what low is” uttered Zalyanitha and felt down out of her death body into the Silver Labyrinth, before the cold hands of Ghatona managed to reach her throat.

  • * *

The fleet had reached the Moon Island. Without stopping the piramid-ship continued it’s journey through the land, leaving a furrow of broken moonbone behind, vhere the edge of the pyramid was touching the ground.

Shortly the party spotted a group of locals scattered around two flying pyramids, one of which seemed to be crashed. Before the people managed to run away from the scary ship and the armies that followed it, Rakshavyadha ordered his soldiers to bring him someone for the questioning. The order was executed, but not before the silver-clad monster-warriors killed several people who tried to resist. But he got a young girl who was in shock from the terror, and after few questions without answer decided to bring her to Bastyn and Padme. Out of the three, Padme was most successful and finally she managed to bring the prisoner back to some senses.



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