Deva of Justice


Stamina 6 Nimble as a Squirrel, Accurate as a Marksman
Will 8 Insight of an Overseer, Tough as a Rock
Lore 4 Believer
Burden: Predictable

Appearance: Zalyanitha is tall and slender. Has blue eyes and honey-coloured hair. Currently her hair is cut very short. She rarely smiles.

- Bow of Unmistakable – bow of perfect precision
- Mirror of Inspection – mirror which shows the past of target location
- Patusapaksa – griffin (artifact pet)


Zalyanitha came to the lower realm about 30 years before the shattering of the moon. Her guardians on the moon were her parents and she came down to the lower realm to impress them with her deeds.
She was a protector of the town Gopratara, and a great judge.
Zalyanitha was famous for settling the arguments between people or even [[Devas}}. Her favorite way of punishment was “Arrow of Justice”.
She values her reputation and is afraid of making mistakes, and therefore is sometimes indecisive.

Zalyanitha met Chandrakridalu on the moon and developed a great affection for him. She is currently carrying his child, which plobably is Chandrakridalu himself, as he sometimes shows up in her dreams in the form of a child.


Shattered Moon Age