Shattered Moon

The twilight is comming

Blood-spawn tentacles constricts the ship more and more. The loud crunch ripples through ship structure. It seams that few more grips and the vehicle will fall to the ground. Bastyn, Rakshavyada and Padme is fighting the the blood-spawn on the shipboard. The great hunter is trapped by several small tentacles and he does not have any chance to move – only hide all vital body places. Padme runs to help Rakshavyada to escape from monster clutches. She swings with her blade and cuts off one of the holding tentacle. Bastyn throws flammable liquid to the blood-spawn. The bottle shatters on the impact with the ground and flames instantly covers the tentacle and quickly destroying it. These few casualties does not stops this enormous creature… Few more tentacles joins to shred Rakshavyada to the small pieces. Zalyanitha and the Protector of the Moonisland joins to the battle. Protector with few arms grabs one tentacle severs it from the ships hull. With the remaining hands he grabs the Padme.

- You fool. Fulfil your pledge. I gathered the refuges on the shores of the island. You have the last day do gather them and leave this island before it collapse – with these words Protector swings deva from the ship.

On this commotion Rakshavyada manages to escape from the tentacles. The great hunter sprints to boradside of the ship and jumps out together with Bastyn. They reaches the terra without any damage.

Zalyanitha catch the flying Padme. Also she gives several quick orders to flying solders to collect the reaming infantries and refuges.

The Protector leaves the ship too.

The ships moans again…

Zalyanitha gives the flying archers to hit the oil barrels on the ship to spread the fires in the boat. It took several minutes to take whole ship aflame. While flames will purifies the shipboard the crew are setting up the plan how to proceed the war, save the remaining refugees and recover the ship. The Crow returns to the Zalyanitha and reports that remaining red empire army is retreating to the harbor. They have few numbers and will not be the big threat to deva’s forces. Zalyanitha decides to pursuit the enemy, while reminding crew members will go to gather the moonisland refuges. Zalyanitha orders to the flying solders return the infantries and refuges to the ship… Zalyanitha and Bastyn are the last party members to return to the ship, but the shadow person appiers in front of them. He introduce himself as Haros. This name is known to Zalyanitha. He is the mage from Vorl. He and his crew are willing to join the devas army and avenge the Red Empire. Zalyanith agree on this collaboration if he will tell where to find Gatona and the Chandridalu. The mage agrees on the terms, but he will need time to do that. During conversation Bastyn elucidates that glyph monster eated whole mage camp during the battle, they lost the big ship in that battle. It is a big chance that we lost Chandridalu too. The inexplicable furry took Zalyanitha.

- How could you…

Bastyn decided to help deva once more. He will try to find Chandridalu in the silver space after he will find the safe spot in the ship. The part of Chandridalu’s pattern could help to track him in the silver-thread maze. The immortal man asked Padme for help if he will not be able to return from the silverspace. The journey begins…

Bastyn jumps to the warren once more. It took few minutes to ascertain the presence of the Chandridalu in the silverspace. The direction was to go to the centre of black vortex. The same vortex which consumes whole patterns. The immortal man assembled all his mental force to take the path around the crease of the glyph and patters – in the place where patters stretch in the long lines before it entwine to glyphs. In the eye of the whirlpool three figures interwoven in the tight tangle: Chandridalu, The Apple Tree and The Great Glyph Dragon.

- I could help you Chandridalu. Just reach my hand…

The black snake head turns to Bastyn. The maw gapes in the enormous arc. Inside you could see countless eated worlds… It hits immortal man, but he is lucky enough to escape from it. The demon patters starts to fade in his eyes. Somehow the sorcerer manages to fix the damaged pattern, but he suffers greatly. It seams that demon lost his legs. He returned to his warren, to his safe place… Twilight is cumming… Both shimmers bounded to his flesh starts to fight for his body, but clear voice of Padme awakens Bastyn from his dream.



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